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, its friday, which means this guy is back. We are on nessus this week. We are once again over in the north side of the map over in a watchs grave in the tree by the proving ground strike all right now, theres a bit of an arms day. Right now so were going to take a look at everything. Hes got on offer this week, so this video is going to be a little bit longer, but not too long uh compared to normal weve got the exotic engram here, as we always do so. This contains a new exotic. If you have any remaining to be collected and if you have a full collection, it should provide a random piece of exotic armor instead, so be sure to pick that up. If you need to that, will cost you 97 legendary shards or on the second tab. There is a quest for a exotic cipher, which you can also use to pick this exotic engram up the exotic weapon of the week is hard light, its a volatile light, so it over penetrates with ricochet rounds and has bonus damage on bounce um. It also has the fundamentals as well, where you can change the elemental type rotating between solar arc and void, one of the strongest 600 rpm autos. So definitely dont sleep on this one and then thats your collection for 29 legendary shards. As for the exotic for the hunter weve got, graviton forfeit weve got the 66 stat, which is heavily weighted in the intellect and resilience there 23 literally charging and picked that one up.

It had a nice little buff this season, only a small one, with an extra two seconds i believe, added to invisibility, but maybe were picking up. If you dont have a good roll, weve got peregrine greaves here, weve got the arc affinity: 62 stat uh quite evenly distributed there between recovery discipline and mobility and strength across the board, not the greatest role, but nevertheless it looks really weird on this uh. This figure here, but definitely worth picking up – and these are one of the strongest pairs of boots on a titan um and hit really really hard. So we got the controvers holds for the warlock here. Weve got 64 stat pretty much godly there. So we got the uh mobility, discipline and strength which works really well with the intrinsic trait, so it resists incoming damage while youre charging your void grenade with chaos. Accelerant feed the void and handheld supernova and charge void, grenades to return a random amount of grenade energy. On a hit so yeah definitely worth picking up if you dont have a good roll on those, so thats a quick look at the exotics for the week and as for the legendary weapons, this is the arms day piece. I guess now. These cost 50 legendary shards a piece and a thousand glimmer. A pop, so weve got the triple tap under pressure on the dire promise, probably a miss on that subsistence and demolitionist on annoying hunger. That could be an interesting one.

Some of those ability builds weve, got cold denial with feeding frenzy and headseeker its, not a bad roll at all and remember its unstoppable pulse this season, so that might be worth picking up. If you havent got a good one got the distant terminus here. Weve got lead from gold and quick draw so not ideal, but lead from gold is actually a very good perk, so maybe worth trying that one out uh weve got wishbringer so fill prep and rampage which isnt too bad. Because this is when youre crouched right and youre sliding around with a shotgun quite a lot, so thats, not terrible but its not the greatest shotgun in destiny. 2 lets be honest and then weve got the ceremony of saw zen moment, elemental, capacitor and thats. Probably a hard pass on that particular role and weve got the trinary system. This is from gambit weve, got quick, draw and tap the trigger thats, not too bad on that fusion, which got a complete rework in season 15.. So not no real standout weapons. For this week, as for the armor set, weve got the wings set here, which is the old crucible set. So weve got the 62 stat on the gauntlets. Weve got the 48 on the on the chess piece there, which is absolutely terrible and weve got the class item. We got the helmet at 63., not too bad on the intellect there, and then we got the boots at 64.

with a nice 22 on the intellect. So they might be worth picking up because thats not a terrible role. Im actually gon na grab those myself. So there we go a quick look at zur and the arms day inventory that he has available charles will be back next weekend.

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Destiny 2, September 3 XUR September 3 Xur Location & Inventory | Full Legendary Weapons & Armor Breakdown | Destiny 2