Redmi, India, MIUI Notebook Ultra (2021): Value for Money?

com and last year we made a video on the first me notebook that xiaomi launched in india. The me notebook horizon edition, and while it was fine, it lacked a lot of features. There was no usbc charging. No fingerprint scanner, no backlit keyboard, no webcam. Now xiaomi has launched its new me notebooks in india, and this right here is the me notebook ultra, and i know a lot of you guys are hyped up to know whats new, with these laptops. How does it compare to the real me book? Does it bring all the features that the me notebook or ryzen edition lagged well im going to answer all of those questions so lets get started. Okay, so the first thing to notice with the me notebook ultra is the xiaomi logo on the lid. There has been news that xiaomi is doing away with the me branding and you can see it here honestly. I like that xiaomi is at least put a logo here, because the me notebook horizon edition had no logo and it just looked kind of too bland without any text or logo on the lid anyway, thats just me now you probably know the inspiration behind the me Notebook ultras design right, i mean its clearly going for the macbook look and vibe with the series 6 aluminium alloy polished, unibody design. I mean heres the laptop next to the macbook pro. To give you a better idea now, theres, obviously no comparison with the macbook pro, because the me notebook is almost half the price.

But id say this. The me notebook ultra is a laptop that looks and feels premium its also pretty solidly built. I did not notice any weird flex whatsoever. The hinge is also pretty robust, so no issues on the build quality as for the portability, its very sleek at just 17 millimeters thickness, but the ultra is a 15 inch laptop, and that means its kind of big. I mean it does not weigh a lot its around 1.7 kgs, which is fine, but the footprint of the laptop is larger, see im someone who is used to more 13 inch 14 inch laptops. So i would have preferred the me notebook pro, because that looks the same. Has similar specs, but its smaller, with the smaller 14 inch display and is also lighter anyway. Probably the biggest highlight of the me notebook ultra is this display. We are talking about a 15.6 inch ips display with a qhd plus resolution, which is very rare in this price range. It has 16 to 10 aspect ratio, something that people like theres, also 100 srgb coverage dc. Dimming support blue light protection filters built into the hardware and 90 hertz refresh rate. Now these specs are pretty good well. This is the reason why i was so interested in this laptop, but specs apart. How is the display in the real world? Well, ive been testing out this laptop for a couple of days and so far the display looks absolutely beautiful.

Its probably one of the best displays in this price segment. First of all, it looks color accurate and its very sharp. Thanks to the high resolution, the contrast ratio is good too. At 1500 is to one and its also bright enough. Now the max brightness of the display is 300 nits, and the display does not have a glossy finish. Its actually matte anti glare, which means outdoor visibility, is pretty good now. Another big feature in the display is the 90 hertz refresh rate, so you can switch between the 60 hertz and 90 hertz refresh rate by using the function plus s combo, but ive been using the laptop with the screen set to 90 hertz, because everything looks a Tad bit smoother, my use case is mostly chrome and web pages and theres a lot of scrolling. So i like this refreshing, plus the 90 hertz refresh. It also means that the screen is a little more responsive, which is also a little handy in some casual case. Now the display is pretty good, but thats, not the only upgrade from last year below the display. The keyboard is better its finally, a backlit keyboard with two levels of white light, plus the typing experience is quite nice. The keys here are clicky. They have enough key travel at 1.5 millimeter and the layout has full size, arrow keys, which is a big way, theres, also a macro key that you can just use for anything.

You want just press the key and you get this window where you can set things up. The touch pad is better too its a big windows. Precision touch pad. So all the gestures work well and its nice to use, but i dont, like the clicky sound. It has down at the bottom, it just sounds a little cheap dont. You think theres also a fingerprint scanner knob, which was missing last time, its built into the power button. I mean heres the fingerprint scanner in action and yeah. It works fairly well. The webcam is here to another feature that was missing with the last years me notebook its your usual 720p webcam, nothing too special but hey at least its there when it comes to pause, theres, a usb, a port along with the headphone mic combo on the right On the left, you get a usbc port that supports pd charging, an hdmi port, a usb, a port and a thunderbolt 4 usb c port that also supports charging. Now. One thing i personally miss is an sd card slot, but yeah thats, fine. I guess, as for the speakers, there are two two watt speakers here that are bottom firing and just listen to this Music. Now speakers here arent anything extraordinary, but they are decently loud, which a lot of laptop speakers arent so its fine. Now, moving on from the design, the specs of the laptop are pretty interesting too. Now the me notebook ultra comes in both the core i5, as well as a core i7 variant.

The variant we have has the 11 gen core i7 tiger league chipset with four cores. Eight threads, a max clock, speed of 4.8 ghz with turbo boost, tdp of 25 watts and its based on the 10 nanometer process. As for the gpu, it has the integrated iris xc gpu. When it comes to storage and ram. Our variant has 16 gb, 32 megahertz ddr4 ram and 512 gb nvme storage. Also, if youre wondering the ram is soldered here, so cant be upgraded, but the storage can be upgraded anyway. If you look at the specs of the me notebook ultra its pretty clear that the laptop has good computing power, especially for the price, its looked at, i mean the 11370 chipset is powerful and even though i havent run any benchmarks, the processor is good enough. For my workflow, which is a lot of browsing a lot of tabs a little bit of photo editing, you get the idea. The laptop is also pretty quick to start up from shutdown taking about six seven seconds. The app launching is pretty quick and it can play 4k videos without any issues. Now, when it comes to casual games, we all know that the ios xt is a capable internal gpu, unlike older gen intel gpus, and it does handle casual games pretty well, i played cs, go at 1080p resolution, high graphics settings and the screen set to 90 hertz And i was getting pretty good frame rates at around 60 70.

. Now let me make this clear that the me notebook ultra is not a gaming laptop, its actually a proper notebook, but yeah you can do some very casual gaming on it. As for the thermals, the laptop has a six millimeter heat pipe at the bottom, with a large fan which isnt very noisy. Now i havent really used this laptop enough to make a judgment on the thermals and i have slide down, especially because the grilles look kind of small, but so far i havent noticed any overheating issues or anything. Weird. Also one thing to note: you can switch between the quiet and balanced fan modes by pressing function plus k. Apart from that, the laptop comes with windows, 10, home and office, pre installed and theres no bloatware or anything which is really good. Now there is one xiaomi feature which is actually useful. Theres me share support, so you can send and receive files from compatible smartphones. I tried it and it works fairly. Well, on the battery front, the me notebook ultra has a 70 watt battery with a 65 watt usbc charger in the box. Now the battery here is rated to last 12 hours, but i think 6 to 8 hours is a more practical number. As for the charger, its a fast charger – and it takes the laptop from 0 to 50 in around 45 minutes coming to the pricing now, the me notebook ultra starts at rupees 60k for the core i5 8gb variant, the core i5 16gb variant cost 64k, and this The core i7 16gb variant costs 77k.

So the big question is: is the me notebook ultra good value for money? See in my brief usage? It does seem like a good value for money. Laptop see. The qhd 90hz display is just fantastic. The specs of the laptop are pretty good. The battery is fairly big and i like that it brings things like the webcam fingerprint scanner, backlit keyboard, usbc charging, the things that were missing in last years b, notebook and all of that in a macbook inspired but premium design. However, do note that theres also the real me book slim, which has a brighter screen at 400 nits faster ram and its core i5 8gb variant, also costs 60k plus i want to check which of these laptops have better thermal performance, so yeah. Overall, the me notebook ultra looks value for money, but i will be comparing it to the real me book slim to find out the best value for money laptop at 60k, so stay tuned for that anyway. Drop down your thoughts in the comment section below on the menu book ultra, as well as the me notebook pro make sure to comment below also like this video share. It subscribe to our channel for more amazing tech videos. Thats me signing off thanks for watching.

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