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We did ant man in a watch for this series of how would they play in game today? We will we will. We will be focusing on vision, man now. This is the last character im going to be doing for a while man uh. Just like the recent characters. Ive been doing, i waited on them im, finally, having them out now, but you know: characters like falcon quake, uh mockenberg and all those i might wait on them just to see uh. You know im saying if theres any other leaks or data mine came on on them from you know, other people, i dont, do any other data mine things, but if you get any other teasers to them, you know uh see how the future of the game is. Looking as of now, because were just now about to get that second road map coming up, you know spider man, she hulk winter soldier that whole situation, im gon na see how thats looking and you know, progressing into these characters, vision and all that. So then i can start making. You know how would they plays for a falcon and all that, so this is the last one. For now, it might take a little minute until i come back to these, but uh yeah thats that man anyway, the vision lets start off straight into the story. Man. This is kind of going to be similar to the last episode, because you know vision, ultron, wasp and ant man, i feel like, are going to be heavily connected in this game, similar to how they are in the comics, and you know overall, with the whole uh Hank pym creating ultron and ultron pretty much creating vision or um.

Correct me if im wrong, but i think his name was um of um. What was his name phineas dr horton, i believe ultron went and got uh dr horton to create vision uh from the first human torch. I believe, thats how it went into comics and um. You know. Obviously we could go in that route for the story. I i honestly dont know i know for a lot of characters. I say i think they should skip the origin, but since we dont already have ultron – or they havent already mentioned ultron before and thats something we see kind of progressing now, uh that that pretty much means vision, isnt a character in this universe. Unless theyre gon na, you know change that around, but you know without ultron being here in this game universe now it would make sense that vision isnt around either. So with that being said, i feel, like the game, will kind of show the origin a little bit, but maybe change it up. You know i dont know if theyre gon na go with ultron getting dr horton and you know coming from the human torch and getting a wonder, wonder: mans brain you know in envision and all that i dont know if theyre gon na do all of that type Of stuff, but it would be nice if they could maybe hint at it. Maybe they can talk about a wonder man, maybe hes, not in the game. They just you know, have his brain saved, like i think, thats how it happened in the comics uh tony stark had his uh conscience or whatever his brain basis, whatever uh saved up, and they put that in a vision.

So maybe they could do something like that. Um also in the comics, though, vision did start off kind of bad him and ultron were both attacking the avengers, so maybe they can go on that route um. Maybe they can make it where hank pym creates both. Maybe he creates ultron and uh. That goes bad. So maybe uh hank pym tries to you know, make a new one, a better one, a good one being vision, but he ends up getting corrupted by ultron, attacking the avengers and then uh. You know he gets fixed with the whole, wonder man situation or they can go in a movie route where uh, they figure out some type of way to get jarvis in there man, because there was actually some audio audio clip leaked a while ago by miller. I know many, you guys know him on twitter, but um. We dont know if his vision it sound like it could be, but it also could just be a jarvis audio without the robotic effect im gon na play it in the background. Youve almost won keep up the pressure now with that clip right there, man like i, was saying that could easily just be a jarvis clip without the whole robotic effect on it uh. You know, i doubt vision has any movement as far as his character progression. You know what theyre working on im, pretty sure hes, still just a placeholder right now in the in the game but um.

He is still there in the you know in the game, in the data mines and all that so uh, i doubt thats his uh audio thats supposed to be his voice, but you never know. But anyway, though, yeah um, maybe they could get jarvis to be the brain or wonder man uh. I just feel like with the wonder man and the human torch thats gon na, be like you know what im saying not too much, but i just dont know how theyll go about it. You know just out of nowhere and all this other stuff, but i mean hey at the end of the day ill be down with whatever longest says smooth. I love a good story, but uh you guys. Let me know how yall feel about the story or what type of twists or a different thing they could make for the game now as far as locations. I didnt really talk about too many locations for ant man and a watch, because i couldnt really think of a good one for them, but as far as vision and this whole ultron phase and in general i was thinking, maybe we could finally get the avengers tower Back you know by this time, if were going in these phases, we should be done with the whole cree thing, maybe by then, by like the time we get. Captain marvel back up in game. You know the world is starting to accept us. They see uh aim for where they really are yadda yadda.

They love the avengers again and um. We get our popularity back our respect back and we got our tower back man i feel like that would be a beautiful outpost. I know a little a lot of people want uh that outpost man um. It would be smooth, especially with all the characters coming in. We have that more space. Everybody will have a room and stuff like that and um yeah man. I feel like with vision coming in the game as well. I thought about this a while ago, but um. You know how everybody can go pick up. Thors hammer will try to at least you know in the movie. I dont know a vision, could pick it up in the comics, but he did pick it up in the movie. Itll be funny if they had that in there. You know he walks in and just picks up thors hammer and like spinning around or something i feel like. That would be smooth but definitely avengers tower. I hope he can get that back. Tony can get some money start wearing suits again, but thats that for the story and location now for some of the villains, man obviously were gon na have ultron. That definitely has to be the main villain. You know for vision and all that, but another villain we could possibly see is grim. Reaper now i said grim reaper could be a villain for scarlet witch, but i actually think wonder.

Man and uh grim reaper are brothers, so in the game, if they want to take the whole wonder man route with vision, uh and all that stuff, we could possibly see grim reaper later on down the line or within that same uh update for vision, but thats. Just a thought you know im saying it did pop up uh when i was looking at some of the connections and enemies and stuff for a vision, grim reaper could be one of them, so thats that now lets move on into the moveset man. Now, looking this up and trying to find clips looking stuff up from the comics uh to me, it doesnt really seem like vision. Has any signature moves attached or anything other than the you know beam he shoots out his head. The gym anyway, most definitely thats. This signature move, i feel, like thats, going to be incorporated a lot in his moveset as well as phasing through objects and opponents, those two things right there. I definitely want to see a lot, but as far as the combos you know punching and all that i feel like in the game. You know when im thinking about the movies. I got a lot of this. What im about to say from the movies, how i seen him fighting there um its almost not angelic, but kind of like really light, i dont know i feel like he was going to be floating a lot. You know when hes fighting almost like hes moving slow, but he still has that power because he is strong.

You know what im saying and he can fight, but i feel, like i dont know, hes going to be like graceful grace will fight. You know what im saying majority punches, but just smooth with it like float like a butterfly sting like a b type fight. You know what im saying but uh thats that for the combos, like i was saying in between combos definitely phasing through uh through your enemies. Hopefully we can face through actual walls. You know something thats on the other side like that, we can face you like a mountain or anything like that, but uh something we can go through. That could definitely be the intrinsic right there, man phasing holding that down. You can know any bullets coming at. You will go straight through you, enemies will punch through you, yada yada yada. I definitely see that uh being the intrinsic right there now for the range um. Obviously he has the beams. He can shoot out from the gym in his head. I dont know if he has any uh blast, he can shoot with his hand for the range. I could definitely see him just shooting uh, like short beams out of his head, not like a long one. Just like a short little, you know like little thing like that now for his heroics man. Once again, like i said, theres not too many signature moves, i really seen him doing other than his phasing and shooting the beam you guys can always correct me down in the comments, but for the heroics and uh his support anyway.

I really didnt know of a move. He could do. You know what im saying now. Vision is very smart. You know im saying thats one of his main things so maybe for support. I dont know how i really work in game, but what, if he could kind of predict or maybe uh calculate his enemies movements? I dont know how that would work in game though, but maybe he can be some sort of uh support like that, where he kind of knows whats about to happen, or i guess she can be like an auto, evade or auto phase thing, maybe or maybe it Can be similar to iron mans support where uh your energy meter, your intrinsic meter is full for a while, and you can just keep phasing through stuff cant take any damage, everything that comes at you just goes through you or something like that. Uh, maybe for the intrinsic i dont know. Obviously they could maybe do a barrier uh. It would be kind of cool if in the game, if they go in the route, where jarvis ends up being the, i guess, mine or whatever for vision. If you could have a a jarvis barrier, be your support. You know what im saying, instead of having it on certain gear, certain perk, if youre using vision – and you have a support that would be a jarvis barrier, it would go to you and everybody on your team, hopefully by then they can at least change how jarvis Barrier looks or have us be able to turn off hood, because jarvis barrier is kind of like bruh when its on your character but uh.

I dont know what else we could really do for support. You guys can. Let me know down in the comments now, for the assault heroic definitely want to see a long beam coming from his head. Now that sounds weird, but him shooting those beams uh from the gym in his head is definitely one of his signatures. Man got to see that as an assault, just like a mega beam, pretty much like a the unit beam that iron man does but from his head. You know what im saying can be done in the sky and the ground. Yada yada can uh change his skills around and make it be longer uh you can have up to three or something three shorter ones, or just a long one very similar to the unit beam that iron man has in game right there. Now for the ultimate man. I really dont know what a good one can be. The only one i came up was one of the moves he has in contents of champions now. Obviously he can phase and all that go through walls. Now the move, youre saying in the background you can see him go underground, come up and do a blast and then do the beam or whatever. Now i definitely can see that working in game uh, you know it just seems like for ultimate. It would kind of be a little bit more flashy, but i guess that is still cool. Is i mean its very cool, but you know for ultimate.

I just dont know i feel like a move like that could be incorporated in the combos, but as an ultimate. I guess you know certain skills or different ways. You could you know change it up a little. You know the way im thinking about it would be similar to uh thors ultimate. You know when he summons the bifrost and all that and its like a circle on the ground, and you go to what enemy you want to uh drop down on. It could be for vision, he goes underground, you find an enemy you want to go to and then once you select that enemy you come out of the ground with like a hard punch and then uh, maybe a different type of beam from the gym, and that Would just you know, kill your opponent right there. Obviously you can have different ways to change it up in the skill tree. You know im, saying different side effects or perks. You know different type of things they can do with that move but thats all. I could really come up with uh for the ultimate now i didnt mention this earlier, but obviously he can fly. You know im saying definitely of a mix of, i would say, captain marvel and thor instead of iron man and thor, i feel like captain marvel and thor put them together. Youll really get a vision first flight, probably far as combat as well, but um far flight.

Most definitely like i was here saying earlier man its almost angelic, especially in the mcu he floats. So, like gracefully, you know what im saying, especially when hes landing so smooth, but um yeah man thats, honestly pretty much it uh there isnt too many special moves or gadgets that vision uses hes, just a strong fighter and um. You know very smart and can face yourself thats, really his thing right there. So as far as combat in the move said, this is all i could really think of come up with like always, though, leave down in the comments. Some of your ideas, suggestions, let me know if i was wrong or anything and um yeah. This is going to be the last one for now uh discussion, videos always be a thing, but this certain uh series, anyway, im gon na, take a break again and uh. Yeah man coming into one year on this game man, this game, has it a lot for me on the channel. You guys love this content. I love this game. Uh, definitely excited to see this new road map and um yeah just see how far this game is. Gon na go ill, have complete faith in it. Im going to ride right into the wheels fall off and yeah. I will see you all in the next one if you enjoyed any part of this video. Do me a favor hit the like button subscribe. If youre new hit the bells, you know when im posting man share the content share the channel.

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