American football New England Patriots vs. New York Giants | Preseason Week 3 2021 NFL Game Highlights

Jones under pressure jones gets sacked happy that it was not more serious newtons. First, throw of the night nice diving catch made by jacoby meyer harris on the draw escapes left harris to the 30 and finally tripped up newton back to throw the out is incomplete, good coverage there by rodarius, so nick faulk, the veteran in to try a 41 Yard field goal bailly to hold Music snap is clean and folk, knocks it through the tail back slating the man in motion on the first and 10. jones evan ingram ingram little end around the slayton patriots. Have it red board makes it booker comes in motion as jones takes the snap jones under pressure jones gets sacked again now that one may be on jones. He had Applause newton with time, fires it over the middle and the pass intercepted by martinez under a minute to go here in the first quarter. Three, nothing, patriots, jones and wiggins in at the left guard jones on a second at 12. dumps it down to sterling shepard Music jones with time throws the out caught by shepard inside the 20 first and goal jones a little play action ingram did he get third And goal inside the one jones fires it intercepted dangelo ross with the interception first and 15. jones to throw jones over the middle and completes it to christian wilkerson jones checks it down underneath and completes it giants certainly can use kyle rudolph in the red zone, mac Jones on third down escaped but cannot escape the arms of dexter lawrence, who drops them bailly to hold Applause.

Snap is good and nordine hits from 48 playing the right side after being the starting left tackle Music for the giants, jones brightwell hes trying to keep him off the the closest track, but hes getting beat around the corner too much with the short set. Third and eleven jones nearly intercepted intended for pettis on a second and twenty for new england. They lead six, nothing here in the second jones with plenty of time. Taylor makes the catch raglan and darnay holmes on the tackle gain of eight third and 12 from their own 18. jones. With some time pass knocked away by julian love, incomplete good defense there by the giants, car trying to figure it out jones shepard knocked down a yard and a half short of the first down gain of 10 on the play. Thatll set up the third and one for the giants with two timeouts remaining under a minute to go here in the half second, and six jones with time throws the out completes it with 50 seconds to go in the half jones again brightwell, first and 10, from The new england, 23. Music jones with time smith, makes the catch for the touchdown its a beautiful, throw by daniel jones there. He puts it up where king jones can just go up and high point. The football matt jones gets turn number two taylor on the draw taylor across the 30 out to the 30.. Most teams will start it with a draw or a screen.

They got hit big on feels some pressure. Jones gets sacked back at the 28 yard line. Well, set the players in there for the giants: defense backups in there right now, mack jones delivers it christian wilkerson. Well talk a little bit about raymond johnson, because coach had some nice things to say about him. Stevenson made trent third and four from the giants. 42.. Applause taylor has the first down nothing exasperates him more than seeing a team run on him, thats their number one core principle: stop the run. First didnt do it there jj taylor so first and ten at the 17. and theres a pass for a touchdown to isaiah. Cant lay comes away with the victory and he has the top spot. In the fedex cup, standings Applause stevenson cant get around the edge sam Music made a nice play. Third and five for glennon and the giants blended with time and through the hands of alex bachmann mac jones remains in at quarterback jones completes it. Music jones for stevenson threw a perfect ball better defense stevenson. Stevenson in for the touchdown division games obviously count a little more double count as far as trying to win the division sills with the catch so second and ten for the giants from their own 41.. Still a thing in baseball stadiums for cert landed on a third and six wide open buck, but hes got a first down Applause. Third and ten at the new england, 23.

Applause glennon, two receiver giants, traded ryan santoso earlier this week to carolina and that drifts right. So gunneau, who was 31 of 32 last year, misses the field goal one of the greatest teachers of football ive ever been around. If not the greatest. He had a great staff too and part of the great staff with bill. Parcell two super bowl victories with the giants, including that great game plan to slow down that mighty buffalo. Let them beat us passing the football, so we were in coverage before the ball was snapped and you guys pounded their receivers in that tampa heat jones. Under pressure. Going to get sacked, trent harris, zuber cant be blocking downfield before it happens. Second and 25 for mack jones and the patriots zuber with the cats. You would like to think their teachable moments within their expectations of your quarterback. You cant throw it inside late and then behind the guy that youre throwing it to because your feet werent set. Third, i think the giants made a good decision makes a man. Miss clements got a first down credit jackson, barton the left, tackle, who made a nice block to spring Music eli penny out to midfield and then start the fourth quarter giants down by 12. giants. Giving eli penny wondering when will sapon play glenn in the throw bachmann for the touchdown going through a difficult time, but were with you coach? You certainly are in bruce. I know how dedicated youve been uh to the j fund and a lot of these.

What people dont realize a lot of these coaching principles are not born when they become head coaches, people say well, did you and it impacts the lives of people beyond football, foyer hits wilkerson hoyer eight for eight third and four for the 19. knocked away and nordine Knocks it through its incredible to be able to have an opportunity to pursue a dream glennon engulf about the baseball players, theyve turned out recently, third and 15. glennon with time Music Applause check on his quarterback. Second and 18., you got to say they got ta focus on getting something corrected at both tackle spots. Taylor increases the edge and takes it out near the 40 yard line gain of 19.. The way he handled you know 911 and how he reacted and got the guys to rally around trying to help and – and you know, get over there and make sure he was supporting and showing reporters for the giants. Organization zuber with the catch and run with 2 ‘ to go second and 10 with 23 seconds to go glennon and tight end griffin, stewart able to get out of bounds sunday night football here on nbc 4 new york, glennon damian willis with eight seconds to go. Applause Applause will papa get some reps hell, be joining us on the radio side, yeah cant wait.

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