Destiny 2, September 3 XUR September 3 Xur Location & Inventory | Full Legendary Weapons & Armor Breakdown | Destiny 2

. Zur can be found here in the watchers grave, on nessus up in the big tree just head to the location on your map, and you will be good to go for the hunters. Weve got the graviton forfeit helmet with improved invisibility when using your night stalker classes for titans were using the peregrine greaves, where you get bonus, damage on airborne shoulder charges, an okay roll, nothing major here. This is a lot of fun to use in pve, especially against big bosses, but in pvp, not so great for our warlocks we have the controverse hold, which gives you improved charging for void grenades. This is a must, have pickup its actually the best really legitimate role. This week its got a 64 roll here uh for the hunter, its a 66 roll, but its tied into resilience id much rather see that built into mobility or recovery for hunters uh. So i definitely make sure that you pick up the controversy hold graviton forfeit peregrine greaves the weapon for today is the hard light auto rifle over penetrating ricochet rounds. Come on this auto rifle and bonus damage on the bounce, its actually an okay weapon in the current meta, not great, especially because pulse rifles are really strong and so are hand, cannons speaking of hand cannons. We have our legendary weapon set. Weve got the dire promise triple tap under pressure on this hand, cannon not a great roll. I wouldnt say you have to pick that up subsistence demolitionist on the 9 hunger uh.

There are better roles for this, but this is a lot of fun. If you want to charge your grenades id say, probably one of the better weapons this week is the coal denial pulse rifle beating frenzy and headseeker is really nice, especially with high caliber rounds. Thats going to be really nice, its got a stability, roll and everything. If you didnt pick this one up yet this is a pretty nice roll distance tumulus, which is a rapid fire frame sniper rifle with quick, draw its okay, nothing great here. I definitely make sure to pick up some different weapons, not great uh. Some people really like rapid fire frames – i do not. I dont think that theyre currently very strong for the shotgun this week, weve got the wishbringer, which actually is not terrible uh, but not great for pvp uh for seven serif. This is definitely one. You want to pick up if you want to use any kind of war. Mine cell build not a great role altogether, though elemental capacitors weak, unless, if youre building your class, specifically for a specific archetype and then trinary system is actually okay, except that its got charge. Time the problem with charge time is that it increases via the uh actually decreases the amount of time it takes to charge your weapon, but it lessens your impact so its kind of a give and take not a great role in that. But if you want to get it thats, okay, hunters, we get some really nice rolls today.

If you look over here on the helmet, youve got a recovery with intellect build here, very very nice hunters. You should run and pick this up. If you dont have a really strong helmet and then for the legs, weve got the same thing intellect and recovery really nice on these two for our warlocks and our titans. We dont really have great roles in the armor pieces. Unfortunately, so if you are a hunter, you need to run and get those two pieces, everything for the warlocks and the titans is in the low 60s or in the low 50s, with some poor distribution. Really. The only thing that i see is good. That is going to be good is if you are a hunter, you definitely want to go pick up that helmet and pick up the boots, all right, everybody that is zur for today. I hope you enjoyed the video. If you did make sure you like comment and subscribe, if you do like more destiny, 2 content as well leave a comment down below. Let me know what youre picking up from zur. As always, if you need help come on over to twitch.

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