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Now i know ive already made a couple videos talking about this topic, but we are very close to this event released and i wanted to go ahead and discuss it in todays video, because a lot of people find interest in this topic. So please stay tuned to the end, because we have pretty much all the final information you guys will need to know to actually go ahead and get most of the items with this event, but before we actually go ahead and start this video itd be heavily appreciated. If you guys went ahead and liked and subscribed the channel, we tried to make roblox videos every single day, for you guys and also i thought i would throw this in uh. Layered clothing is finally added to roblox. It doesnt work, but it is on roblox. I just thought i would mention that since i didnt want a dedicated old video to it, so uh yeah go ahead and do what you wish with that information, but obviously without further ado lets just jump right into it. So pretty much as most of you guys already know, roblox and vance are going to be collaborating specifically on a roblox event, and this event is going to be coming out on september, 1st 2021, which, as im recording this video, is three days from now and theres. Been lots of leaks and lots of hype about this event, lots of star creators have actually been getting gift boxes by roblox and vans, such as shirts and other things like that, and the official advanced twitter account on august 19th exposed or at least showed that theyre Going to be collaborating with roblox arriving on september 1st, i know this post was posted on on august 19 to 2021 and i know im a little bit late to it, but thats because i was mostly gone for the time being, but yeah basically roblox and vance Have officially uploaded most of the items to the roblox catalog? I havent checked them for myself yet, but the roblox event, hunters twitter account, did end up making a game that you guys can go ahead and check out to see all these items in 3d yeah.

Pretty much right here we could see all of the items we have all the glasses right here, which are pretty cool. In my opinion, i dont know if we could wear these items im trying to step on them. You cant actually go ahead and wear them, but you guys can see right here, heres the camo one. I guess this is like a neon one, and this is my favorite one by far heres, just a red one. I think this is just a solid white one. A black one and then a checkered one, then right here we have the vans beanies. You guys can go ahead and decipher which ones you like for yourself. They all really do look shiny, which is something to know that. But then right here we have all of the hats, and this is pretty much, i think, all of the caps that will be coming out. In this event, i saw that theres a couple other leaks about some other ones that might be coming out, but we could also see right here that the original advanced trucker hat that was posted before anything like this was ever released, or at least leaked is actually Still here so i dont know if this is going to be coming out during the vans event itself, but basically going right here we could see theres even more beanies, that dont know why these werent posted here – i guess, but i guess whatever and then we could See all of the headphones which are pretty cool.

In my opinion, this one looks a lot better in 3d. Instead of like you know the image and stuff but yeah, you can see all these right here, theres a gun or again, a couple more hats, and then right here here are the backpacks and then behind is the wings which honestly dont really look too bad um. I dont want to wear them either because they just kind of look a little bit too big, but yeah. These are pretty much all of the vans items that have been recently leaked. I dont really know if im going to be picking up many of these, but it is unknown which ones are going to be available to be bought for free. If im going to sit here and assume which ones will be able to be free, i would probably assume the vance trucker hat and maybe some of the glasses and maybe like a beanie or two and then like a backpack. I wouldnt see the wings becoming free, but i wouldnt really see everything else becoming free too. Just because that i dont know man, roblox doesnt seem like theyre doing free items and events as much as they used to the last time. We really had something big like that was the nerf event and before that, nothing really else happened. But some of the final news that we actually have is with the roblox star creator program and basically im pretty sure. Every single roblox star creator has gotten a vans world.

Roblox box were going to be using a person called aunt auntie x, i dont know how you say your name, but basically he posted on august 20th, trying to change or trying to channel my inner california, skater, dude and side with the new roblox fans world event. You can see that hes wearing a vans world roblox t shirt right here and he also posted another picture with a hat, and then he showed the box, which i mean its honestly pretty cool. I guess i dont think id ever wear anything like this in public, though, and im pretty sure. Most people can agree with that on me, because i mean most of this stuff is really tacky, saying vans world and roblox on the same t. Shirt is a little bit weird. I dont think many other people that dont play roblox would really care or understand it and kind of think its cringe. But, honestly you do you, i guess im kind of happy. I didnt get this one, but yeah thats gon na be pretty much it for todays video, guys all of the vans world event items and everything that will be coming with this event well be releasing within the next three days, so be ahead, go ahead and look Out for that type of stuff, because that stuff will be very interesting but thats gon na be pretty much it for today. Guys. Thank you guys for watching comment like and subscribe to the roblox youtube link in the description below follow.

My twitter atmos underscore cringe underscore 101 and join the discord server link in the description below im happy to be back making videos every single day, and i hope you guys do enjoy most of you guys didnt, like the toy code videos.

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