Search engine, Google Search Console, Search engine optimization Onpage Optimization Tutorial For Beginners | How To Link Your Webmaster To Your Google Analytics

So in this tutorial im going to teach you how you can link your google search console into your google analytics now why this is important. Google search console is a tool for you to see how your website i mean. The quality of your website is your pages. Um getting index and google and, like you can see in here like what are the keywords that are ranking in into the search result. How how people see your website in what specific, um keyword and also you can see um like who are the people that are or who are the sites? What are the sites that are linking to you if they are a bad um sites? That can you know kind of downgrade your reputation and then you can always request for a removal. Now i want that to be um robust and put everything in my google analytics account. So on my previous video, i already teach you how you can update or link to your google analytic your google adsense into your google analytics now in this tutorial. I want you to. We will going to link to our google search console or our google webmaster into our google analytics. Okay. So to do that, you need to log into your google analytics account, and then you go into the admin section all right, and then you um simply go in in here. Okay, make sure you select the right account first in here and then go to the property and then click the all products: okay in the old products, scroll down and click.

This one search console: okay, so simply click this link, search, console and then you click. This one add and then you will be um you you need to choose like what is the site? You want to link to your google analytics account and by the way, um its still the same with the google adsense. If your account is not associated with this analytics account, you need to um. Add it as a um like an admin, stuff and ill teach. You later how you can do that, so i already connected it so im gon na choose this one and then click the continue and then click the this one. So you just need to confirm that um, this anal ethics is associated on on this um, google webmaster. So click asset sheet, then done so youre ready good at that, so they already linked. So if i click that done over there and lets try to refresh our page okay, so they are already linked, okay, theyre already linked to each other and then okay and, as i said you will see in here since they already linked to each other. You can see what are the top pages and like um keywords that you need to prioritize to kind of optimize your website and if your google webmaster is not connected or they are using different email address, simply click in here in the settings section and then click The there is an options in here under users and permission, and then you need to add a certain user.

So, for example, this google analytics is associated with different email address. You need to put it in here yeah. You need to put your email address. Your other email address account and since both of my i mean both of my google, webmaster and adele ethics are using same email address. So no need for me to do that so thats, basically how it works guys and always do not procrastinate this.

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