Gameplay, Marvel Comics, Marvel Cinematic Universe Yesterday Saw SOOO Much Summoner Crystal Luck!

We had this weird, almost like a historic combination of factors. Summer of pain rewards for the final two weeks, the what if nexus, crystals uh the new, dare i say, hardest side quest, weve seen all year with those rewards and then on top of that, as if we didnt need anything else, we had the cavalier daily card Rewards for the month of september, all of that meant so many submissions to the channel, and i took kind of the greatest hits for summoners and put them in a video for you to easily digest g knight got one of the two pulls that i want so Badly from what, if nexus, six star, starkey and six star black widow clairvoyant, you can see he got black widow clairvoyant here, the three star and the six star, pretty interesting for sure and then shadow fox, uh, six star source for supreme out of four and also A six star bishop from the ten uh cavalier crystals and a six star super scroll. It was just raining six stars for this guy and then cowboy. We got two different nexus: a six star and a five star and a six star non hawkeye ronin and then cowboy 13.8 got a uh first world problem where you cant accept a six star in a nexus because it just give you iso isnt that weird. But then again i guess maybe you do because the other two options are four stars, what a weird crazy nexus – and i think it was his first out of ten wow.

He also uh in the six star nexus, i believe, got a dragon man awaken. Well see that again in this video, a la hafiz, i always put your name finally got himself: a new five star black widow, clairvoyant thats, a huge pool for so many people, uh speaking of five stars, four out of four for never satisfied in the four nexus. Crystals thats amazing, four five stars for ten dollars is crazy. Good value awakening six star, nick fury for becky man out of his six star nexus and then how about this for mozilla a bunch of three stars: five star vision, new five star doctor strange, but talk about okay, so six star, og black widow down there. But then look at this, the man whos, the whisperer of six star starkin hand, spider man got him again. Is that the third time youve opened him? Can you just give me one of his once? Please please all right: a thumbnail nominee, three star fatty in between a five star and a six star nexus and the second of ten crystals for crystal x. Thank you for putting your name on this. It would have been impossible to know it. Otherwise, love that thumbnail nominee, uh kilikai, four one: four: six star game games, kilakai, also, a six star thor j foster two six stars out of the four uh. Well, technically, two six stars out of yeah. I guess i should say the four: what, if nexus, crystals six star jabari panther for wizzy wizzy, also awakened his six star, og black widow and then pajango six star, thor five star, killmonger and star lord first time awakening star lord and a sig, forty six star, Killmonger i got six star right: double six star yeah, i said five star, but its double six star, god, im tired, i see green hes also can be the nexus whisperer when it comes to cavalier crystals.

Did it again, six star rhino, i mean technically its a six star, six star nexus, five star uh nexus and also how about two more six stars. You got rhino and then infinity man and jubilation wow and then in the nexus awaken kingpin not too shabby blue ag216 six star, dorm five star sparkles and also a six star mode, mojo mo doc, not mojo mo doc, usmc guy 89, six star nexus, six star Havoc six star loki and then also an awakening of miles in the nexus coal lives matter. My man always appears in these things: six star, symbiote supreme, zac man, not one, but two six star nexus, along with a ton of five stars. I mean that is a beautiful 10 cavalier nexus crystals and the first six star nexus, really the definition of trash. I guess i choose symbiote spidey, i dont know but then check this out. He awakens his omega red or mephisto or symbiote supreme, the next one. So a tale of two six star nexus for sure silver, wolf, 2020, with four five star nexus: a six star havoc and a five star, mojito thats insane wilson, with a six star nexus himself and in that six star nexus. He got ghost wow its me for real another nexus whisperer. This might be a thumbnail nominee just for uh screenshotting, the two six star nexus and two five star nexus and a six star store, not bad uh, six star archangel with the nexus uh.

Yes, please and also you know hood awakening. Maybe i think he went vegan thor actually sun forger, oh speaking, of two six star and two five star nexus. What are the odds of this? Another example of this, and then two six, our nexus resulted in venom pool and professor x alpha male with that six star purgatory from the what of nexus thomas peppers gave us his handle, got doomed from the cav daily card offer how about zinger life omega red As a six star, next to a three star and a four star god, i love that and also uh five star nexus. The mad titan opened up one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight six stars really good data. I wanted it to be a video for the best data, but i guess he said someone in his family opened them accidentally. He got cable coal, new vision, immortal abomination, knew dollar, general batman knew inferior iron. Man knew an electro, i mean thats, still a really good batch, eight overall, maybe not what he had hoped for, but still much better than average retrograde love. How you put your name on this, and i could even see your name on your screen – uh six star. Doom and a six star dragon man from ten nexus crystals and a six star ant man and a five star nexus: crazy heart shaped box, six star, symbiote supreme and uh, also a six star, killmonger and then infinity triple six star.

I cant remember if this is six stars or six star nexus, either way: human torch, sunspot and old, balls, logan and then r3 conf really should have put his name on the paper. But a couple of five stars and a six star doctor strange ranger, same thing with the name: six star, hawkeye, rhino, 82, six star psycho man and a bunch of five stars. And then we had a summer of pain for tear a submission of rewards. That included a domino symbiote supreme and ebony coleslaw for rectus white angel summer of pain, crystal opening got himself a guardian and a dupe of doctor doom amazing also uh. His featured opening got a uh, jabari panther and then max sigged neymar out of it and then vin 15 red mags apocalypse or professor x man. What a choice got ta go with apocalypse or red max. That is a great debate. Sorath 47, six star nexus a bunch of five stars and in that six star nexus, he got his man dragon man mark 85 level, 55. Now, with the six star doctor doom, thanks to yesterday, dragon mister another six star doctor doom sighting in a nexus. I think uh and then hey aegon versus human torch. What a day that guy had my man danger darren got to go to a concert, hes been waiting weeks months for congratulations, my friend and then awakened his six star nebula from a what, if nexus, on top of that when he got home, cappy 49 six star Mordo six star nexus and then in that six star nexus.

Thank god he didnt have to do another dupe of joe cant fix his own tie at least got a door mama who had a deal and then neopotem a five star nexus and then two six stars. A rogue and a diablo and then zico one one, seven. My man got himself a brand spankin new ghost yesterday and lamarra 5h, with a new six star star, lord, and also a six star purgatory doctor doom couple of good five stars for his account and then a new hulk buster as well, and there you have it. Man, so much luck, so much compensation, so much commentaries. Now i need to go. Take a drink of water because my voice is hoarse congrats to everybody. You made it in the video.

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