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Now i go back and forth on the sonic franchise in general. I think that some of the games are extremely good and some of them just downright suck but sonic colors, has always been very much a fan favorite because its essentially one of the greatest of the 3d sonics. There has been a couple 3d sonics that i feel like have definitely risen above the rest like sonic adventure and stuff, but this one i truly feel like this might be the very best of all the 3d sonic games and in large part, because it just combines A bunch of different fun themes to make a video game that just celebrates the craziness and chaoticness of the sonic universe. Now lets start things off by talking about what specifically is new in sonic colors ultimate. To be perfectly honest, not much. This is pretty much just classic sonic colors ultimates, coming back, but now with 4k visuals, if youre playing this on a playstation, 4, playstation, 5 or xbox, or at a decent frame rates and visual experience, if youre playing it on things like a nintendo switch, the only Things that are really added is a couple tiny tweaks, some updates to the controls and, honestly, just the fact that it runs a lot better. This was originally released on the nintendo wii and, while i did played on that, there was a ton of details. I completely missed, i beat sonic colors back in the day and to be quite clear, theres a bunch of stuff.

I never noticed tiny background details, foreground stuff and a lot of audio mixing that straight up was so terrible. Back in the day, you couldnt fully appreciate what sonic colors actually was, but now we can the only thing thats really new is some cosmetic stuff here and there like extra unlockable costumes. You can actually make yourself look like the movie version of sonic can have these special colors that were done specifically in the film which, since i loved that movie a bunch, i decided to make myself look like movie sonic. There is this new thing, also called the rush rival mode, which essentially allows you to race against super metal sonic through different courses in different ways. Now all this stuff, basically, is just window dressing. The real points that i realized that people are going to be buying. This, for is just to play sonic colors again, and even for that it is totally worth it now. The major thing thats personally ive always loved the most about sonic colors, is the crazy setting of it in this dr robotnik, or i guess i should say dr eggman has decided to build a huge outer space theme park. Yes, i am completely serious now. The idea behind this is that hes trying to capture a bunch of different aliens and harness their powers to take over the world well sonic goes up there and decides to completely whip his butts, like always, but what ive always enjoyed is that sonic really kind of Has fun with the chaos in this game like, even though you are trying to defeat dr eggman and save all these aliens youre still riding roller coasters youre still swimming around in, like gigantic aqua exhibits, and to me this is so great, is that sonic is having Just as much fun in this game as you are playing it and hes very clear about saying that hes constantly making funny quips doing little off handed one liners.

It has that vibe of a very silly like laid back 90s experience, which really is when sonic shines. The brightest whats always worth the best about colors, and i think part of the reason that people really kind of look back on it. So fondly is the fact that it has this interesting world breakdown system where, after you clear the first couple stages, it really kind of opens up. Unless you choose which world you want to go like an area that has huge monsters and booster ramps everywhere, youre having to use this ability to turn yourself into a brick to break through parts of the environment or theres. This one thats like a desert level, and you have to do this – drilling ability to just go through certain sections of the stage to either get collectibles or sometimes just survive. Every time i like this, its the fact that, when youre going into these stages, you can put to a couple of this and leave that world and try something else. It has such a pick, your way to play style to it. That is extremely fun. Now, sonic colors itself is relatively short, its probably only like five or six hours long for an initial playthrough. But after that really this is when the game starts. To really open up. There is a ton of hidden stuff in every single stage, from secret coins to hidden collectibles to just stuff thats going to let you find these things called like theme park coins.

These are hidden in every stage and if you find them, you can unlock additional cosmetics. Switching out different pieces of the outfit to give sonic gold gloves or different colored shoes. Now, personally, i like classic sonic, so i kept this stuff relatively normal other than the like movie cosmetics. I unlocked, but even still, it definitely makes it this fun style of replayability, where you do go through these stages again and again. I also personally like the fact that this does have the sonic ranking system, where every time you beat a stage, you get a score like a b c or d. That tells you how good you did and its a combination of factors from just your raw speed. How fast you beat it, how many monsters you killed and how many collectibles you were able to obtain its nice to sometimes finish a stage in like 59 seconds, get that a score rating and feel like an absolute blue blur champion now the clearest part of this Game that feels different from other sonic games is definitely the wisp system. So in this the aliens they want to be saved, theyre these, like adorable little gooey creatures, and they want to try and use their special outer space abilities to help sonic out, which essentially makes it where you can pick them up as power ups and use their Abilities to do stuff like fly around the map go extra fast, theres, an extra boost power, thats unlocked by them, or sometimes some really weird stuff, like transforming yourself into a freaking rocket and flying off the stage itself and skydiving back down to it.

This wisp system has always felt incredibly unique and it functions incredibly well. Ive, always liked the fact that it makes where every stage feels different. But i also like the fact that you sort of play each of the zones in a unique fashion now towards the later stages. They start to mix and match. They start to put four or five different kinds of wisp in every single level. But i even like that it feels like theres, this fun, really quirky learning curve of figuring out how to solve these puzzles and find these collectibles on top of what are essentially some very strange magic abilities now. The last thing i really want to complement here is just definitely these upgraded visuals, the graphics. This is just a really really clean new look theres, just a staggering level of detail, sometimes to the background environments or little tiny, clues or sometimes just some stuff thats. A lot more apparent now that we have this much more crisp version of it. Its like something else is, along with the very very good graphics. It seems like theyve remixed, the audio design to be a lot lot better balanced, like one of the things is that sometimes theres these big audio speakers that have a command doing these funny announcements. Talking about like upcoming events at the park, or sometimes just saying silly stuff, like hello, welcome to aqualand here, where we take the oceans incredible majesty and turn it into a cheap theme park attraction or at one point theres, one level where, as youre cruising through theres, These speakers, all over the place and youre going so fast, you cant, actually listen to them youre pretty much out running the speed of sound.

But if you stop and purposefully listen to the jokes, youll hear dr eggman saying whoevers parked their car outside its in an illegal parking space. Please move it its just a little teeny, tiny joke that you could completely miss and in the original version i definitely did. But now in ultimates, these details definitely have a chance to finally shine and be appreciated for how clever they actually are. This is an incredibly good new version of the game that i highly highly recommend. The only real downside i encountered during the course of beating this game is the fact that at times, certain stages still have a little bit of clunkiness to it. Id say that 93 of the stages are still incredibly fun. They feel really good to just speed through as quickly as possible, but sometimes these stages id really still dont like the times where they make you stop and solve a puzzle. Or now you have to wait on all these platforms occasionally because this does have these special abilities in a double jump and the dash and everything like that. Occasionally it does feel like its trying to get you to do something very, very specifically, and if you cant figure out what hints theyre trying to give you, it really does drag the gameplay to a standstill. Now. This is only like seven percent of stages that are a little bit clunky, but overall, everything about this game is so freaking good.

If you are a sonic fan, definitely pick this thing up. I dont want to give it a score, because i feel like its difficult to really try and rate a remaster like this thats, just based on such an old school game, but if i did have to give it a number, i would easily give this a 9 Out of 10. thanks so much for watching gamers. If you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up share with your friends and subscribe if you havent already, but do me the biggest favor of all and keep dreaming thanks so much for watching that video. If you want to see something else, you can always click this link to see what i put up last or you know, subscribe and see whats coming up next.

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