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. This is Food Wars. In the UK, Ben Jerrys comes with a standard tub size of 465 milliliters. And the cores tubs are the same. Size., Look at this little cute guy. In the US. We start with these mini tubs., Theyre, 118 milliliters or 4 ounces. A standard US Ben Jerrys pint is 16 ounces or 473 milliliters., And also like in the UK. Our cores this guy right here is the same size as our regular pint.. Our topped tubs are actually slightly smaller.. They are 15.2 fluid ounces or 450 milliliters.. One thing to note is that, despite the two being very similar sizes, the UK does not refer to its tubs as pints. Thats, because pints are actually different in the UK and the US. Here in the US. We measure our liquids using US customary measurements, which is based on an 18th century English. Who cares all right. Our pint is 16 fluid ounces.. In the UK we use imperial measurements, which were only established in 1824 after the US had declared independence.. Our pints are 568 milliliters, which is 1.2 times larger than a US pint.. To illustrate the difference. Ive brought in an imperial measurements measuring jug. Were going to fill it with ice cream.. That just looks like the best milkshake youve ever had honestly. According to Target. This is 16 fluid ounces., So were gon na put this in here and see what happens. And in case you still dont, believe us.

This is a British pint. Glass. Were gon na fill this with ice cream. Joe Here we go.. While Ive got this pint in front of me. It would be kind of rude not to try wouldnt it Cheers., sighs, All right. Harry laughs, Joe Found the walnuts.. It was going really. Well then, I hit a lump. Im down to about here, though., Pretty strong, I think. Joe burps, Its the lumps that get you., But honestly not the worst way to eat Ben Jerrys.. I mean as much as I can get. Then I got ta start eating it.. How does that look Fun fact? This is actually how Ryan Gosling ended up gaining 60 pounds for a movie role, which he then got fired. From. So ended up being a little bit of a waste of time, but pretty effective way to pile on mass.. Now, while the volume of ice cream you get in the two countries is theoretically pretty similar. One other thing we wanted to check was how much topping you get mixed in with your tub. Heres, a pint of Cookie Dough in the US. Weve. Let it melt. So were going to strain it to see how many cookie dough chunks are in a pint.. Well, do the same over here. Lets go., Oh yeah, that ice cream is totally catching up with me right now., I swear to God. If I throw up …, The style of this reminds me of the net you use to catch bugs in Animal Crossing with the little .

.. whichew Joe. Here we go. Yeah. This is completely arbitrary. Here we go. Doesnt, look very appetizing when you put it like that. Does it I have to sift through this? I guess. Yeah. These are all one two … Just another day at the office really isnt it 12. 13. 14. 15. So, in a UK tub of Cookie Dough, we got around 33 pieces of actual cookie dough in varying sizes., While were going into excruciating detail on the portion sizes. Why not take a look at the cores tubs as well ice cream, thuds Its the same flavor in the US. Lets cut this bad boy, open. Ha ha. I can still eat this after Ive sawed it in half. Is there anything any chemicals on here that are likely to kill me Well find out. ice cream, thuds, Ooh, heavenly music, That core doesnt go all the way in there. Its kind of like … Chocolate, vanilla, salted, caramel core., Just pick it up., I mean I didnt Wash the saw. A bit of woody oak flavor. Here are all the Ben Jerrys items youll find in the UK that you wont find in the US., And here are most actually half of the US exclusive Ben Jerrys. Flavors. Well start with this one, which is the Birthday Cake ice cream.. I havent actually tried this before, but apparently its vanilla cake batter ice cream with pink frosting, strawberry, swirls and cake pieces. Americone Dream.. This is the Stephen Colbert flavored ice, cream.

Im not quite sure what Steve tastes like, but it looks like they got his essence in this pint. Speaking of ice cream, that is person flavored The Tonight Dough.. Look you see that right there. There is absolutely no way. Thats his hand holding that cone. Good job on the Photoshop, those guys., The Berry, Sweet Mascarpone., Another one you can only get here in the US. Would be something Ill be straight up with you, as an Italian man, Im about to say something very controversial, but this Flavor when I saw it, I was like Yuck No thank you.. Where is it, It is literally the first one in front of me. Ben Jerrys, Cannoli flavor. A Mascarpone Ice Cream with Fudge Covered Pastry Shell Pieces, Mascarpone, Squirrels., Squirrels. Swirls.. Next up weve got this one, which is Cookie Dough, SWich Up.. Next up weve got the Dough ble Chocolate, Cookie, Dough, Twist. Caramel, Chocolate Cheesecake.. This is a no brainer right here.. I bet this ones pretty good. Whats in it You ask. Caramel, Cheesecake Ice Cream with Cheesecake Pieces, Chocolate, Cookie, Swirls., Hell, yeah dude.. This is going in the Joe pile. Cherry Garcia.. They dont have Cherry Garcia in the UK Doesnt that seem weird. This is like, when everyone found out about Ben Jerrys, I feel like. Cherry Garcia was. I have no idea if this was before Jerry Garcia died or in tribute of him. Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Split., Im gon na assume its chocolate and peanut butter.

. What do you guys think Chocolate Therapy. Chocolate Ice Cream with Chocolate, Cookies Swirls of Chocolate, Pudding. Like every consistency of chocolate.? Ah, the Chubby Hubby. Thought this one was like super popular. Chunky Monkey was earlier. It was banana and walnuts and … its the one. I drank. Its not sitting right. Ugh.. Next up weve got Cone Together, which Im guessing is a Come Together. Pun. Did The Beatles do Come Together. I really Im not a Beatles guy.. I just listen to Owl City, so Im, not the person to come to for classic music advice. Cinnamon Bun. Tastes like cinnamon, buns., Coffee, Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz.. Maybe this instead of your morning, coffee. laughs, Coffee, Toffee Bar Crunch., Everything, But The dot dot dot.. It has a lot of stuff in here. Gim me Smore., Glampfire Trail Mix. Go To Cold Brew, another coffee, one. Next up weve got Baked Alaska. Now Ive actually never eaten a proper baked Alaska, but I presume it tastes similar to this.. This has got vanilla, ice cream with marshmallow, swirls and white polar bears.. Then we go into the Caramel, Chew, Chew ice cream., New York, baby Super Fudge, Chunk. Salted, Caramel Almond., Not as many punny ones as I thought right, Vanilla, Caramel, Fudge.. I wonder whats in it. Milk and Cookies. Peanut Butter, Half Baked., So its a combination of the two most popular ones. Thats, pretty smart actually.. What This is crazy. This cant be right. Vanilla. Why dont you have vanilla in the UK, Then our lost classic tub is Sofa, So Good Together.

Im not sure why they needed the Together.. I feel, like the pun, works better without the Together. Ben Jerry. If youre listening fix, this. The Punch, Line. Chillin, the Roast truffles. Pistachio Pistachio. Oat of this Swirled., OK now were getting back on the puns. Strawberry Cheesecake. And this isnt, even all of them. In the US. You can also get flavors such as Boots on the Moooon Brewed to Matter Chocolate, Shake It Cold, Brew, Caramel, Latte, Ice Cream, Sammie Justice, ReMixd, Mint Chocolate, Cookie, Peanut Butter, World Red White Blueberry, Triple Caramel, Chunk Urban Bourbon, Pumpkin Cheesecake, Totally Unbaked. Thats, just the regular ones.. We got a lot more to go through.. We also have a few nondairy and low calorie exclusives in the UK.. Well, start at the end with this one, which is Save Our Swirled NOW., Then we have one more nondairy exclusive, which is this one Cookies on Cookie Dough. Here in the US, you can get the in nondairy form, Americone Dream and The Tonight Dough, Milk and Cookies Cherry Garcia, Chocolate, Caramel Cluster and Mint Chocolate, Cookie, Caramel Almond, Brittle Crme, Brle, Cookie ooh, the Netflix Chillld Peanut Butter, Half Baked and Phish Food., A few other flavors. You can get in the US that you cant get in the UK nondairy that I also couldnt get in the US, but Ive assumed are available somewhere in this country. Are the Karamel Sutra Core nondairy, the Coconut, Seven Layer Bar nondairy and the Coffee Caramel Fudge? Nondairy.

? Then were on to some low calorie options, which Ben Jerrys calls Moo phoria.. Now this one up here is a Chocolate, Cookie, Dough, low calorie version, but its only 136 calories per 100 milliliters.. Our next Moo phoria exclusive flavor is the Salted Caramel Brownie one., The next Moo phoria exclusive. We were able to get. Was this one Poppin Popcorn. The Moo phoria light flavors you can get in the US. Are Chocolate, Cookie, Enlightenment., drumroll, EnlightenMint M. I N T. Very good Ben Jerrys., Chocolate, Milk and Cookies Mocha Fudge Brownie P.B. Marshmallow.. I am slightly against the concept of low calorie ice cream.. I feel like with something like this. You just have to enjoy it as it was intended to be enjoyed, which is the proper way.. If youre going to save some calories, maybe just save them elsewhere and then treat yourself or just eat less of one of these, instead of a whole tub of that.. As you saw when I hacked one open with a saw, Ben Jerrys also sells cores ice cream, which is ice cream flavors, with a core of usually some kind of caramel filling in the middle.. Weve only got one exclusive over here, which is this one: the Blondie Brownie Core.. We got the cores In the US. We got a bunch of cores, you cant get in the UK.. The Boom Chocolatta Cookie Core Chocolate Chip, Cookie Dough, Core Sweet, Like Sugar, Cookie, Dough, Core Wake and No Bake Cookie Dough, Core Brownie, Batter Core Cookies and Cream Cheesecake Core Peanut Butter Fudge Core and Salted Caramel Core.

. We got all eight of them right here. In the US. We can also get these exclusive, topped pints.. Now from what I understand cause Ive never had one. The ice cream has a layer of topping.. You used to be able get these in the UK, but now you cant anymore. Whiskey, Biz the PB Over the Top and the Tiramisu., But you can also get a Strawberry Topped and a Thick Mint Topped. Frozen yogurt. US Ben Jerrys also has two frozen yogurt options, Whereas the UK does not have any. Sorry guys, but we can get frozen. Yogurt versions of Cherry Garcia and Half Baked. groaning Ice cream All right in the US. We got these mini tubs.. You can get them in four flavors.. I could only find one. You get them in Americone Dream, Cherry, Garcia, nondairy, Caramel, Chocolate Chunk and nondairy PB Cookies. Ive actually never had Cherry Garcia. Into the palate. Ooh thats a 10 right there baby.. Similarly to the topped tubs. We also used to be able to get mini tubs in the UK, but unfortunately they were recently discontinued. Outside of tubs of ice cream. Ben Jerrys also has some no spoon needed options in the UK.. This is an exclusive one right here, which is a Cookie Dough. Peace Pop.: We do not have the no spoon options, but we do have the pint slices and you can get them in the forms of Amaze, Mint, Americone Dream, Cherry, Garcia, Chocolate, Chip, Cookie Dough, Chocolate Fudge, Brownie and The Tonight.

Dough. Final, no spoon needed exclusive. We have here in the UK is this one which is Salted Caramel, Cookie, Dough, Chunks., Cookie, dough chunks? We got them too, And these are some of the exclusive cookie dough chunk bags from Ben Jerrys. You can get in the US.. You got the Sugar Cookie Dough.. This one I mentioned earlier, Half Baked 6 ounces for some reason.. All the other ones are 8.. I dont know why they did that. The Chocolate Chip, Cookie Dough and Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip, Cookie Dough.. You can also get The Tonight Dough, Cinnamon, Bun, Dough, Gingerbread, Cookie Dough and a vegan Chocolate Chip, Cookie Dough., One US exclusive Ben Jerrys item that people, I assure you I tried I tried. I tried to get my hands on it in time for the shooting. Just couldnt, happen. Ben Jerry also has two dog flavor ice creams.. Now theyre, not flavored, like dogs, theyre flavors for dogs.. The Doggie Desserts is what theyre calling them. And the two flavors are Pontchs Mix and Rosies Batch., So unfortunately, no doggo wars in this episode. But here are the pictures of Paul and Luda. Heres a picture of ice cream.. Can someone in graphics make it look like theyre eating the ice cream, Quick clarification before we start the nutrition section. Ice cream is kind of tricky to quantify because sometimes its referred to by weight and other times by volume.. It is because the containers are all the same size, yes, but the density of ice cream can vary.

So overall seems. The fairest way to measure is by weight.. In the UK, Ben Jerrys provides its nutritional information per 100 grams, whereas in the US they do it per serving size, which is around 141 or 142 grams, depending on which type of ice cream you have.. So if we divide the US serving by 1.41 or 1.42, we should get a roughly equivalent figure. Got it Lets start with what is officially the most popular Ben Jerrys flavor in the United States.. That is this. The Half Baked. 100 grams of USAs Half Baked contains 262 calories, 13.4 grams of fat, 7.8 of which are saturated fat 31.9 grams of carbs 25.5 grams, which are sugar and 90 milligrams of sodium. 100 grams of UK Half Baked, contains the following: 264 calories. 13 grams of fat, 8.1 grams of which is saturated 32 grams of carbs, of which 27 grams are sugar and 84 milligrams of sodium.. So it looks like the UKs is actually higher in saturated fat, carbs, calories and sugar. Although the US edges us on total fat and sodium., What is the most calorific flavor in the US, you ask Turns out: it is the Peanut Butter Cup.. I couldnt find it. This magically delicious peanut butter cup flavored Ben Jerrys ice cream that is somewhere in this country. 100 grams of it contains the following: 330 calories. 23.3 grams of fat 12.6 of those are saturated fat, 25.3 grams of carbs 22.5 grams, which are sugar and 126 milligrams of sodium.

. The same ice cream in the UK contains 310 calories, 21 grams of fat, of which 12 grams are saturated, 24 grams of carbs, of which 23 grams are sugar and 176 milligrams of sodium.. This time we edged the UK on calories, fat, saturated fat and carbs, while they beat us in sugar and sodium.. Now these 100 gram figures dont seem so bad, but bear in mind that they are for less than one serving. Realistically Im eating a whole tub of this, while cuddled up in my blankets, depressed watching Netflix.. If you were to eat a whole pint of the Peanut Butter Cup ice cream dont., The stats do not look good for you.. Two figures to watch out for would be the 270 of your daily saturated fat allowance and almost 200 of your daily sugar. Blech.. Here are the numbers for a full tub of Peanut Butter Cup in the UK., Keep in mind that our tub is a tiny bit smaller than the US one, but overall we are still better off than them in most of the metrics.. Here is everything thats in a tub of Ben Jerrys, Half Baked in the UK. Joe In the US. Harry Cream water, Joe Cream, liquid sugar Harry sugar, Joe, which is sugar and water Harry condensed, skim milk, Joe skim milk, water, Harry wheat flour, Joe sugar, Harry brown, Sugar, Joe wheat flour fast forwarding fast forwarding intensifies Seamless.. These are actually pretty much identical lists, so good job Ben Jerry.

Theres also nothing in there, which you should be particularly concerned about., And this is kind of in line with Ben Jerrys overall philosophy about sourcing ingredients.. According to the Ben Jerrys website, they boast that their ice cream is non GMO, fair trade and cage free., And they do seem to live up to that. All you Food Wars, heads watching this episode know that we always have to deal with artificial flavors that are Ok in the US, but not allowed in the European Union., But the ones that Ben Jerry use are actually made with natural colors, like vegetable juice, spirulina and turmeric.. So, while whats in the ice cream might not be too interesting, whats outside it is actually worth pointing. Out. In the US, the Ben Jerry pints do come in a cardboard tub that has polyethylene plastic on both sides. In the UK, however, theyve actually stopped coating the outside of the tubs, which makes them more widely recyclable. Ben Jerrys have said that it is their goal To replicate this in the US at some point this year, which would save 79000 pounds of plastic a year. Thats it Conner Got it. Joe Got it. laughing. How much chocolate do I have on my face, Joe singing Ice cream. That looks like my cat after hes had an upset stomach..

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