Twin, Multiracial people, Today Joe Biden’s Awkward Moment Takes Knee To Celebrate WNBA Champs

You can always support the twins by buying a patriotic t, shirt or hat today, or maybe some berry products, or maybe our white privilege card or maybe a brand new race card, or maybe a new horse twins approve faster than calling 9 1 1 warning signs for All lefties and criminals and and crazy people just use discount code delta me and my twin here, gon na give you 200 off your purchase. You sound like joe biden what you kept saying. He did that Laughter like he is getting Laughter. I didnt even go there but yeah joe biden. I guess uh trumps out of office, so now, like professional teams, when they win like a championship yeah, they want to go to the white house yeah they didnt see. You want to see one particular white guy, but do you rather see another one yeah like that that white guy you know the guy that uh talked to at a uh former clan members. Funeral yall go see him yeah, i mean he gave a eulogy at a klan members, funeral hes, okay, but trump, no trump hes, a white supremacist man. I want to cut yall out yall yall. I mean its nothing theres, nothing wrong with being liberal, but its just everybody thats on the left, liberal is just yall, just idiots yall believe everything theres nothing wrong with going to go, see trump, just because you well, i dont care man. I told you no cussing in this video.

No man, you cant, you cant, you cant raise them with these people. So why am even going to try its like talk to a brick wall but hey yall, happy yall won the championship. Yall get to go, see yalls. President, the guy who got 81 million votes, talked to the clan members and gave him a eulogy. It was and from what i heard from these clans members, it was a damn good, yeah yeah, you know when you give a eulogy and a funeral right, its not like youre gon na get up there and bash the dude yeah you get up and talk about All the great things the former klan member did in his life. It will but thats the president yall want to go see, but anyway it was an awkward moment. I mean whenever joe bidens involved and its a public apprentice its going to turn off somethings going to happen. You just got to sit back and just wait. Just be patient hes either going to grab somebody slam. His forehead on you hes either gon na sniff, you or grope you or just forget where hes at oh. It just says something, or he might even say the n word or say the f word. You know the word for uh gay people that he mistakenly i mean he mistakenly said it both times. But how did you become president united states and within the first month, or so you call you say the n word, and how do you do that? Yeah joe biden knows: how do you fall going up? Steps twice check.

I would say it uh. What id rather see him? You know not falling going up steps but shut up. You cant say that thats what im saying aint gon na say it aint no left there aint, no liberal. There you go. I got a conscience, yeah, im conservative. You got it now liberal. Now somebody just radical on the left. Theyll say great things. Oh, i hope you get covered and i hope you you know. I hope you fall down themselves yeah, but i aint that person yeah, i got brains, i have a, i have a heart. I have a conscience im, a human being yeah all right. I put those before any politics because im a human being, you get that i wanted to get that off. My chest stop sniffing in the mic. I aint sniffing in the mic. You did this. You said like you want him to hear it when you sniff. Do this you like it like, they got ta, hear it like that stand here. It turned down these damn mikes name all right check out this moment i think, were gon na take a picture now is that right man, you think, take them that man im gon na hold on to this. What yall got the mask on for its stupid? Take it off you clown hes, taking the knee everybody, you cant, okay, i guess he thought the national anthem was going to play 1146 thats yalls jersey, that jersey is horrible, yeah, who wears lime, green well, its the wnba man.

They they use soft colors, pink and their name is the seattle storm im like ive been to seattle. It doesnt storm in seattle. All it does, it gets cloudy it rains and it stops and it just stays cloudy. Yall dont have no thunderstorms. You aint got no lightning, you aint got no thundering got no hail. You aint got no damn tornado alerts. You aint got no severe severe uh severe uh thunderstorm warnings. You aint got no damn flood watches its rain. It just rains for like a few. It just grizzles and rains its just wet all day, but yall call yourself to seattle storm. You should have called it. You know cause yall walking all day. This team actually walked out on national anthem. I dont know why joe biden actually took any, but they in that form of protest they actually walked out while theres planet national after yeah, like thats gon na change. Anything yeah like the american, the national anthem, is whats, causing yeah injustice. Injustice in this country youve got to protest the injustice, not the anthem, it just just make any sense. Like yeah, i mean just thats what i mean at that moment when he took a knee, i never saw yall take a knee. I dont know why he decided to take a knee, but yall know hes, pandering to yall right. You know hes. What he did in afghanistan is total total screw job yeah screw job screw.

You know what a screw job is Laughter a screw job yeah. He screwed things up man a screw job, Laughter, hey but um. I want to say this: dough, okay, so yall get dont, show the clap. For me, hey man. Can i do some talking well im in mid sentence, but the reason why i cut you off because i was gon na say something you cut me off Laughter. Oh say it. Dude, hey, hey man. I forgot what i was gon na say. Well, let me do something so ill be cutting you off cause. I i i dont. I have you know short term memory. I cant membership. Cant. Remember nothing got that bottom going! Look here! Okay, yall, get invited to the white house right. I mean. I know what i was gon na say: Music yall, taking a picture with a mask on you. You know you can take the mask off when you eat or drink something you should be able to take a mask off if youre going to take a picture. Yall. Just took a damn picture with the president in the white house and nobody could see yalls face whats the point of taking a picture. Yeah thats the whole point in taking a picture, so you can see your face. Thats the whole point. Taking the picture, i mean its like taking a picture with a blanket on your face. Dont, let people glad at taking pictures and covering up is the actual clan, no theres other people taliban the way they dress that women kill.

My moment i just had. I just said it was a great point i made and you had to kill it well, taliban two they covered their face of the world. The bear dont cover their face. Didnt, do they went on them curtains and yeah, they werent all that, but they got the face. I talked about how they make their women dress. This is even better right, youre trying to piss me off aint, trying to piss you over; no, no dawg, it aint. My fault, it aint my fault. I got better jokes than you, man, jokes, what the hell you talking about a joke. Man cameraman, you dont, have to be an antagonized female. I got ta. Take it out. I think youre doing this on purpose. Im fed up. I hate antagonize, you man, its a two man show. No, i had a moment there yeah you had a moment. I had a moment too hold on listen what i said this was beautiful. It came out of nowhere say it again. Man i said the only people like taking pictures with their face covered is the actual clan. You see the beautiful moment i had there thats, not right, though man you can plant them to the clan yeah. You you hey. What my brother keep trying to tell you yall look dumb as hell. Wear them, damn ass man, its ridiculous, who else takes a picture with your face, is covered. Stop touching me, man who else takes a picture with their faces, covered kevin antifa.

They do it. A liberal all right, thats, a good point, see i acknowledge your good points: yeah yeah, that was a good point: hey walk, yall change, yalls name to the seattle, antifa thats. What yall known for yeah yall woke seattle, walkouts dawg, the seattle walk. That was a damn goon right there, man, you were well. You went up with and im starting you one up me on that, one. It wasnt his seattle, walk man, thats beautiful, see, nelly on my side, the damn clan one. Oh man, i got ta, give you some credit on them. The seattle woke anyway, man. I dont watch the debbie in bed, its like as soon as i come on tv somebodys falling, and somebody throws up an ambulance like this like watch. If i want to see this, i can watch a jv basketball yeah. I start watching yall yall, let some transgenders play with yall im gon na see some athleticism im gon na see a drop step, someone and duck on them. Thats. What i dont see i wan na see some lebron james thats allowed. You know, like yeah, wont yall get some real women in the wnba. Hey look here. The one thing i dont understand im watching that. Well, why dont yall stop trying to be like the man yall need to lower the hoop down like 80 feet, i mean yalls. Basketball is already the size of a volleyball. Obviously you need to make it smaller and itd be more entertaining get some transgenders in now.

Yeah with some athleticism get some dunks in there, some crossovers breaking a couple. Ankles yeah get some melanis and get some killer dunks in there, some shaquille or what some shaquille dunks yeah its a kill. Man yeah get some shaquille going yeah. We want some shaquille action. We want some allen: iverson action, yall, look like a bunch of 80o larry birds running up and down the court falling all over yourself hold on. That is crazy. As hell, man was, i said, adio larry bird, but you cant, you cant make fun of legends 80 year old, larry birdson lost like 150 pounds up in the face. No, i mean hes still a legend. You cant do that. Yall. Look like 80 year old, larry birds with long hair man with suntans, i mean crispy, dark, slanting yeah, you talking about man, what you gon na defame a legend like that im, not defaming him thats, what they look like they be dribbling like i was damn shooting Through her legs she be doing all this then ill set you like man, you crazys head, they falling all over them. Like them bogeys go up in there i mean them: girls, they aint man aint, that bad yeah. They alright, but youre just clowning them right now. Man cause cause, they went to the white house with a bad one. I mean i seen that one wnba girl, i think, shes, like six eight yeah shes just wide open.

Oh and everybodys, like stutter shes gon na dunk it shes gon na dug it. She pinches right on the rim and damn near broke her neck when she she got too excited man thats what i was doing in like eighth grade yall professionals and then the other team didnt even want to get involved. They wanted to see you dunk it and you still blew it. Have you seen that yall be doing all this woke stuff in the court? Oh shes gon na duck here she go there. Another team like yeah. Do it im, like the other team, is hoping you do it and you still blow it yall need to get some transgenders in that cause. Thats loud now, yeah ill watch it. I might even come to a couple games im im sitting front row. I want to see this hey, but let me touch on by a little bit i mean was what was what why was yall? Why did yall start laughing hes taking a knee yeah yall shouldve? Either i mean im thinking you in agreement with you should at least laugh. I mean you should at least, why are you laughing at the buffoon Music yall in the white house with a man who got over 80 million votes and you didnt even take your mask off you that could be anybody behind those masks. Yes, most famous president of all time, yall wearing masks, take didnt, yall, see nasty polo said that dinner.

She just had wait. Wait all these old people need. Nobody had mask on yo obamas party man. Why yo? Why yall wearing the mask man they treating yall like yeah this? Is they dont want to catch? Nothing from you, people they let yall come to the house. Look how they treat you like yall, some mutants like yall, got something dont tell them food. They can come in here they aint taking the mask off cause. I know they got something thats. What thats, what you treat? Yall man? No, you cant, take it off. I knew you got something i seen pelosi hold some kind of dinner, or it was some kind of event right. Nobody had masks on all them was everybody was like up in age 50 and over its like 60 70 years old, nobodys wearing a mask. The only people was wearing masks were the servants there yeah, what kind of damn 1920 what kind of damn 1650 slavery. Crap whats this did you say that at pelosis party yeah, i saw it all the servants, the people, look, the waiters and stuff yeah the help they had mask on, but all these old – oh, let me just say, old, white people, people who susceptible to covet. None of them had masculine. You know why, because theyre sophisticated, oh, yes, thats, why see they didnt? Let thats why they didnt tell yall to take house mask off. They aint sophisticated yall aint sophisticated for joe biden, yeah yall, probably like rubbing your ass and scratching your nose and yeah see they dont do that they sophisticated.

They feel better thats. Why thats? Why they, let obama people they sophisticated, yall, yall athletes, they dont think yall. As sophisticated yeah, yeah youre sophisticated, so you can come in here, but you better not take off your mask. Even though everybodys i betcha all of them vaccinated yeah. They they liberal to it yet yeah yeah, im, pretty sure im thinking 90 of them, yeah yeah, but yall should change the name man. I think that was a good name. You came up with me what the seattle woke yo. I was going yeah the seattle walk or the seattle walkout. I think walkers should be the best one. How about the seattle waps? What seattle waps? What oh thats right? You dont listen! Cardi, b huh you dont! Either no, they look kind of dry to me. What the women look dry. How you doing man see you just clowning people you trying to im, not condemning now youre trying how you know that dont look like they had them: real good child burn. Hips man, you crazy as hell call yourselves the seattle burn, chicks, uh thats. That was horrible too. You know what man i need to just stop. While im ahead, you aint hit. That was a damn good show mike lindell. True patriot. He needs our help. Heres, a man who started from nothing build a great company, great products. I mean you can buy pillows tiles. You can even buy some stuff for your pets for your dog im buying some stuff.

For my dog, milo and ruby. We support people that have a great product and supports our country yeah, and they support freedom of speech yeah. I dont i dont support companies, thats yeah, just that dont support this country yeah. I dont support companies that dont value other peoples, opinions and the left is trying to destroy this man because he has a different opinion yeah just because he supported the president of the united states so go to his website. Now. Yeah right use, discount code, hard twins, yeah, get a huge discount and youll be supporting a patriot, yeah dont forget go to, go to the fight censorship, tab hit. The links, follow us on telegram, follow us on rumble and follow us on youtube. They havent censored us there yet yeah, they actually being fair yo, go to and pick you out a patriotic t shirt today, hell im even giving you 20 off just type in discount code, chinese virus.

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