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Turn on notifications get notified every time i put out a brand new video todays video, a little bit of a catch up a little bit of an end of august. Update lets go over the few things that are going on first and most important is the earn to trade. Gauntlet mini giveaway is happening tomorrow morning in less than or about 24 hours ill be doing the drawing for this. How to enter is on my website, but it ultimately revolves around this video. Several of you have commented, but you all have a pretty solid chance of winning theres only 87 comments, and one of those is mine and i think actually responded to somebodys comment. So that means theres only about 85 entries so far as well as the bonus entries from previous ones. So dont be shy about entering everybody, has a very valid shot to win a completely free 150k gauntlet mini. So when i do that drawing as usual, if youve seen them before ill record, the whole process ill, do the automated picker ill make a video ill upload it, and then i will get in touch with the winner second last day for august deals and promo. So the two big ones that are going on right now, you can see them here, earn a trade. Has their 50k account on for 40 off? Currently they run a promo every single month and usually its on one specific account size. So i have no idea what septembers deal will be, but it most likely wont be the 50k.

So if youre interested in the 50k good time to grab that one as well, you profit trader 40 off. This is the last day for this code, which is summer 40.. Likewise, no idea what their deal will be in september, typically, the last few months prior to august, the deal was 30 off, so 40 off was definitely improvement. I dont see the deal being 50 off. So if youre making that gamble – i i would say it will either be the same or back to maybe 30 no idea now likewise. So when i know what the deals are, i will put out video and information on my site and then as well labor day is coming up in about a week, and i mentioned before ill mention again, i suspect therell be some type of extra deals on that Day or that weekend, so if you can hold out it might be worthwhile to see what those are with the various companies and as well. You might have seen my youtube short. I put up last night, my very first youtube short. Basically was a trial run but figured a great opportunity to create one. Since i passed the profit trader, 100k evaluation uh. So today, tuesday is technically my day. 10.. I did one trade last night uh to make it count once the market closes tonight. I will email you profit and start this process of getting the 100k account funded and, as i have before, i will record the entire process.

I know some people are curious. You know: how does it work? What do you do? How long does it take all your questions will be answered when i put together a little compilation of what the process is, and i will put that video out once i actually have the account so im guessing that will either be friday or monday all right guys. I have a few more things in the works that will be to your benefit. I cant talk about them, yet it involves other companies. So as soon as i have information on that im, hoping probably by next week, i will let you guys know and then as well at the end of last week, i did a video where i was doing the mark douglas thing. I did 20 trades with sort of a fixed uh bracket automatically that worked out pretty well. I was intending fully to do that this entire week. Uh not really thinking, though ahead, and it actually is a super busy week. Im signing a lease today on a permanent place to live ive just been staying in a airbnb house in august. When i first moved to montreal so now i actually have my own place, but that will mean a little bit of running around signing the lease getting stuff moved, etc. So my trainings actually going pretty slow this week, but on the plus side i will finally be permanently located somewhere. I can fully set up my office plan on doing some cool things getting a better mic.

I know some of you complain about the audio itll. Be a nice quiet environment with quality, audio quality, video and hopefully, some more cool things to come as well. I will leave you with that guys so go grab those deals. If you want them stay tuned for the september, deal stay tuned for the labor day. Deals sign up for the earn, a trade giveaway, and that is it.

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