2021, Quiz,, September 3, Amazon Pay Real Food vs Pop It Food!!! Fidget Challenge with Babysitter Granny!

Does that mean i have real poo in here that looks disgusting? Hey you guys its trinity here and my mom just left with preston to an appointment and my dad said that he is going to get us another babysitter. So here we go again all right, and here she is girls. I got granny here for you, shes gon na, be your babysitter granny. I wont be gone for long, but i need you to make sure that these girls get a good lunch, its almost lunch time. So can you please make sure they get something good to eat? I sure can all right thanks, granny well, see you later, girls be good for granny, make sure you eat your lunch: okay, Music, bye, okay, granny whats for lunch, im hungry, well, girls! How about we play a game? Oh granny! I dont want to play more hide and seek im hungry dont worry girl. This will be fun. You get to eat and have Music toys all right. Girls lets head outside Music girls. You forgot to shut the door, a granny, you were the last one out. Dont worry chen. I got this Music come on. Granny keep up im coming as fast as i can. Okay, granny whats for lunch, yeah all right girls. You got ta close your eyes all right. Girls heres. What were gon na do all right. Girls go ahead and open your eyes since it was just your birthday, you choose whether you want to keep or switch.

I think i want to keep okay, three two one. Yes yeah yeah, so good you guys this is so cool to play with girls thats. Just the appetizer really Music, you guys, i love puppets because they make such a cool sound, its so satisfying how many pockets do you guys have all right? Girls open your eyes, your turn: okay, im gon na switch Music Music. Oh, my gosh, you guys its a pop egg wait. Does that mean i have real poo in here? I dont know. If i should open this guys here goes nothing well. Here goes something, oh, my god, Music! This is delicious. You guys oops, my bad Music. All right, girls now for the main course, okay open up all right, madison, your turn, which one um youre keeping or switching lets, switch all right and again all right. You guys, Music, okay, three, two one. Yes, that looks disgusting im so glad i just traded. That was if i didnt try it. That would be so bad. It smells disgusting. Try that hamburger! I know. Youre hungry, i put my blood, sweat and tears into that hamburger for you ew. I dont want to eat, granny, sweat, uh tren. I switched you eat it. This is going to be disgusting. Come on trinity fill that belly. Oh theres, onion, theyre, delicious ew. Oh dont make a mess Music. My mouth doesnt even fit on it. How am i gon na put this in my mouth? Maybe try squishing it a little bit squash.

We havent gone all day all right trinity. You did such a good job. How about you go first, open your eyes now. Are you gon na keep it or switch it im gon na keep this time all right. Girls on the count of three one, two: three: what flavor is it strawberry, thats? What it tastes like? It loves my puppet that sound is so satisfying. I love it im gon na play with this forever. Oh, did you guys know that its trans band aid – oh yeah, um? I colored on it, because i thought it looked a little plain. You guys its her scar, bandage and she wanted to put some like stitches on it all right. Kiddos youve eaten your lunch. Really good: how about a tasty treat all right? Girls go ahead and open your eyes all right, whos up next uh madsen. Are you gon na keep it or switch it lets? Keep it keep it. Okay, girls! You ready yeah three two one and i got a popsicle puppet trinity didnt. I already have a bite out of it. Oh granny is that you, girls, ive, been slaving away cooking all this food and i got hot and couldnt help myself. I needed to cool down. Oh granny, well, its still good. Hopefully i dont get any granny germs. You guys, Music right girls, my favorite the best for last all right girls. Are you ready? Yes, go ahead and open those eyes? Okay, whos up me all right, trinity, three, two one! Oh my gosh, that is huge its as big as a doughnut.

Oh my gosh. You guys trend thats, not a donut, its a cupcake with a cherry, i said its as big as a donut. Okay, guys, look at all the colors on this theres like a baby. Pink, like a neon, yellow and cupcake with the cherry on top oh geez madison, maybe we should have switched because this could have been like a lay birthday cake type thing for you want to share uh, sure thats. So nice of you trinity, you can pop some okay, hey granny, how about we say happy birthday to madison. That sounds like a great idea. Three two one happy birthday to you, happy birthday, Music, yeah cherry out all right! Girls tell me how it is. Is it good its so good? It looks delicious dont, listen! Isnt, your favorite vanilla done. Do i wear granny? Are you guys im really full and lets? Show you our favorites. I really like the popsicle because look theres, actually letters and numbers its so cool. You guys yeah and my favorite is probably the hamburger, because i just love the texture. Well guys, thanks for watching make sure you give me a huge thumbs up.

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