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No scarcity or anything like that youll want to watch the video, because i will show you exactly why you dont have to worry and how i recommend writing the content, so you dont, it wont, have to worry you and ill show you what it will actually mean For your site, so before we get into the video subscribe, if you like this stuff, if youre interested in seo, if youre interested in specifically building niche sites, amazon, clickbank sites and ranking them via seo to that effect, do check out the link in the description ill. Put a link, it goes to this very simple, looking page, but it will give you a great head start ill, give you three high paying niches, five of them and ill show you the keywords to use, and you also get a free, 30 day, amazon site building Course so you get the course for free and that will show you exactly how to build them, how to build the sites and how to make money with them. So, if youre interested in that do check out the link its in the description, okay, so lets get on. With this update with this google update, as you know, theres many many google updates theres been huge ones over the years, normally a different type of animal like panda penguin. So, on, okay, heres, the thing i will say before we get into the the most recent update that some people are freaking out about.

If you are following googles rules and if you understand that the main purpose of google in terms of just the search engine part – so i know theyve got youtube here and lots of different things going on, but just in terms of the search engines, nothings really changed. Despite the updates, nothings really changed in the way that their intention has always been the same. So theres been lots of updates lots of technical changes, but if you build a site that is informative, easy to read, good content, easy to navigate and it gives people what they are searching for. You will rank okay and that hasnt changed so thats. The the reason i wanted to cover that first is because having having worked with seo since 2002 2003 and even before that working in an office selling seo to companies. So before that, going back to the windows 98 days, the intention of the actual search engine has not changed when you type in a query. They want to give you the most informative results to to get you to use them again and theyre very, very good at it now. So the main thing to remember in all of this is theres, no quick fixes that will get you suddenly ranked or anything like that. If you focus on providing really good quality content, it and – and it makes sense that it shows for that keyword whatever youre targeting it doesnt – really matter too much about getting everything perfect, okay, just to say, but lets cover the main problem rather than keeping you waiting.

The main new thing people are saying that theyre rewriting title tags now ill just go over to search engine journal here and all it is. Is google started replacing the title tags in the search engine result pages with other relevant text from a web page and to make a long article short? They theyre still up in the air how theyre actually doing this, but some people think it goes straight from the h1 tags. Ht tags. H3. Your headings on your page other people think it can come from anchor text. So if youve got like anchor text links in your page, sometimes that can be the replacing with the title tag heres the thing and why not to worry so if youre sort of there going? Oh, my god, ive worked so hard on my title tags. Let me just show you in each site here just for an example: okay, so youve got the niche site here, um. The reason that you really dont have to worry too much is because, in terms of the title tag which, in this particular article is the same as the title for the page lets say they replaced that okay, so lets say they took this and and – and this Was ranking and they replaced this, which is also the title tag with this: it wouldnt matter too much or if they replaced it with this. I know they wouldnt because its too long, but you they could with this features.

Okay, the main thing to remember here is and what i suggest that you do when i wont make this into an article writing sort of lesson, but just to explain when youve got your title and and your relevant title tag as long as your content has header. One tags header, two tags, header free as long as its got headings that make sense and the content makes sense if they were to use any of these as the title tag, it wouldnt affect this article and the ranking too much because it all makes sense. Okay. What i mean to say is this lets say you have an article on the flip side on the other side of this and youre really trying to optimize the title, but the content isnt really any good. Okay, it wouldnt matter what the title tag is. Google wouldnt rank it so youre not going to get by anyway, with just a title tag and a meta description being perfect and the content not being up to par. So just remember this guideline. This is what im actually doing on my sites. Make sure that you split your content up well into relevant headings, which is what we do anyway, if youre following good seo practices, make sure you split it up, so you have different sections make sure that its easy to navigate. I mean i know on this article theres plenty of improvements i could put in there, but make sure that the contents good make sure that its easy to navigate a little tip for you if youre, if youre using wordpress a little tip for you, is to use A content plugin they are very good and especially now, because what you can do, then is it will automatically put a content.

I havent got one on this site, but it will put a contents at the top and it will use your headings for the anchor text. Links to link through to that page, so this would be like part five or you know like it, have a list like with your titles and you just click on them and it would scroll down to the relevant section of the article. It especially works. Well, if youve got longer articles as well, but main thing i wanted to impart to you – is that if you split your content up well, first and foremost, good content, that gives them what they want around the keyword that you want to rank for anyway. So lets say you want to rank for um nike nike air trainers, okay, just to give an example, if your content wasnt up to par with what someone typed in like buy nike air trainers or new niko trainers, if you didnt, have any content around those terms And and genuinely helping and what people want around those terms and youre getting a really bad bounce rate and people werent viewing the site it wouldnt matter. If they changed your title tag, because youre not holding traffic so or, and it wouldnt rank you anyway. So just remember: you want to focus on the content first and foremost, and then split your content up well with header one header, two header, three, you like your subheadings and then obviously optimize the title and the meta description anyway, but you dont have to worry because In my opinion, we see, but with all of these things, i dont think it will affect things too much as long as your content is good, its actually a really good thing, because it means that what ranks you isnt, having a keyword, perfect article, what ranks you Is having an article that answers the query that they typed in better than anyone else thats what ranks you so give that a go? Let me know your thoughts below.

Let me know if youve had any changes with your sites that you you, you know that you got out there, it doesnt have to be niche, sites can be any site um and i will keep you posted ive got a good few case studies coming showing you This anyway and um yeah nothing to worry about here, and i suggest that you dont worry just make sure that your contents up to par and if you do that, youll pretty much find that most updates. Unless youve got a speed, um problem, you know a site site, speed problem, its not loading fast enough or its, not optimized, for cell phones mobile unless youve got something like that in terms of in terms of the content, youll be absolutely fine, so give that a Go and also get your niches, get your niches below and get a free 30 day amazon site building course.

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