Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Colors, Wii, Nintendo Ultimate Nintendo Switch Review | A Good 3D Sonic Game!?

Is it still worth a look this many years later, and should you be adding it to your library? Well, first off a shout out to sega for the review copy today and with that hit subscribe. If you love the switch as much as we all do here, join our growing family and lets get started Music. Its a story on the idea here, dr eggman, has built a huge interstellar amusement park. Think every attraction you could ever wish for eggman, though, is saying this is no evil plan, rather his way of apologizing for past wrongdoings. But of course, that is a lie with that, though sonic and tales are out to save the day and save an alien species called wisps. Eggman has been taking them hostage to power the park and also a few other things that i wont go into for spoilers. Typical sonic stuff, though lighthearted, it is actually quite self aware at points and yeah its good stuff with the park setting allowing for some serious creativity, Music, so gameplay and sonic colors ultimate is a unique one, as characters go sonic in 3d has always been. You know hit and miss, but this one it was always one of the better attempts. Now my personal favorite attempt that was sonic adventures on the dreamcast, but while that was a slower pace with a whole lot of think exploration, this aims to do what sonic does best, that is to just well go really really fast, theres, no overly complicated input, so Rather, for the most part, its gon na fall back on like free gameplay styles, thats 3d, free control, auto, run out almost moments and also 2d youll, then be tackling levels or acts, as is traditional with sonic over different sectors, with the occasional bus moment thrown in Intense is a word i would rarely use alongside a sonic game, but this its that rare occasion and thats where it succeeds.

The mostly sheer panic and just all our action of the speed you are traveling at it is captured near perfectly and thats. What makes this game just so fun the controls, then, for the most in the 3d viewpoint, a solid it helps you out it kind of like gives you minor, assists and thats perfect, because youre able to then focus on whats ahead and a lot of this game Relies on kind of think quick reactions to upcoming danger. It just gets the adrenaline going, that is for sure the majority of these levels. Then they are 3d to begin with, but they also constantly shift to a 2d viewpoint. It works as a nice nudge to where sonic came from, but i will warn you here the controls in 2d. They do feel a little floaty if and i think it would have been best to have kept the styles separate honestly just to allow them to have their own dedicated control scheme controls wise. They think run speed, boost, jump and attack enemies. Thanks to what is a lock on system, you can also switch lanes and in the auto runner moments, and then the wisps thats for sure the most unique element of this entry, the wisps they give sonic powers. They allow him to transform a few early examples. You can become a bolt of electricity, theres, a drill for underground moments. A rocket ship is going to fire you into the sky or you can gain the ability to fly.

I like this for a few reasons, but in game theres actually going to be nine to one cover. One of them is a new addition, alongside the ultimate in the name, but it adds strategy to this entry. You know how can i use this wisp to improve on my runs? What corners can i potentially cut? This is where sonic colors just excels, replayability the core game, if you played it straight through four to five hours, but it gives you grades every one. You know an abc kind of scale yeah and its also giving you a high score. I promise you both of these systems, thats, going to keep you coming back, trying to improve, then the wisps. They are slowly introduced through the story, but once youve unlocked them, they can actually be retroactively used, meaning that first level you faced off against. It may now feel very different, its a very cool addition that leads to some very cool gameplay moments, and it works surprisingly. Well, which i did not expect issues then outside of that floaty 2d control moments, the explanation of the wisps. I found them a little lacking honestly, its text on screen, but with their design. For me, it was more of a learn by doing kind of moments. Then bus moments kind of 50, 50, their half are good, the other half i wouldnt say bad, but they definitely slow down the pace of the game. Just a little bit too much.

You know theyre placed at the end of each act, but i think for me, just moved me on to the next level. I dont really need a moment like it outside of that, though, the new wisp, you gamepl, expect extra collectibles some cosmetics, and you can also expect a new mode that is facing off against metal sonic, its basically races, but it definitely feels right at home in this Package so graphically its okay, its showing its way age, that is for sure and as remasters go. It feels more like a simple resolution bump over anything else. That said, though, fortunately, this was never a bad looking game and with the pace of the action it does. A good job of never getting too confusing. It would have been easy here with the wrong design to lose sight of sonics placement in the world. The same can be especially said then, for cutscenes theyve got a particularly soft focus. I think a big question for many of them will be the games frame rate and i was hoping this would be 60, but what we actually get is a mostly solid 30 frames per second, with the very like occasional stutter, when all hell breaks loose. The real visual window, its got to be sonics animations. They are incredible, as he whips all over the screen and then, as i mentioned in story, the interstellar theme park. Setting means each zone is incredibly unique, but it never forgets to pay its respects to the series you know most famous locations and stage designs, borgia, finally, and another feature of this ultimate release: they remixed some of the music, so they took what was already good and Kind of messed with it honestly some wont, be impressed with that idea, but it is okay, honestly trying to kind of modernize things for the game just a little bit the issue.

The game has when you hear the remix tracks than the original tracks. The original music is no question the clear winner, its almost screaming just look. How good the original music was. Sadly, then, as well, you cant choose either, or so you cant have just new or just old music, which i think would have been the winning design decision outside of music theyre minor sound effects for big moments, which makes sense theres a lot playing out on screen. So they dont want to overwhelm on the audio side of things and then of course, first acting as well for the cutscenes its fine. I think it just reinforces the over the top plot points Music. So the final verdict and its good to have sonic colors back its one of the better 3d outings im excited to see now, if this potentially leads to a new installment its success, this one, it just lies in its representation of the speed and action, while also Giving you a ton of reasons to go back and compete with yourself and, as i said, im a sucker for anything high score chasing problems, sure its not the best remaster ive ever seen. If we playing the same levels over and over its not your thing, its gon na be a pretty quick four to five hour play through and then some of the controls then not perfect and im talking really the 2d moments there. Otherwise, though, its better than most recent sonic outings and its good to see it back a great 8 out of 10 from me today, then on fans, i dont think youll be disappointed.

Its adding in a few nice like additional features its upscaling that resolution and then its tweaked that music, but its also coming in then at less than a triple a price point. So i think yeah its a great little package that shows its respects for the original. Will you be adding this one to the library then, or are you holding onto that cache? Also, did you play it back in the day? Is it a game? You want to revisit, or was once you know enough for you with that, though a shout out to the patrons of the channel, who are going above and beyond, to support switch corner. It helps more than you know. So. Thank you all so much then hit subscribe.

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