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Music dont be so eager to escape that you forget to pay attention to where youre running, thats, odd, somethings, disrupting my spell an old friend must be on board. These lands are unfamiliar to me. My power is Applause. I have reached a new plane Music. What happened? Music, oh were not sure. Yet there was a loud noise in the engine room Music. I believe the prisoners are merely a distraction: Music, foreign. What devilry Music? Are you all right, weve got a few injuries, but i think well be okay. Good. Tell me what lies ahead of us thats, the main engine room beyond that theres, the supermax wing. I see i will investigate further good talking to you, thats right. Ah, Applause, its a simple spell should do Music dude, i have reached a new plane. A barrier should hold them. While i deal with more urgent matters, Music that should do the trick Music ill make you disappear. My magic grows ever stronger, youre too late doctor enough. Mordo some magics are too powerful, even for you, i have spent my whole life living in your shadow steven Music, but now my shadow shall finally fall on you, Music, nothing, a simple spell should do no more tricks. My power is ebbed. This will all be over soon. My magic fails me. My power is ebbed. How magical i have to do this dont! You see you forced my hand, still blaming others for your failures when the world ends.

Only you will be to blame. No world is ending on my watch old friend dont. Be so sure of that my good doctor is this some sort of illusion? No, i sense something more.

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