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The information also provides a treasure trove of data that helps demographers, understand population trends, minnesotas state demographer, susan brauer joined me this week to talk about minnesotas changing population. First, the big news minnesota will not lose congressional representation, but just barely meanwhile other midwestern states like illinois and michigan did across the nation. Six states will gain seats because texas gets two while seven states lost seats in the census. Why was minnesota able to hold on to all eight of its congressional representatives its good to see you shannon? Thanks for having me, we had people who worked so hard on the census response in minnesota, and we held on to that seat by just 26 people counted now we needed to have the growth there in order for that counting to put us over the edge, but Because we had such an organized group of people across the state who were invested in this count and who were working toward it for years before the census count thats, really what put us over the edge. So i we owe it to all the people across the state who worked in their home communities to make sure people knew why the census. It was important why you should fill it out, because, because minnesotans did that in terms of population growth, the press release from your office said minnesota had a healthy 7.6 percent growth rate, which is on par for the nation. Many of our neighboring states, with the exception of north and south dakota, had did not match minnesotas growth.

In a presentation to the house redistricting committee, you said that growth is not guaranteed what contributed to minnesotas population growth, so i think theres, a couple of things. Weve had a really strong economy since weve come out of the great recession and not all states that neighbor us have, and so i think, theres kind of a pull factor of of people who have come from other states. Potentially, you know illinois where theyve been losing people um to come to minnesota, to find opportunities to work. So, on the one hand, the strong economy has helped our population growth. The other thing is weve had a steady stream of immigrants of international immigrants to the state, because we have a large and thriving or several large and thriving metropolitan areas, and so thats helped bolstered the growth as well um, some of our midwestern neighbors dont, have those Metro areas and those metro areas tend to be a poll both for people coming from other states and other metros in the u.s and also from from across the globe. Uh its been widely reported that minnesotas population is becoming increasingly diverse. Uh, the states white non hispanic population declined to 76 percent, while the black indigenous people of color population, also by poc some people say now, makes up nearly a quarter of our population um. This isnt just metro, but all across the state and in a recent star tribune article, they talked about a diversity index uh about the the likelihood of encountering someone of a different race or ethnicity and minnesota ranks very, very highly on that.

What underlying trends are driving? This kind of population change, so the main thing that is created im. Sorry, the main thing that is increasing our ethnic and cultural diversity and racial diversity is just the momentum thats built into our age structure, meaning that the more babies we have that are babies of color, the more diverse we become, and so we have more and more People in parenting ages, who are bipoc, and so that creates this momentum toward greater diversity. We have a large proportion of our population who are white non hispanic in the older years and those are the ages that dont grow. They dont have babies and they tend to be in the high mortality age group, so theres really this um. This momentum happening toward more diversity, thats just built into who we are today. The other piece that increases diversity is migration, so international uh immigration, in particular, tends to increase uh racial and cultural diversity, and so those two things um have have kind of propelled us forward along this along this pathway. Now correct me if im wrong, but i believe in the sen in this census. It was the first time that there was greater latitude for people to report on their ethnicity and which included then a very fast growing category of multiracial. In your presentation to the house. Members, you spoke about changes in partnership norms. Anecdotally. I can attest just from uh my childrens friends, the school friends.

There are many multiracial, biracial friends, um and youre, talking about younger kids and, and and all of that, so is it simply a matter of time before multi racial becomes one of the most common categories. Yeah i mean were moving in that direction, and many demographers have kind of looked at the concept of race and, of course, its a social construct. As we know, and as we move toward greater um multi racial identities, the concept of race becomes less salient for a lot of folks and and kind of looking down the road. The question is, you know: will race even be an important thing to measure once we have? You know a majority of people with with multi racial identities, thats kind of the direction we seem to be going, but again since its a social construct, it will depend on kind of what happens um around the concept of race in in the coming decades. Um. Interestingly, the population was stable across much of this state in minnesota, with the exception of urban areas, and in fact, 78 percent of population growth was centered in the seven county metro area. What does that tell you about the metro area and what does that likely mean for redistricting, so the amount of growth in the metro area really picked up this decade. So weve always seen a lot of growth in metro areas, but this decade that growth was super sized. It was just incredible the amount of growth that we saw in the twin cities and some of our other metropolitan areas as well.

And so, if we look at the number of people who are added to uh twin cities, metropolitan air cities, um counties, it gives us a a really pretty clear idea that there will need to be more districts in that region, particularly the twin cities. Although we saw growth in the rochester area and the mankato area as well, but when were looking at redistricting, it really is going to have to accommodate that growth. That happened in the twin cities, and particularly in minneapolis and st paul, where the growth was the greatest um as a demographer combing through such a wealth of information, uh, both state and nationally, every time. Theres, a census must just be very exciting, and i wonder at this point as as far as youve delved in thus far what has been most interesting to you or what are you most excited about? You know having the granularity that we have is whats the most exciting because we go through the decade and we have a general sense were making estimates generally about kind of where the growth is happening at the city level. But we just dont have that granularity that its happening on this block or that block, and so i think, just to see the tremendous amount of growth in pockets of cities is thats. What we can look at now that we couldnt look at otherwise, and so for me, its really nice to have that concrete granularity that that we didnt have until now, and do you think some of this new information, then i i assume it will impact your projections For the coming ten years until we have a new census yeah, it will impact our projections and it will also impact growth because, just as there is a momentum to growth and diversity, theres a momentum to growth in population overall.

So, where we see growth, we know well see more growth in the decades to come, and so really it gives us a sense of what our future will look like. What future growth will look like just to be able to see what happened in these last 10 years, dr susan brauer, it is always a pleasure.

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