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Reimagination distributed by amazon stars cabello in the title role and is packed with an all star cast that includes idina menzel billy, porter, pierce, brosnan, minnie driver nicholas gallazine and james corden, among others, ahead of the films release, the stars, as well as writer and director kay Cannon spoke to the hollywood reporter about the new age retelling and what happens to mark a major milestone in cabellos career, her big screen debut. There was definitely nerves before, during and after this kind of rebellious badass version of cinderella. That, i think, has these amazing. You know modern uh, progressive values and uh its different, its different than cinderella. You know, i heard that you bought her a glass slipper to your first meeting with her. Is that true? That is true. We met in la uh just briefly uh initially, but then when, when it got serious when she was like seriously considering the role i flew to miami and i had a glass slipper and the producers were like dont, give her a glass slipper, thats weird – and i Was like youre right, thats, weird in like 30 seconds, and i was pulling out that glass slipper its just like. Does this fit? It was like, like a little like beautiful glass slipper that i have in my house um, and that i wear. I wear one on one foot: okay, a modern retelling of the classic tale also called for a re. Imagining of certain characters such as adina menzel, a cinderella stepmother.

It was fun to figure out the approach and the tone and how realistic to make her, and i wanted you to see more complexity and more levels in this character and understand. Maybe why she does the things that she does and then there was porter who brought new dimension to the fairy godmother as ellas outrageously glamorous protector, the fabulous godmother, or rather fab g porter portrayed the character as genderless. Noting magic has no gender. You know when i got into this business in the mid 80s as a black queer man. This was not possible. This was an impossibility so to learn to dream the impossible for the role the emmy, tony and grammy. Winning performer also drew inspiration from another icon, whitney houston, who famously played the part of the fairy godmother in disneys 1997 tv adaptation of cinderella, and this is a role that was once played by whitney houston, so thats a hard act to follow my goal. As a 14 year old teenage queen in pittsburgh, pennsylvania was to be the male whitney houston. So when i got a call to play this part, i squealed like a 16 year old teenager, i got to win the houston park. I got to win the hill super, so listen! Yes, i have i you know. I got everything from whitney houston, while that version of cinderella featured music from rogers and hammerstein amazons reimagining called for new music. While there were original songs from cabello and manzel, the new iteration included a number of cover, songs, ranging from madonnas material girl to jennifer lopezs lets get loud.

What was the first song you knew you had to have in this. Somebody to love was something that james had actually pitched to me like when, when he had pitched this idea of contemporary songs and that just inherently was like the king has just said, you will find someone you will find someone to love, so it just made sense And with a cast filled with vocal powerhouses, they were up for the task thats, so much vocal talent under one roof theres. So many people that just have incredible points its so true, maddie, nick theres, a mini driver and like yeah everybody, so theres a lot of celebrating of peoples, talent, but definitely for brosnan. The role of the king was also a chance to flex his vocals, which fans first got a taste of in 2008s mamma mia. Is it fun for you being able to show this side of yourself and performing yes? It is, of course it is. I mean its a joy, i started. I started in the theater its just a joy to be able to go off and to play these character parts last year, their eurovision with will farrell, and now this film and i just finished uh black adam with dwayne johnson, where i play dr fate, does one Come more naturally for you over the other, perfecting a dance number versus nailing a fight scene in something like black adam i enjoy doing both. I think the fight sequences will be will be less and less elsewhere with the film tackling a classic fairy tale romance cabello.

Also touched on her real life, romance with singer shawn mendes and while many may consider the two as a textbook fairytale couple, the singer and actress noted that just like any relationship they put in the work, its a real relationship and it comes with you – know, vulnerability And uh and growth and discomfort sometimes and a lot of communication.

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