Qualcomm, Bluetooth, aptX, Lossless compression CD-quality BLUETOOTH streaming is COMING SOON (via aptX LOSSLESS)

This video is brought to us by Okay, see you later Music. So what is the one audio product that you would recommend to one of your non audio interested friends that you think would change their life one product? For me it would be sonys wh series of bluetooth noise canceling headphones. These sound utterly fantastic for the money. Few hundred bucks, i think they would transform any persons life if theyre, just using like apple earbuds or just basic stuff. These are just wonderful. However, one of the reasons that bluetooth headphones like this are not taken seriously by audio enthusiasts. Is that bluetooth audio? No matter? What you send into it? It compresses the signal using lofty compression techniques, which means data is thrown away in sending the audio stream from your phone to your headphones. So, for example, if were streaming something from spotify to these headphones, the stream arrives from the cloud at the phone. The phone decodes it to wav mixes in any kind of system sounds that it needs to at that particular time and then re encodes it in this case using either aptx or aptx hd or sonys ldac, before sending it across to these now i mentioned those two Because aptx hd does about 600 and something kilobits per second, which you know is roughly twice that of spotifys maximum of 320. sonys ldap goes all the way up to 990., but whats interesting about ldac is that if the connection between the phone and the headphones suddenly Becomes weaker so if were in a really busy place with lots of bluetooth connections going on or just i dont know, sometimes its just random isnt it.

The ldac codec, will drop the transmission rate from 990 to 660 and then again to 330, if it needs to. But as ive been banging on about the last year and a half on this channel, no current bluetooth, audio codec can do lossless go and look at apples website. If you dont, believe me, go and look at the tons of news articles that popped up yesterday, including a news article on my own website, basically saying that until today, lossless audio transmission of cd quality streams, because remember spotify – will be streaming cd quality soon. Apple already. Does it so theres tidal so does kobos so does deezer, so if youre using any of those services or if you use cd quality streams, one of the things that you might possibly want is cd quality connection between this and this and until yesterday, that was basically A pipe dream, but what happened yesterday well qualcomm, who make a lot of the chips that go into modern smartphones, announced that they have adapted their aptx adaptive codec for use on their. I think its called snapdragon sound platform thats. I think thats a hardware platform anyway. Theyve adapted they have adapted their adaptive codec, which means it also changes its bitrate according to connection quality theyve adapted that so that it can do cd quality losslessly. So when i read this news, i was like. Oh my god. This is. I think this is huge. Now the way it works is that using this new aptx lossless codec, if we have a cd quality file on our phone, whether it comes from spotify, apple, music or if its on a micro sd card or if it comes from plex amp, i use plex amp A lot it will use lossless compression techniques which qualcomm assert are bit perfect.

No information is thrown away to send the data stream to our headphones, so we lose nothing from a cd quality stream now. For me, this is kind of like the holy grail of bluetooth, because even though ldac sounds amazing, as does aptx hd actually, but i think ldac slightly shades it. It isnt that far away audibly from cd quality, but many people bulk up bluetooth connections because of the academic issue, that cd quality is compressed as it makes the journey from here to here. But qualcomm are about to change that now. Qualcomms new lossless codec will be adaptive, so what that means is is that in perfect conditions, when theres a great connection, a strong bluetooth connection between your phone and your headphones, it will use one megabits per second to losslessly, compress and then send the audio stream. The music from phone to smartphone, but a bit like ldak if the conditions are not optimal if youre in a busy rf noisy area so like, if youre at a train station or somewhere, like that, sometimes my bluetooth, craps out with my elevator. I dont know why. The elevator arrives and theres like a clunk inside my headphones anyway, so that just shows that rf can interfere with a connection, but what qualcomms aptx losses will do in the case of noisy rf environments? It will reduce the bitrate of the stream down to. I think i actually, i think it will go all the way down to 100 and something depending upon you know how good the connection the bluetooth connection is, but in ideal conditions it will be able to do cd quality heres, the catch well for some people anyway.

Firstly, apple do not get along with qualcomm at the moment. Apple do not do aptx, bluetooth, codecs inside their iphones and ipads. So, if youre using an apple device, this news is pretty much irrelevant to you, because, unless apple produces its own lossless bluetooth, codec people are going to be stuck with aac, which is lossy where information is thrown away. Secondly, phones like this. This is the lg v40. So its a couple years old now this does do aptx hd, we dont know. Yet if there will be an update, it wont be from an lg phone because no more updates coming but generally to existing phones. We dont know. Yet if aptx lossless support will come as part of an over the air update via android, so we dont yet know if we have to buy a new android phone to make aptx lossless our reality. Because remember, we need aptx lossless in the phone, but also in the headphones, and there are no headphones yet that do aptx lossless none qualcomm will start selling this technology to manufacturers pretty much from now. If they havent already – and they said, theyll – expect to see the first bluetooth headphones arriving with aptx lossless on board next year, some point in 2022.. So this is coming its not here yet but its arriving, and i think this has the ability to transform the bluetooth headphone market, because it removes that final barrier between bluetooth, headphones or bluetooth connections and hi fi enthusiast acceptance because hi fi enthusiasts and audiophiles they can Be a little bit grumpy at times.

I dont know whether youve ever noticed this, especially some of the older ones are like bullies, but if i rubbish bloody bluetooth rubbish well, now spotify is just about to go lossless, so they can shut up about that and now the bluetooth is apparently soon going lossless. As well, they can shut up about that, which is great, because all the grumpy old men can now go away and stop complaining about bluetooth headphones because they are fantastic. I think products like this truly incredible. The engineering in here is amazing. Now, where i think this will really advanced the bluetooth headphone conversation is that the amplifier in a bluetooth headphone system is in the headphones, not in the phone as it is in a wired, headphone situation. For example, with this sony headphone sony will have used dsp digital signal processing to tune the amplifiers output to optimize the drivers output, but it also uses dsp for noise cancellation and for some kind of ear, customization and also all of those. You know, variable noise. Cancelling settings so with the signal arriving digitally, you can do a lot with a headphone sound and i think bluetooth headphones. What might be seen in the future a bit like digitally active streaming loudspeakers are now because this is a bit like an active speaker situation isnt. It the signal arrives, digitally so effectively. The driver optimization can be done in dsp and we get all the sort of corrective abilities that dsp gives us that are very, very hard to do inside the phone, because the phone with its headphone socket.

This does have one. The phone doesnt know what wired headphone is connected to. If i was a a wired, headphone manufacturer selling products that sell in the same price range as these id be a little bit worried right now, because i think next year, aptx lossless. If it arrives in here because remember we need it in our headphones and in our phone, sorry iphone users, but its only android. Once we have these two things running aptx lossless, we have cd quality streaming done supposedly bit perfectly without loss, as we do with our wired headphones right now, and i think that is mega mega mega news anyway, if you like this video, please hit the like button Down below, if you like, my attitude towards high end audio and then it definitely encompasses bluetooth, it really does, and if you like, the fact that i can make a video thats just i guess more spontaneous like this didnt script, this one at all, theres no script On my computer here i never read them. I never used an auto cue. No never, but i do have rough ideas on my computer usually out of shot, but for this one, as you can probably tell i didnt so anyway, if you dig all of that.

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