Destiny 2, September 3 Where is Xur – Sept 3 – Xur Location & Inventory – Legendary Weapons & Armor – Destiny 2

It is september 3rd. We are up here in the watchers grave and you guys will see him up here in the little tree. Fort lets see what hes got you know. This will take a little longer. Weve got a little more to discuss all right, so first thing were going to go through the exotics, then well go through the legendary weapons and well see if theres any good rolls on the legendary armor. So quick reminder as well. If you dont have all the exotics youre missing some old stuff and youve got a good amount of shards sitting around make sure you buy the exotic engram itll help you complete your collection or, if you have everything, itll also help you get. You know possibly a good roll on something youve already got so here we go first thing: weve got is hard light. If you dont own this weapon already, you should just buy it mostly because one barrier weapons only are auto rifles. This season and two. This is a great auto rifle to manage, basically any type of shield thats going to come at you rounds fired from this weapon have reduced damage falloff, so the range is going to be better over penetrate targets and ricochet off surfaces. Projectile damage increases after a bounce, so weirdly. If you shoot at the floor in front of an enemy youre going to do more damage, i know its weird, but it technically works uh. The other thing thats, really cool, is the fundamentals.

All you basically have to do is press and hold reload button, whatever platform youre on for like a half a second and you press and hold it instead of like tap it youll actually switch the damage type that youre firing. So you can go between arc solar and void. You cannot fire stasis, as this is an energy weapon. We know stasis. Weapons are now in kinetic slot. Thatll be well see how that all pans out, but arc solar and void shields. You can manage them all with one weapon and barrier weapons are auto rifles, this entire season for like six months. So, if you dont have this weapon, please buy it. It has quite a lot of uses this season and overall just you know nice to use. If you have to deal with a bunch of different shield types, so buy this thing, if you dont own it, please, for the hunters, weve got graviton, forfeit, vanishing shadow increases, the duration of any invisibility effects. While you are invisible, your melee recharges faster, your weapons, reload faster and your recovery is greatly increased. So if you like, going invisible, you like being blade, dancer or not blade, dancer, im, sorry, the void version of that which im, probably forgetting off the top of my head. You can definitely have some fun with this one. Overall, if you like invisibility effects, and especially like you know, skipping certain things in grand master nightfalls that i know people do, this definitely has some benefits, so utility exotic.

If nothing else makes you have at least one of these in your collection, this one has 66 total stats now uh strength and mobility are fairly low, youve got resilience and intellect fairly high. The intellect being high is a good thing. Unfortunately, discipline being low strength, not even being ten recovery being seven, a lot of stats are wasted on uh resilience on this one, mostly because hunters are not getting as much out of resilience. You need some in pvp, but especially if youre using this for pve, especially this one, unfortunately is kind of a wasted. Roll with 20 in there 66 can be high, but i mean youre wasting 16 stats, so i may as well have 50 on some of this. So, overall, if you dont have this one, its still a good one to have function functionally to use, but overall, the stat rule, even though the total is high, its not really helping that much, especially for hunters for the titans weve got the peregrine greaves all shoulder Charge abilities seismic strike, hammer strike and shield bash deal bonus damage when activated in the air. I always thought this was kind of a weirdly specific exotic because ive never used it. Ive never found a point where i thought this thing was going to be extremely beneficial, because i have to be in the air with a shoulder charge to do more damage. Then you might jump at a boss and do a shoulder charge.

But is it going to be enough to really make a difference versus most other exotics, which you can use at least some more benefit out of personally this ones? Only okay, i mean a 62 stat rule is okay strength. Does this is a melee based ability, at least is that 11. youve got 10 mobility. 7 resilience. 16. Recovery 16 discipline, its okay, but i mean unless this one specifically has a crap ton of strength and also solid resilience for titan. This thing is a mediocre exotic. Personally, unless you guys can tell me theres a reason that im not thinking about this one and also the stat distribution, is only okay. So if you dont have this one, you can at least you know complete your collection by buying it for cheap. Since xer has it, but if youve already got it, youre, probably good to go for the warlocks weve got the controvers hold chaotic exchanger is the perk resist incoming damage while charging your void grenade with chaos, accelerate feed the void or handheld supernova charge void, grenades return, A random amount of grenade energy on hit, and, honestly, i think if some of these hit enough, you might get most of your grenade energy back. It is a total of 64, which isnt bad and youve actually got double digits in discipline, as this is a grenade exotic thats, at least a step in the right direction. 19 in mobility – i dont know if thats completely necessary, might like to see.

I dont know 19 and recovery instead, since warlocks definitely need that resilience is a little bit high and intellect is also low. So again, these the totals on these stats on most of these is actually not bad, but also, unfortunately, the distribution is not the greatest. I mean this one at least: is 14 discipline, its a grenade exotic? That could be worse, but i mean recovery is like the warlock stat and you have four so again. All of this could be better. Now were gon na go through the legendary weapons, see if theres anything that stands out in here, so weve got dire, promise triple tap and under pressure this would probably be something more along the lines, light mags sure shot its, not a terrible weapon um. I would probably guess, though, that this is only okay under pressure is not bad for a little extra damage triple tap might kind of work, but again, this is nothing that youre probably going to write home about gnawing hunger, subsistence and demolition. Now this isnt going to be a bad one ill be completely honest. I enjoy my subsistence, not hunger. Generally, this isnt bad. If you have a grenade, build as well, youve got full bore, youve got fluted barrel. Youre gon na have some range out of this one. If you want giving up some stability, some handling, but overall not hunger is just a solid, auto rifle and subsistence demolitionist ive definitely seen worse.

So, if youre looking for a reasonable one of these, definitely might consider that one cold denial beating frenzy and head seeker with high caliber rounds and full bore youre gon na have range for days on this one uh rapid, kill each rapid kill with this weapon progressively Increases reload, so you got feeding frenzy and headseeker gon na be working fairly well, potentially putting these two together, not a bad combination, no damage perk like rampage or outlaw or like rampage or anything else for damage bonus, but overall lots of range on this one. You could probably mess with some people in pvp have a little fun with this one. I would think uh distant stimulus, youve got quick draw lead from gold, not really a perk. Ive ever found a whole lot of use out of personally appended mag flared. Mag youve got you know, hammer forged rifling youve got full bore overall. If somebody really enjoys this type of sniper cool, but i dont think this ones doing anything. For me, wishbringer field, prep at least field prep, has a function on energy weapons. I see field prep on kinetic weapons as their infinite ammo, not really a huge thing. For me anymore. Um youve got barrel shroud youve got light mag field, prep rampage got a range masterwork, but again this is nothing thats going to be extremely rangy. It is rapid fire, but now the range on rapid fires is gon na be much shorter.

So keep that in mind um overall, i dont think these two perks are gon na be doing a ton. I know when youre faster, reload, stow and ready when youre crouching. If youre sliding that kind of counts – but i dont think this ones gon na be you know it an extremely exciting weapon here, maybe in pve, if youre, just pumping out damage with a shotgun and field prep and could be decent, but overall, i dont think that Ones too, exciting seventh serif saw zen moment, always kind of a subtle perk, little reload, speed or armor piercing rounds fluted barrel elemental. Capacitor i mean, depending on what loadout you might actually get some benefits out of this one, but overall nothing exciting there. In my opinion, now this is actually a gambit weapon. Now the only reason im probably going to tell you to buy this one one because its actually not the worst perks, ive seen generally um its, not amazing, either, but its not the worst. But this is a weapon that you just may have a hard time coming by and if you need a solar fusion rifle for um, basically anything youre going for with the new builds and the mods everything related to fusion rifles kind of hits pretty hard. This probably isnt the best solar fusion rifle, but if you just need a solar fusion rifle and you like, look through your vault and you dont have one, this can be beneficial to you know, add your collection, at least you know hey.

I need a solar fusion, rifle for say unstoppable enemies. On this thing, at least you know you have one so theres a benefit to that quick draw tap the trigger. When you do, you know, pull it out to get that unstoppable champion. Thats coming at you actually gon na work now were gon na go through the sets of armor im gon na start on the titan and see if the other two have any good rolls: uh 60, not horrible, very high in strength 48 wow, thats terrible. I really wish they wouldnt even sell these because theyre not doing anything 62 very low recovery but kind of reasonable and everything else not. I just wish there was more recovery there and boots at 58. If you got a disciplined, build yeah titans, not a whole lot. Exciting there all right for the warlock weve got wow; okay, a bunch of mobility. If youre looking for mobility for some gauntlets here, you go total of 63 48 woof uh, 59, 55 yep, really high mobility, gauntlets for the warlock and thats about it and finally, for the hunters, weve got wow 62. I mean if honestly, the resilience was where the mobility was. You just i just say, buy it now, but still decent recovery, decent discipline intellect, if you master work, this swing would still be double digits. Not too shabby there 48 again, ouch uh, 60 whoa. Okay, buy that helmet um zur is freaking out right now.

What is happening? Well, i think he just had a glitch in the matrix, but thats fine, damn yeah buy that helmet because 63, with high recovery, high intellect alone, hunters win and zur is losing his mind. What is happening? Oh thats, funny and 64., even better, all right, yeah im taking a couple screenshots of these, because im going to tweet them out as well, but hunters win. Once again i mean you got a decent role here with 66, i mean its high resilience. You need some of that, but i mean these two alone. You could start building a set out of these and remember you can come in here if you want a different set, switch it over to solar void or even stasis if youre building a stasis set yeah a couple solid pieces again for hunters this week, weapons not Too, exciting, definitely by hard light, but overall hunters i think, still win the armor two for two, this time that does wrap it up for zero. I know these are a little longer, but theres a bit more to cover, if you guys have any of these legendary roles that you do like comment below. Let me know if theres, like a perk, that i didnt see or you know, forgot what to think about it. If you guys do enjoy the content from me, i am putting out a lot of guides well be doing some other stuff as well later so hit that subscribe button hit that alert bell.

Thatll keep my content coming to you. If you enjoyed the video drop a like also, if you want to support me directly, you guys can do that by hitting that join button got some of you guys coming in here. Thank you very much for that support. I definitely want to shout you guys out. You can also find me over on twitter at ebontus and sometimes streaming on, twitch, but also sometimes streaming right here on youtube.

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Destiny 2, September 3 XUR September 3 Xur Location & Inventory | Full Legendary Weapons & Armor Breakdown | Destiny 2

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