Labor Day, Discounts and allowances Real Time Check-In: Bath & Body Works 50% Off Select Labor Day Sale Items

What its almost here, how you doing! Oh man, i crashed! Last night i was supposed to put up my empties video. You know, i usually do it on the first of the month. Is there i have it locked and loaded. I just didnt pull a trigger. I promise you but its coming. It wasnt that exciting, but yall watch it anywhere. You feel me and since im telling yall what to do come on come on. Yall already know hit that like button and do the rest of that stuff. But only if you want to be a part of the mamas house gang gang all right, yeah, i think ill drop. The mts i dont know this afternoon. Yall see it. The thumbnail is cute, though anyway, how you doing youre good, no good. No, i really. I crashed, i crashed. I had me a little bit of food and next thing i know i was out like a light woke up and had my retainer thing in you know cause. I got that um grinding of the teeth thing now. Why would i get old as hell to do some, weird and and the door was open and the dog was looking at me like mamas every light on yeah, but then i got up. Um did a little stuff. Nobody want to know that youre, twinkled, okay, Music, turn the lights over, went back to sleep. Anywho. All right lets get into this all right, so we got bath and body works.

Look at there, hello labor day we got 50 off select items. Then we got the buy three get one free, select body care and blasi blaso, but yall know im going to click on this because im curious whats in here they got some candles yall and did i tell yall hold on hold on hold on? I didnt tell yall yesterday, okay youre, situated all right good, okay, look what i got. I got that yeah yall, so we got a free pocket, backhand sanitizer, gel 20 off coupon and a six dollar wallflower fragrance plug and refill bundle and theyre theyre, also hiring so im excited so and this dont look like its a cold. So lets see what else they got. Yall see this turtle thats the the one in my bathroom right now that thats not working im, sorry yall good, but im gon na get out here this weekend. I really have to, and oh they got this big old nightlight thing for 11 25. salted pretzel milkshake, my milkshake make all the boys in the yo, stupid, um ocean mist and citrus. I dont believe i have that one and i dont believe we care thats stupid. Oh, they got oh sold out the magnolias pedestal, magnolias yeah. I think i said that right, okay, they got some stuff on: oh thats, cute its a cat duck, but its black and white. So i liked it. Okay, the octopus is ugly look at here banana cabana.

They got a unicorn horse, its a unicorn, a horse, its a unicorn aint. No such thing is: is that a real thing, your hush is it? Let me see, i dont believe its real. Of course, its not is a unicorn real Music heres. What i found from, technically any animal with only one horn, is a unicorn, which means there are actually a few unicorns in nature and even more animals that can be perceived as a unicorn. Okay, who didnt know that lemon cake pop ah thats, my stop it island papaya that smells good too juicy pink, grapefruit yall know i love that one. Oh, they got the pineapple pancake people be sleeping on that. I dont know why. Oh to watermelon? Okay, all right lets move on, but oh they got some good stuff. Yall shopping, put it down below joe okay. Goosey said uh, not without me. So goose got a 20 off coupon yo, so that 15 cold that works. It worked for most of us um theres. Now, 20 percent – i hate when they do that, but i didnt shop. So did you know i shall be some of yall? Did i feel bad youre? All right and dont yall go shopping again cause i know yall what this dog want? Layla sit down. Booth sit down, though, sit down, and then she said i hear, but i i think i hear leave alone all right. Let lets look. The prices probably went up if i know goose didnt.

I tell you, i know goose cause that was 12.99 yesterday goose. I slick theyre, not slick, okay, so ah goose, creek kendall. You know your mom really mad at you. She called you by your whole government. Okay, so 12.99 times point 15 minus 12.99. You know its 1104. yeah. I do its a little bit of four okay. So now we got 13.99 times. Point 20, minus 30.. Its 11 19. yesterday was better yo, ghost creek play all day. I promise you ima pop. The out of them go see it. Okay, yeah ghost creek play all day, so i hope the majority of yall who wanted to partake park took all right lets move on so lets look and see. I think that dog might be um needing to go to the bathroom. I really need to go check on her lay low. It says your orders in transit. I forgot to order something: gosh: okay, girls, that were donglas okay, so the only thing i seen was that 10 off of 50 coupon, but that was yesterday yall pray that this dog didnt do nothing down. Okay, shes shaking you hear her, you heard her. You good hold on yall, wait no im gon na finish. It im gon na finish: it yall, hey, im gon na pop yall. She better go go get her and i should be all right all right, so um yankee candle lets look at the signature. Okay, oh they got that by to get one free again.

So hopefully they come back with another two for two im praying im prayerful. Oh all right, so lets go on to kringle kringa kringa kringle go watch your sister! Now the other one came down okay, so we got the same three itll be in the description box below yall um lets look at the heading, though, and see i mean the um home page fall in love labor day, thirty percent off nine dollars, one dollar the September special three for sixty, i told yall didnt, i tell yall didnt, i tell yall, they just laziness and put it in the drop down im. So smart, okay now lets go to kohls im, so smart, okay, so coles got a 10 off of 25 in store and online take the code. What the pro bowl code is take 10 in september 6 and you can earn five dollars when you spend. I think i might like that better its the same. No, because what, if you only spend 25 at least you get five, if, if it was the 10 off of 50, you dont get okay, so this is better. She thinks she know everything all right, so thats cool lets see, but do they have a good sale on the candles thats? What we want to know so scent works if its that 1837. I promise you im going to jump off the bed. I aint got to jump off the bed 14.99 thats decent, because the lowest weve ever seen is like 15 14.

99, so thats pretty good. All right! So no come on sonoma yall come on yall, oh yall join hands; okay, okay, sonoma candle come on mother promise. You im so sick of them. Not so real. My babies be having babies watching me. I got ta, be cool. Sorry babe to the little babies. Hi come on. Sorry all right. What what you doing girl i dont know! Oh here we go lets go to harry harry kind of cute too yall havent seen him in person youll okay, so we got shop all nothing all right, yall thats, it thats it thats. So i got ta go check on my dog and, having said all that, having said all of that, i will see you babies later.

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