Supervolcano, Volcano, Volcanic eruption Terrible (Sep 04) Explosion of the belly of a supervolcano causes Iceland's volcano to collapse

For example, the moderate eruption of fagrad als fjall volcano in iceland in 2021 was responsible for the total disruption of air traffic in europe. For several days, the largest eruptions known in human history ejected enormous volumes of volcanic material, ranging from 25 to 150 cubic kilometers and caused serious worldwide climate changes, even greater eruptions that have spewed out more than 1000 cubic kilometers of magma rock and volcanic gases into the Atmosphere have occurred in the recent geological past. The magma rock and volcanic gases of such super eruptions covered huge areas, polluted the atmosphere and caused notable climate changes throughout the world with marked effects on the biosphere. Music evaluating whether such strong volcanic eruptions will occur in the future requires an understanding of the geological processes and physical mechanisms that led to them. Such an understanding can be gained from studies of the volcanic systems known to produce these supereruptions in the near past. After analyzing volcanic glass particles and ice from a swiss glacier, a team of researchers has identified why some medieval historians say 536 was the worst year to be alive early that year, a cataclysmic volcano in iceland spewed ash across the northern hemisphere, creating a fog that plunged Europe, the middle east and parts of asia into darkness, day and night for 18 months summer, temperatures dropped 1.5 degrees celsius to 2.5 degrees celsius initiating the coldest decade in the past 2 300 years. Scientists behind a major study on ocean warming this month are acknowledging errors in their calculations and say, conclusions are not as certain as first reported.

The research published in nature said: oceans are warming much faster than previously estimated. An international team of scientists this week reported the discovery of a 31 kilometer wide impact crater hidden beneath the volcano fagrad als fjall layer left after a 1.5 kilometer wide asteroid slammed into earth, one of the planets 25 largest known craters. It is also remarkably fresh, seemingly indicating a recent strike within the last few million years. The timing is still up for debate, but some researchers on the discovery team believe the asteroid struck at a crucial moment.

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