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So a couple of things one. This will be my initial review. I absolutely still plan on doing my normal review. After 100 for the game, like i do with everything, but given the obviously unique opportunity this presented, i wanted to go ahead and do this, so i could share my experiences with the full game and address some of the questions and things ive gotten as ive been Covering this game, since the beta launched all the way back in february now, i do plan on keeping this as spoiler free as i can so while i will be talking about systems and things and potentially how those systems interact with the story. Obviously, im going to try to avoid the story in its entirety outside of what the marketing would have mentioned so pathfinder wrath of the righteous is a isometric crpg from, of course, alcat games. The combat is real time with pause. Normally, however, there is a turn based mode that will launch with the game, so you can do turn based or real time with pause. Now i do want to mention that this game is separate from king maker, in the sense that outside of its developer and the systems, of course, because they use the same engine and stuff from one game to the next, the games beyond that arent particularly connected this Is because pathfinder publishes what are called adventure paths, which is a series of six books that take a character from level 0 to level 20 and, in this case also give you the option of mythic paths which well get into in a bit.

Basically, these adventure paths, while all taking place in the same universe, of course, are largely separate. Thus king maker and wrath of the righteous dont have much to do with each other outside of some characters and npcs. Returning beyond that, i want to mention that when it comes to their engine and systems and stuff that they used for this game, there are just tons of improvements. The ui is just a straight up: improvement over kingmaker, its a lot better in a lot of ways, mostly in the way it conveys information in a much more clear manner that i think is going to help people out a lot so kudos to them there and A lot of other improvements to just you know, systems being expanded upon like how you can craft uh, scrolls and brew potions and things. While you rest now, camp supplies has been replaced with a corruption mechanic. Things like that, so i do want to mention, while im going to be covering, obviously quite a bit here, that there are a ton of little things that are hard to nail down in any one particular section of this. So i just wanted to mention across the board, there are just tons of little improvements from king maker, for instance, being able to rotate the camera 360 degrees, as opposed to the static view, so lets actually jump into some other stuff here: character creation. They have added several more classes. I believe the total is 25 base classes.

They added more archetypes, which, for the d and d crowd, is more like subclasses, though they do function a bit differently than subclasses. That is the closest comparison i can make its a subtype of a base class. They also have a number of pre generated characters for you to choose from if making a character is a little daunting for you, because i believe it will be just that for newcomers. There are so many options in character creation and, if youre just coming to the game for the first time, thats going to be quite a lot to take in all at once. And if you need some help with that, ive got tons of videos on how each and every one of these classes actually works. How prestige classes work all that stuff, but it is just a lot for new players. However, personally, as someone who plays crpgs all the time, i absolutely love this character creation system, myself, theres, so many choices, some of it does overlap. I can see where someone might say some of this seems kind of redundant because yeah sure some of it probably is beyond that when it comes to starting a new game, we also have the difficulty options. These range from story mode to unfair. I do want to mention that in story mode, you can still like get a game over. Your characters can still die like if your party gets wiped out. Then you still get a game over like theres, no god mode or anything that gets turned on for story mode.

Its just much easier, combat wise, but you can still lose and the other end of the spectrum is of course, unfair difficulty, which is just that. Its quite literally unfair, so enemies will be given tons of bonuses and stuff, and you very much so need to know exactly what youre doing to tackle unfair. Because when i did my review on king maker after 100 percenting it thus requiring an unfair playthrough. It was very difficult it. The unfair, truly lives up to its name. A lot of times combat can come down to whether or not you got the dice rolls you needed to get kind of thing now, in addition to those things before we jump into talking about combat a bit, i want to talk about the mythic paths. Um honestly. I think mythic paths are probably going to be the main selling point of this game because they allow you to turn into something greater than a mortal being, and that comes with tons of power and more character options to build your character with. So when it comes to mythic paths, i will have a separate video, probably up tomorrow, about the launch version of the mythic path system. However, i do have a video up already from the time this video will launch talking about the mythic paths, but just to give a quick explanation. Your character is going to encounter mythic power basically and be imbued with power beyond what a mortal could normally take, and eventually this will allow you to ascend to different mythic paths, which can be things like a demon, an aeon, an angel, a lich, even all of Which come with unique powers and abilities and options through the game? Now, if youre curious about how each of these individual options works again, i have videos for all of the beta stuff that was in the beta already made.

You can check those out. I will actually also, hopefully, tomorrow, have more answers for some of the things that were not in the beta that i cant show you today frankly, but essentially, as the game progresses through use of a milestone system, meaning that once you reach certain points in the game, Your mythic level will grow. It is one through ten at three. You get to choose your initial pick and then there are other options: late game. So some of the mythic paths become available for you later, such as the gold dragon, the swarm that walks or the legend mythic path. Those are late game paths and youll choose an initial one at 3 and its possible for that to change way later in the game, at least into one of the late game paths. You cant, for instance, change from one early game path to another early game path, but again tons of power and options. They really like dove into the class fantasy. So, to speak of a lot of these so for a lich youll be able to actually get a few extra companions by raising them from the dead. You also get an undead skeleton pet that functions the way the rest of the games. Animal companions do demons, get a demonic rage, they get all sorts of various demons, they can turn into and aspects of demons they can activate. There are usually spell books associated with mythic paths, meaning that each mythic path will usually get a set of spells.

Some of these work, in conjunction with the base class that you have spellbook and when you take those mythic paths, sometimes they will combine that spell book and, typically speaking, all of your regular mythic spell books will scale off of your mythic level. Whereas if you combine it with your regular spell book, it works off of whatever your class works off of, but my point being that these mythic paths really really exponentially change. The amount of options and things available to a character to have fun in advance. With and again, theyre, probably the main draw of the game and they greatly impact the story as well as the crusade, because the other half of the big draw of this game is the crusade system. This is replacing kingdom management, but basically, as the marketing will have told us, we are going to be leading the fifth crusade against the demons of the world wound. Now. Overall, i like this, a lot more than the kingdom management system and pathfinder, because i didnt like that system at all. Now that said, the crusade system, it still has its pain points and bugs. I just want to mention that a lot of the bugs i encountered were with the crusade system like, for instance, killing summoned units from a unit that can summon them if i kill the summoned unit first, for whatever reason that would just hard lock a lot of The battles for me and just little stuff like that.

However, a lot of that can be mitigated by turning on auto mode for the crusade, because turning on auto mode takes care of the strategic half, because the crusade is largely split into two halves. The battling portion, where you control armies and fight battles and a heroes of might and magic style manner and then theres the other half, where youre actually managing the crusade. This allows you to build outposts from conquered demon, outposts and customize the buildings, and things like you could in king maker, and this will give your troops and your armies various bonuses, as well as recruitment options. And again, these things are influenced by your mythic path, because you can, potentially, even depending on your mythic path, recruit enemies that would not be normal for an army, so a demon will be able to recruit some demons even and just kind of all various things that Relate back to your mythic path, which adds a decent amount to the replayability of this game, but, as i mentioned, you can turn auto mode on for the strategic half and then itll handle basically everything for you. As far as like the armies and stuff go. So you dont have to be nearly as involved as the kingdom management system, which was incredibly tedious, and on that note, the timers that came with the kingdom management have largely been removed. There are things that are timed in this game, however, for starters, theyre, very clearly telegraphed in your journal.

It will show you red hourglasses next to the quests that have to be completed by the end of that chapter. Theres, no time limit to doing them normally outside of do them before you finish that chapter of the game. Moreover, oftentimes, when you hit like the point of no return, so to speak for a chapter, the game will often very clearly tell you hey. If you progress past this point, quests and things you havent finished will fail, which is much appreciated, because kingmaker was very horrible at not doing that, and it was very easy to mess up a lot of stuff, even though you didnt technically do anything wrong per se. So lets talk, combat a little bit. Combat is again turn based or real time with pause. It is, of course, the pathfinder system. I believe it is based primarily off the first edition that they have taken some things from the second edition of the game, which is out, but primarily first edition. Personally, i like it its a lot of fun, especially with the mythic past stuff, theres, a lot more powers and stuff for you to play around with a lot more classes, adding a lot of variety to the combat. I do want to mention that they added things like mounted combat with this as well. The problem with that is a lot of your fighting takes place in cramped quarters, which means mounted combat can feel a little hard to pull off because of those spaces.

Sometimes you can summon things and enemies will turn into things that are gigantic, and sometimes it feels like you. Dont have enough space for the fights which can be a bit of a problem that occurs mostly late game, its not so bad early game. But i just want to mention that late game that does kind of become a little bit of a problem. But outside of that very cool, very pathfinder, decent amount of enemy, variety and again youre gon na be fighting all sorts of demons and stuff, as you crusade against the demons of the world, wound visually very cool. My only complaint again, as i mentioned, is that things towards the end get incredibly large, which makes actually seeing whats going on and managing your characters a little more difficult than i feel like. It should be because all these large creatures on the screen make it hard to see your characters which, depending on the situation, are going to be smaller than typically speaking, the enemies youre fighting. So that can be a bit of a pain point, but otherwise very fun. Now lets talk companions, so companions are one thing. I rarely agree with my audience on. However, im not going to talk too much about the individual companions themselves. Ill have a video up tomorrow about that actually kind of giving an update on companions since the last time. I made a companions video for the game, which has been quite a while because they fixed a lot of the little things.

For instance, arushalay, who is actually a succubus companion you can get was labeled as a t fling they fixed that. So it actually shows that shes a succubus in the menu, for instance, now and just little things like that, have been corrected as what im talking about, which is nice to see. Now the companions themselves not going to get into their personality and stuff. But i did want to say this: their quests are really cool. They did a lot of cool stuff with the companion quest that i wasnt expecting and some of them take some pretty dark and unexpected turns. And again, i just had a lot of fun with the companion quests and as someone who reviews games im gon na i want to mention this companions are one thing that i find particularly tricky to talk about, because a lot of what comes down to whether or Not you like the companions and whether or not theyre interesting, is ultimately just that personal taste right now as a reviewer. My goal is generally this: when it comes to companions, regardless of whether or not i like that person individually, do they have some amount of character development and do they have an interesting quest? Those are the things that i look at, because if i personally dont like a companion that doesnt necessarily mean that its a bad character and someone out there probably will like that companion. So when i convey these things, what i like to talk about is whether or not that person again had any character development, like you, see their character, arc change or you know be influenced by you in some way.

Even and do they have interesting and unique quests, and i can check all of that off for basically every single one of these companions, a lot of them had things i did not expect going on at all. Things took twists that i didnt expect at all and a lot of them have that character, development and i would say a couple of them remain basically the same person as when i met them, but overall they definitely change and grow with you and they do react To the things you do in terms of like your mythic path, so you know, as you might imagine, the lawful good paladin sila is not a big fan of you. Turning into a demon and then using a demon army to fight the world wound, you know they still stick to their principles and a lot of them can leave you. They do interact with each other around the campfire and stuff. So its just a lot of fun. I, like the companions, is my point so to wrap this up. I want to talk about some highlights and some negatives and then just kind of a recommendation in general. So the highlights of this game for me are this: the mystic paths are super cool. They included some surprises some stuff. I dont want to talk about here for the sake of spoilers actually, and i will make like separate videos and things for those later anyway, but the mythic paths are just really cool and again theres.

Some surprises later, i wasnt expecting that i think really add a lot to the experience. They did a really good job with the mythic pass system. I also wanted to mention that they made use of the new tech that they were using very much so, for instance, theres just one part of the game where you have to rotate the camera and look a certain way for the map to then move. And then you can carry on forward so like they use their new 360 camera to their advantage, because again, in some places in the game, turning your camera, a certain way will cause literally the entire map to shift which then creates a way forward for you, which I thought was a really cool mechanic and its only really used in like one chapter of the game, so they didnt overdo it. The game itself is just very ambitious and it mostly succeeds on that. There are again a few pain points, some of the crusade, doesnt work as well as i would like it to, and i did run into a few bugs that made certain quests uncompletable, though nothing game breaking again, considering how very ambitious this title is and how all Of these mythic paths and the crusade system combine to give each person who plays this a fairly unique experience. I imagine its just really cool to see because of that, its really cool, seeing the outcome of all of your choices and stuff at the end of the game and kind of how that stuff takes effect.

I had a lot of fun just watching how i chose to play the game and address situations i hadnt seen in the beta, then all culminate in the finale so to speak again, just very well done very cool and lastly, in the highlights section mounted, combat is Really cool mechanically, i just wish they had given you more open space to use it better because, again, a lot of the places youre fighting in are actually fairly cramped. Theres only a few maps in the game that are like open enough to really enjoy the mounted combat again, while its a really cool addition to the game, its just hard to get into it, because all the spaces are so cramped its hard to use like the Charges and stuff that would make it more fun now lets talk negatives before he wraps this bad boy up, so for starters, uh bugs i didnt run into anything game breaking personally, however, i did run into some serious bugs. As i mentioned, i ran into some bugs that prevented me from completing quests, which means i had to just take the outcome of that, as is so, it is unfortunate that bugs like that exist now. That said, compared to the launch of king maker and how all of the weaving arcs of this game combined im, not terribly surprised about these bugs its just disappointing, to see some of them completely completely block off a quest from being completed again.

Nothing that stopped me from completing the game, but some of my options were basically forced because i couldnt go do certain quests because of a bug, so that could be pretty annoying. Another negative is the the demon fights get a little old? A lot of the monsters. Get repetitive at the end of the game, like every monster that youre fighting a lot of these demons, get like just comically big to the point where its, like you cant, even see your characters on the battlefield to give them directions. It made me laugh, but its obviously a negative, because its gon na make handling combat difficult because, again, all of these demons, they become the size of several houses and its like. How like i cant, even see my guys its just. It gets kind of ridiculous. So mostly a late game problem, like probably three fourths of the way through the game that starts to happen, and it can be an issue for sure the other negative uh. The crusade system bugs are again annoying just like the regular games so having to constantly reload the fights for the crusade system, because my characters cant in their turn because of the bug that can be annoying again. Nothing game breaking just annoying, but with all of that stuff out of the way lets draw a conclusion for this game. So for starters, 50 game. This is not a full price game, its 50 bucks. So right there already get some praise.

That said, i would have gladly paid 60 dollars for this. It is well worth it. There is a lot to love here. There are definitely some faults, but just by and large, this is just a flat improvement from king maker. I enjoy this game much more on a mechanical level on a ui level, they made so many improvements from kingmaker that thats hard to ignore. So the occasional frustrating bug aside. This is well worth the money, especially 50 bucks couldnt recommend the game more. I hope you guys enjoy it and have a ton of fun with it, so with all that, out of the way, guys truly, i hope you enjoyed the video. If you did, please remember to like comment subscribe all that youtube jazz, but regardless of any of that truly thank you. So much for watching you guys watching is what allows me to make videos like this and get games ahead of time to review them for you.

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