Supervolcano, Volcano, Volcanic eruption Breaking News (Sep 04) Mount Yellowstone hit by 43 earthquakes amid fears of a supervolcano erupting

The yellowstone volcano has been hit by more than 40 earthquakes this month. Amid widespread fears that the u.s super volcano will explode one day without warning, but is the yellowstone volcano too late to erupt, and should you worry the geologists behind the yellowstone volcano observatory? Yvo have compiled their monthly activity updates for the yellowstone volcano in the western united states. A total of 43 earthquakes rocked the volcano last month and those tremors were accompanied by three eruptions of the world famous steamboat geyser. Although activity is subpar for yellowstones monthly output, many people fear yellowstone will erupt without notice. Music. The largest volcanic eruptions occurred around 640 000 1.3 million and 2.1 million years ago. Leading people to mistakenly believe that yellowstone erupted like clockwork scientists and volcanologists do their best to refute these claims, but social media is still full of unfounded, conspiracies and doomsday claims Music. The super volcano at yellowstone will erupt before we return. Another person said i remember, watching a movie in 7th grade science class about yellowstone and how its bound to erupt every year now and destroy the planet and a third person said more earthquakes happening in yellowstone, which again might be the start from the eruption. But for some reason the monitor there is not working which seems impossible, considering it is a super volcano and one of only five volcanoes monitored globally for magmaflow. The volcano is not expected to erupt anytime soon, and the recent spate of activity should by no means be seen as a warning sign from mother earth.

According to the yvo branch of the u.s geological survey, usgs yellowstone was rocked by 43 earthquakes this month. The strongest tremor was a small earthquake of magnitude 5.2. The quake was detected about 15 miles northeast of west yellowstone in the state of montana. The usgs said no swarm activity was observed in april. Yellowstone earthquake activity remains at background levels for comparison, a total of 105 earthquakes, including 12 earthquakes, were detected in the last month. This is normal for yellowstone, where up to three thousand earthquakes were detected every month and so far none of them have been interpreted as a sign of an ongoing eruption. Music. The usgs said: yellowstone is monitored for signs of volcanic activity by yvo scientists who detect earthquakes using seismographs and ground motion using gps global positioning system. Yvo has not detected any signs of activity. Indicating an eruption is imminent. Music. The usgs also recorded three eruptions of steamboat geyser, the worlds highest active geyser geysers in the norris geyser base in yellowstone exploded on the 4th 16th and 23rd of this month. The usgs said this brings the total number of eruptions for this year to 100. Music. If the volcano erupts again, usgs scientists speculate, it could be a hydrothermal eruption and not a volcanic eruption during a hydrothermal eruption.

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