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It is about the ultras. You guys have been leaving comments in pretty much all of my football videos that i need to watch something about the ultra. So here we are Music. Now, basically, what i know about the ultras is: they are kind of like the ultra fans, right of the various football clubs. They are the ones that have their shirts off body paints, theyre the ones that yell the loudest in the games. Theyre, probably the ones that also start all of the fires. Anyway. I have also saved a couple of longer videos about the ultras more about like the history of them and gets more in depth into like their, i guess way of life. Although this video is also called ultra, our way of life so im assuming its just going to be some clips of the ultras from you, know various clubs. Now, last saturday i did watch my very first premier league game between liverpool and chelsea, and it was my first match that ive seen inside a club stadium like that and the crowd atmosphere was way way better than any of the euro games. That i watched and you could definitely hear the ultras – they were super loud all the way through that match singing almost like non stop and uh. You guys, let me know, definitely thats the ultra section, its a bit different from uh american sports, particularly in uh. When i think about crowd atmosphere, i think about college football and not the nfl its a little different, like you guys, have a specific section for these guys.

Although we would have a student section for uh college football and they they tend to be kind of a little bit more rally than the rest of the crowd too. So maybe its kind of more similar than i thought. But this is definitely a very unique thing to football soccer that i dont think youre going to find in other sports. So looking forward to seeing more about these ultras so lets do it. Here we go with the flares. You guys told me. Those were flares still think its nuts im, not like criticizing you guys in europe. When i talk about like the flares and the fire and stuff its just uh different for me, oh, are those seats. Oh wow are those. What is that ive never seen anything like that before they they look like they have uh. Those are not those those cant be seats because theyve got something inside them. I dont know what that is, looks like its gon na shoot. Something are those like uh. Is that pyro stuff, Music, okay, climbing the stadium Applause, looks like the student section at a college football game, though all these maths are crazy, though thats a little intimidating. I really love my group, my team, even in cases where theyre not playing so well media made more problems about that than about what is the mask thing about guys, thats that is freaky. I guess thats why they wear this like as an intimidation factor, maybe thats really interesting, like we dont do stuff like that over here.

For sure, like the mass thing, is you look like youre about to go, rob somebody millions of corruption of fifa. So that says enough about this football: Music Applause, Music. Obviously i cant read this because its in a different language but uh, okay, we have bullhorn, we have just yelling in general, with flag waving flare, brandishing uh. We have the scarf right there and then also bringing your kid to the game. Okay, then they dont have a chest: Music wheres, all this graffiti too man, Music, hmm um. Now that is not a flare guys im, sorry, that is not a flare. That is looks like a pile of stuff on fire in the middle of the stands. Oh, my gosh. Where is this Applause? Oh, my gosh were using gun shots thats, like the soundtrack Music Applause Applause. This is what i heard during the liverpool game. Pretty much the whole way through Applause. Are these police like look down there in the circle around the track right, there looks like just a bunch of police that are trying to make sure everything stays contained, maybe its all meant to all men, Applause yeah. This is something you dont see you dont you just you dont see that you dont see this over here at all yeah. This is very, very unique to football. I wonder i want to keep saying like european football, but i know a lot of you guys have said that south america does this too um and, like turkey, a lot of those types of countries yeah.

This is very, very unique to this sport because, like i said we we get rowdy uh, like student sections and really just the whole crowd, gets involved honestly in like college football and stuff, but its a mix of genders like its, not just all male like this. So this is like on a different level way on a different level. Uh were going with the masking. I mean these look like theyre theyre about they look like theyre about to riot or resistance to the phone, expect them to location from their side, because they know more than well that if they make something like this, they will have more problems that we will have. What the heck this is a foot! This is a sport thats. Why theyre wearing the mask? Okay? What do you guys really do like rice and stuff over football? Yeah? Okay, like you know, in past videos, i kept like saying like we have this in, like college american football. You know and stuff like that, we dont have this. We we do not. We dont do this yeah. I can see definitely like through this video, just how ingrained like a lot of your football clubs are particularly like. Maybe the smaller ones, especially, are very ingrained in the community there to have like fans on this level, where theyre wearing masks and like rioting with the police and stuff thats like passion on a completely different level like that goes beyond passion.

Actually, i dont even know what to call it at that point, but oh my gosh, these guys about to fight what is what exactly is the contention with the police in this situation? Are they just wanting to like you know, do the flares and do some stuff like get super rowdy and the police are trying to stop it and they dont like that? Is that whats going on like what the problem is with the police? Or is it something else that im not understanding? Also, i can understand. I can understand why women and children would be less likely to go to games in this situation like if this was happening. I probably would be uh cautious about going. I definitely wouldnt probably want to take kids to this thats for sure i dont know i cant read this language but theres a lot of graffiti. I mean like it almost looks like gang type stuff. You know it has that vibe like a gang type vibe to it in a way i dont know if thats a good way to describe it or not, and i dont mean that necessarily and like i dont want to like compare football fans to gangs or anything, But because, but thats a vibe that this video is giving me, are you spraying that guy its a basketball one too huh? Ah Music? Oh, we got basketball too huh Music! Oh my gosh! This is like eerie okay. Well, i was expecting to see a lot more fire in that and i certainly did yeah im starting to see more and more now like with this video, the differences with the crowds in like football versus american sports.

A lot of you guys have said that you know the the passion of the football fans is very very like organic and the fans are the ones that drive it its uh, not as organized as like. Maybe the fan atmosphere might be in american sports. I can definitely see that, like its not organized at all its very very chaotic it looks like, but i dont mean that, like in a negative way, its just not organized in the same way, you know its very um grassroots, as we would say in the united States very grassroots passion in the fan base, like you, would not see in any american sports stadium. You would not see thousands of men with their shirts off shouting like that. You might see a row of them somewhere. You know, but not like that. Uh youre, not gon na see the flares and the fire happening in the uh stands like this. Youre not gon na see flag waving uh. We dont really do the flags in the stands too much over here at all, uh, its more of like pom poms. You know stuff like that. We also dont, it was showing. I dont know what you would call it, but like they let the um the logo of the team and those huge like banners that span across you know dozens of rows in the stands. Youll see that to an extent over here, sometimes in our sports, but not i dont – think on the same level as this uh we do not take to the streets in riot gear and masks over here we do have tailgating and we do have.

Maybe the band will uh, you know march through the streets, the streets playing and the um football team. Might you know parade through the streets and you know, get high fives from the crowd and stuff like that? But youre not going to see like a march through the streets from the fans like that. We just like pull up and pick up trucks and barbecue outside the stadium and throw a football around, and you know drink beer, basically thats what we do before the games. Now that said, i dont know how like legal or how frequent the stuff that they showed in this video actually happens. I dont know how frequent fights are and that sort of thing or if this is just kind of showing some of the more like intense moments. I dont know so yeah this video kind of like helped me, i think, understand a little bit better. What you guys are saying about like the fan passion anyway. That was a very, very interesting video and now i really want to like watch more of the longer like documentaries on the ultras and try to get like a little bit more understanding of this because, like i said it gave me a very like gang type vibe, I hesitate to say that, because i do not in any shape or form want to compare these guys to like criminals or anything like that. Thats not what im trying to say, but but with all the graffiti and the masks and the writing and the fighting going on you know it just thats where my head went, you know so anyway, it was a good video.

Very interesting! Look at it for sure. If you guys want to recommend any more, please do that in the comments below. I would appreciate it and also a reminder to like and subscribe. If you enjoyed this video and enjoy my videos in general, i would certainly appreciate that youll also find the links all on my social media discord patreon in the pin comment and the description, if youre interested in any of that stuff roger here – and i thank you Guys for watching, as always well have more football content coming your way soon.

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