Welcome to the community. Welcome to the channel todays video will be an unboxing and first impressions of my brand new 83 inch lg c1, but i can already tell you um. It is amazing – and all i can say, is god, damn Music ive seen things all right guys here we are doing a very quick unboxing special thanks to my buddy paul for giving me a hand with the unboxing. Oh thats, not him uh. This is him right here. Thank you, paul, showing you the box, the box. The condition of the box actually was a pretty beat up, even though i got it from my guys at value electronics, i did not do the qc, but it did come. A little beat up im, just showing you a little bit. This will be a very quick unboxing, showing you what comes in the box. You have the remote, you have some um, the you know. Cable management in the back very little to me. Unboxings are incredibly boring, but i will tell you this panel is gigantic for those of you that dont think that 83 and 77 isnt a huge difference. It is massive ive seen in the comments you guys, dont think its a huge difference. It is a huge difference. The panel is gigantic very thin, like all the rest of the oleds, very, very beautiful design. Lg has kept it the same way for the last few years. Now the reason i didnt compare it to my a80, which is on the wall, which ill show you in a second is its just too big, and i was pretty anxious.

After seeing the condition of the box. Uh theres part of the stand to get it downstairs and get it assembled or get it in its rightful spot. I should say it will come back upstairs when paul has a moment and well do a comparison. There heres the base very heavy, weighs about 30 pounds. Theres, the blade and well quickly show you how to throw that together. I, like the design i like the center stand, but like a lot of these panels, having that really heavy metal – and here we are attaching it to the back, showing you, the hdmi inputs, all for our hdmi 2.1, again very similar to last years – cx quickly, showing You the stand. I like the stand, its very sturdy, its just the panel at this size, lifting it and theres my a80, but you see moving all that furniture and putting it down there. You can see how much space that takes up now here – i am in my room, which is nearly done, looks a little bit like a prison cell, but were going for a more minimalist design. So we have some pipes and bioshock looking stuff here so were gon na go through the setup. Leave myself in the reflection briefly and um. I like lg id like their way of doing things. I dont love their operating system, all the time, but were gon na. Go through the very basic setup that youll see when you pick it, you also have the ai services that you can enable.

This is all the typical stuff that you typically see pretty basic, but i know a lot of you guys like seeing what its like to actually start from scratch. You have all you know, im actually going to be doing it, um wired, so that doesnt matter terms conditions. Obviously i have a very large light in the room, its an industrial like construction light, so thats, not the lighting that will be in this room and showing you how its going to be mounted now the ai function. Whats interesting is the picture pro um. This sound pro, i turn the sound off, but you can hear a huge difference between the sound on the display that only affects the actual display, not what goes through your e arc, but the owl picture. The ai picture pro is designed to get better as you watch im, not sure i buy all of that. It even says in the settings too: it doesnt affect copyrighted material, which is essentially everything that we watch. So i tend to go back and forth. Enable and disable it now were going through. The home screen home screen is a little bit different than last time. I will say here: the challenge ive had is that you know it has the magic remote thing from last year and you know disabling its. A pain turns on all my stuff ps5, especially but um. The home screen is fine. You know we get back well show a little bit of it here.

I know the unboxing was very brief, but theres very little to show you now we down here in the basement, as i mentioned, and where i have it on the stand. It actually almost touches. The tv were going to some quick demos from youtube now giving you my first impressions of the panel. The c1 at 83 inches is ridiculously vibrant. There is two energy saver um settings in here: youve disabled them, both theres, an eco and an energy saving disable those. But i was shocked at how vibrant the c1 is. I really expected it to be um, not to say it was dim, but it was not as bright as the a80 or the a9. It didnt seem as vibrant out of the box um. I always said that sony is more complete out of the box. Lg needs a little bit of messing around with this is no different, but it does ship in standard, which is a very punchy mode. I, like my images, to leap off the screen at times. Im not most isf pro all that directors im not super concerned with that. I like an accurate image to a degree, but i do want to see what these panels can do, but the size difference. I have again for those of you that dont think its a huge difference. You know, i would say to you seeing a 77 inch or an 83 inch in store is not the proper context.

You have to actually be able to see it in your home and see how large this panel is. It is actually my wingspan is not even as wide im six foot three so its a gigantic display. I love how vibrant it is. It seems much brighter than my 77 inch cx and my 55 inch cx and i would guess its simply because of the size, but i have always thought that larger panels are brighter. Just inadvertently were going through some of the settings here. The gaming optimizer is fine and im going to switch over and turn the lights off, so you can actually see the demo im just sitting there chilling. So you can see some of the reflection handling on lg isnt fantastic when there is black on the screen, which is actually pretty ironic that thats the weakness with oleds is when theyre showing their best feature. It doesnt always look the best in a brighter room, but whats interesting is that i wasnt super excited about the c1 simply because i purchased it by default, because i need those gaming features thats, something i require you know vrr. I need auto latency mode. I need 4k 120. I need 4k 120 with dolby vision, very important for me um, but if you told me that this was an 890 out of the box, i would have said. Yes, if you told me this was 8k, i would have been yes, its. So sharp its so clean and the size is so immersive i mean really really gives you that movie theater feel whats interesting as well is when its in widescreen or we have the aspect ratio showing you different black bars.

It looks so much more filmic because its so large, it makes the panel look more slim. Seeing an oled as well at 83 inches is something very elegant about it and even though im around them, as i mentioned before, all the time, i spend a lot of time with the 83 inch a90 spent a lot of time with the zx its not until Its in your home that you realize how beautiful a large oled is a lot of times, larger, lg, leds or sonys theyre, so big and thick that youre, like ah looks a little clunky. These just look ridiculously elegant. I know my camera was a little off to the side. It was hard. The room was so dark, but this is absolutely beautiful picture quality. Now the 83 inch and the 77 inch are evo panels by default. Lg cant exactly say that theres been no unlocking of evo here i will not void the warranty um, but its really really beautiful, now, um being that the panel is from robert and wendy at value electronics. Thank you, robert and wendy. Uh love those guys um, but i didnt do the qc or the calibration simply because theyre too here i am pulling the plastic off the screen for you guys for a moment here. I actually thought i was going to pull the tv down the pass by the camera um. The reason i didnt go with the qc or calibration is that were only a few weeks from the shootout value electronics shootout in the city.

These guys are so backed up with calibration. They did not want to bother with them, so i want to take a chance with the panel lottery myself um, it was shipped a little beat up, but actually the panel itself is very clean, ill. Do a totally separate video on that um and even though it is inadvertently an evo panel because it is 83 inches, there is no unlocking of those features, but it is extremely bright. Very vibrant theres, not one part of it. That makes me think its too dim, which i was afraid of, because there was a lot of talk of the c1 being, maybe not quite as bright. Maybe five percent brighter um a lot of that talk – and i have not seen it here again. The size itself is extraordinary. It does feel like having a projector um in the basement. Now i am only about five im only about six feet away gaming in a gaming chair, and i am about eight and a half to nine feet away, watching films watch godzilla vs, king kong, pacific rim, dr sleep ive watched a lot of films um. I am also using a denon 6700, each and adobe at most four height channels above e arc works flawless, but im so impressed with it. I mean i really am um. I cant say enough about how im actually shocked, even though i do know the lg lineup inside and out something about having it in your own home, and i wish i could convey that to you guys better the size.

Many people say to me. Ah thats too big guys, i mean thats, all preference, but i mean this thing is amazing and unfortunately, for many reviewers out there, even the best reviewers, the highest reviewers as far as professional, they very rarely get a panel this size to review theyre too expensive theyre Too bulky so for me to be able to do this is is amazing to to have this panel. I can convey it to you that it is definitely brighter. It definitely has more vibrancy than the smaller panels. They cant confirm that, because they just cant and even the reviewers that buy things and take them back, you wont see them doing that with panels. This large one theyre way too expensive and two good luck sending these panels back at 83 inches. This is my personal panel, so this panel isnt going anywhere. This is my end, all be all that i have in my home theater i have the a80j 77 inch is still on the wall. Upstairs. That panel is not going back guys. These are my panels. I do not return uh panels or buy them and review them. I just get other panels lent to me from robert and wendy, but other than that. The panels you see here are mine, really really beautiful. I mean really really beautiful. No raised blacks like we had with the earlier cxs. It seems like they really sorted that out towards the end of the year for the cx.

Now i imagine if this was an 83 inch, cx id be saying the same thing. I do think the size really does add to the punch im going to say that over and over now gaming on it is very sharp, very clean. Some games that arent clean within themselves, like metro exodus, is not a real sharp title has a little softness to it. The game optimizer does take some getting used to not a huge fan of it. To be honest, it locks you out of dynamic contrast its not as straightforward as id like, but the image quality is unreal, watching something like kong, vs godzilla, even the filmic qualities of that really just jumped off the screen and having the black bars and that aspect Ratio completely black, it does feel like its floating now were in here, just messing around from standard to cinema to the different presets. I do feel that they lowered the settings in the sense of they made less of them. I dont love that it just makes it consolidated a lot. I dont love the sliders with the color. I do like to be able to pick my white balance, but again im still getting to know the panel in regards to the settings, but i can tell you that i absolutely love it. The c1 has been kind of the uh, the basic oled this year. The a80, the a90 have gotten all the attention, especially from me, the g1, but uh its amazing.

I mean it really is beautiful, like i said, also in store, unless its in vivid um, especially at value we take them out of the box. They always dont. Look punchy enough and they look dim in comparison to the other sonys, but not when theyre kind of unleashed, meaning the you know the energy savings things of that nature need to be disabled and all of a sudden. It just comes to life really really beautiful. Panel youll be seeing a lot more footage of it and the 880j. You will see them go head to head at some point when im able to get my buddy back over here, but for my first impressions i mean im, really really surprised again for someone who spent a lot of time with the c1 spending time with it. In your own environment, especially where you can make it completely dark, i was again blown away. Please let me know in the comments, if you have any specific questions on the c1 or any other panels for that matter, i should have the x95 here. In a few days, ill be doing the heisens dual cell later today, but i mean i really am impressed and never do. I feel that its not bright enough or or vibrant enough, that contrast ratio that oleds do possess is amazing all right guys. Let me know what you think about oleds in general. Are you a fan? Do you think about panasonic which isnt available to us here? Do you favor one or the other? Are you an lg person that likes the c1, the bx the a1, or are you going with sony? For me, it was gaming, but also plenty surprised that its as vibrant as it is, and even though its been a default panel.

For me, i think its absolutely amazing and thats me having both cxs 77 and 55, which i still have all right guys. Thank you. As always. Let me know what you think. I will see you in the comments. I hope all is well with all of you.

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