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Modulations new video in this video were going to see the types of ddos attack or what is the ddos attack in previous videos? We already seen that what are the fishing males, how they attacks or how to prevent from them. Also, we have seen lots of videos regarding waf or the firewall and networking cloud aws and all the things. So all these videos are very helpful to you very important to you. Please go to the playlist or my channel knowledge, motivation and watch these videos. Also todays video is very important to you because, as it is related to the ddos attack or the cyber artist attacking attacks scenario rapidly initiate a connection to a server without finalizing the connection, the server has to spend resources waiting for half open connection which can consume Enough resources to make the system unresponsive to legitimate is a session based network protocol, a udp flood target, random ports on a computer or a network with udp packet. The host checks for the application listing at those ports, but no application is foreign. This was popular type of ddos two decades ago, but less effective. Today, a correct formed pin packet is typically 56 byte in size or 64 bytes, when the icam feder is considered and 84 bytes, including internet protocol version 4 header. However, any ipv4 packet may be as large as 65535 bytes. Some computer systems were never designed to properly handle a pin packet larger than the maximum packet size, because it highlights the internet protocol.

However, from the table, computer resembles the malformed packet, but buffer overflow can occur, causing the system crash and potentially allowing the injection of malicious code attack packets to design Music smoke attack exploits internet protocol and internet control message protocol using the malware group called smoke, its poops And ip address and using icap it prints ip address on a given network, smart malware is used to generate a fake echo request containing a smooth source ip, which is actually a target server address. The request is sent to an intermediate ip broadcast network. The request is transmitted to all the networks host on the network. Each host send an iclp response to the source address with enough icmp response forwarded, the target server is brought down foreign. The next is large amount of udp traffic to a fraggle one routers broadcast network. Its similar to smurf attack using udp rather than icam or icmp, basically client observer architecture is exploits vulnerabilities in applications. The goal of this type of attack is not to go after the entire server, but application with known weaknesses, application particular applications. Amplification utv amplification exploits network time protocol servers a long time network protocol used to synchronize computer clock in order to overfl traffic. In addition to clock, synchronization older version of ntp supports a monitoring service that enables administrators to query a given ntp server for a traffic account. This command called known list sends the requesters a list of the last 600 host that connected to a required server.

The ntp server responds by sending the list to the spoofed ip address. This response is considerably larger than the request, amplifying the amount of traffic directed at the target server and ultimately leading to a degradation of service for legitimate users, ntp protocol block corrections with only one device. The next one is advanced persistence. Dos is an attack type used by hackers who wants to cause serious damage. It uses a variety of these styles of attacks mentioned earlier http, flooding, sync, flooding, etc and regularly targets multiple attack, vectors that send out millions of requests per second apidos attack can last for weeks largely due to the ability of the hackers to switch tactics. At any moment, and to create diversions to illude security attack is the name given to new ddos attack methods that exploits vulnerabilities that have not yet been passed.

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