Redmi, India, MIUI Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 Pro is KILLER – Unboxing & Hands On

We are greeted by the mi pad 5 pro removing that protective plastic. We then have a cardboard box which contains a usb type c to headphone jack adapter alongside a quick start guide, thats pretty much it no usb cable in the box, no charger. The charger is being packaged separately tho, so in china, at least, xiaomi is including this 67w charger. The fact that they are packaging – it separately means they might just sell it without the charger in some markets, or maybe they are just getting us used to it like they did with the phones the first time around. What is available separately tho. Is this smart case for the mi pad 5 lineup its pretty much what weve seen with apple? But here the back is also covered. It attaches magnetically and lets you prop it up or down theyve, not reinvented the wheel, but for the asking price of 99 yuan. It seems nice and, of course the stylus and keyboard are optionalt too … priced at 349 and ‘9 yuan respectively. Now, if you wan na pick up the mi pad 5 5 pro 5 pro 5g or any of the accessories xiaomi sells, is a good place to get them from 28mobiles our video sponsor, and they are your best option to import any phone or tablet that Might not be available in your market, so Ill leave a link to 28mobile in the description below. Please check that out if you havent yet Ok returning back to the mi pad 5 pro? U got ta love the build its pretty much an apple ipad.

Pro weve got a similar 11 inch display here, similar pixel density, similar height. Width, marginally, higher thickness, its also a little heavier since its got a higher capacity 8600mah battery here. But if you are someone who likes the iPad pro but wants an android variant, this one delivers The build quality seems very good. Weve got aluminum to the sides and back. A beautiful, beautiful high resolution display up front just like the iPad theres optional. Stylus support. Ok lets do a quick round up of the placements. We have a proprietary connector to the left, which lets you connect that optional keyboard. Next We have the volume keys, a couple of microphones and the magnetic holder for the stylus add on to the right. The power key another mic and a couple of speakers are present up top with harmon kardon branding. There are 2 more speakers to the bottom, along with the primary microphone and the usb type c port. Now. The first thing I tested out was if the speakers were a gimmick, cuz tablets usually end up being media consumption devices, making the speakers all the more important that on say a smartphone and xiaomi has delivered here. The sound output was rich and loud. This is something samsung does amazingly well on their tablets, glad to see xiaomi not cut a corner here. One area where xiaomi doesnt ape samsung is with the display, like the iPad pro s, we have an LCD panel here.

Id have loved to see amoled on this, but sadly thats not the case hell even samsung cut out amoled for their tab s7. That makes me really wan na buy a lenovo pad pro 11, but hey thats, a story for another day. For now. That said, this happens to be one of the best non amoled panels. Ive, come across excellent, viewing angles bright with support for hdr, 10 and dolby vision, its sharp given the 2.5k resolution, meaning this one hits 275 pixels per inch, so the pixel density is marginally more than even on the iPad pro similar to the iPad pro. We get a 120 hz refresh rate, of course, gamings gon na be amazing. Here, given we have a snapdragon 870 on the inside, which is currently the highest spec, you can find on a tablet.. At least until the galaxy tab. S8 series comes out. We get either 6 or 8 gigs of DDR 5 RAM to go along with 128 or 256 gigs of ufs 3.1 storage, which is all the moore important. Due to the lack of memory expansion With the games, I tried running the performance felt smooth and, yes, I do suck that much at pubg jokes apart, the mi pad 5 pro just felt like a hell of a performer. We get game mode support as weve seen on xiaomi phones. This is basically miui 12.5 built on top of android 11 generally. Software has been the undoing of android tablets.

High quality tablet, apps are lacking and theres not really much xiaomi can do about that. But for what its worth the performance, the user experience, felt really smooth and fluid. Given the power underneath, I am not happy with just android gaming. I really wan na try emulation on this gamecube playstation 2. It should do well will have more to say in my full review Now returning back to that placement for a quick second, This power key has a fingerprint scanner built into it seems pretty responsive and the selfie camera also supports facial recognition, which, as weve seen with Other mIUI devices is rapid fast, This heres, an 8mp, selfie camera and the performance seems satisfactory. I mean for a tablet… Your main uses here are gon na, be the quick skype or zoom call, and for that this camera should do To the back. We have a dual camera setup, a primary 13mp f2, along with a 5mp depth sensor, making up the numbers. The primary sensor seems to be decent., Nothing too impressive, not that youd expect a super impressive camera on a tablet. But if you are enthusiastic about cameras on tablets, xiaomi does offer a 50mp shooter on the 5g variant thats supposed to be a lot better.. The camera software is pretty much basic miui, nothing to write home about so thats. The xiaomi mi pad 5 pro Im gon na continue spending more time with it and will have a lot more to say in my full review in the meantime.

Do you have any questions for me Anything in particular that youd like for me to answer. Let me know in the comments below and also when you are down there, do hit thumbs up or thumbs down. Based on what you felt about this video. Oh wait. I missed something the most important part. Actually, the pricing thats the main reason I am so hyped for these tablets – The 6128 mi pad 5 pro is priced at 2499 rmb and a few hundred more will get you double the storage for that price. The mi pad 5 pro seems to be killer its amongst the best value products weve come across in recent times. Xiaomi seems have have made an amazing comeback to tablets after a long time, so that it now for real this time.

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