Far Cry, Ubisoft, Xbox One, Ray tracing Assassin's Creed Odyssey Xbox Series X vs PS5 Comparison

So the reason were taking a look at this is because both of them just got 60 fps updates. Ubisoft went back, gave them a bit of a boost for each of them. So now we have a good, stable 60 fps frame rate for both of the options so on the left for the xbox series x were getting basically a closer to a native 4k image. You can actually scale up to that, whereas on the right with the ps5, its usually about 1600 p, it might be able to go a little bit higher, but it does have a little bit of a a lower hanging like threshold for resolution scaling uh, because both The more dynamic scaled but theyre, both inheriting their last generation options in regards to the resolution quality. They both look very good. They both perform quite well, and i thought it would just be neat to kind of have a nice comparison between the two of them. So these videos are a lot of work, so you know liking. The video is great, subscribing scared as well. I hope you enjoy this look at it so were starting with a little bit of a quick opening. The audio is coming from the left side in case youre, wondering and then were going to kind of transition between open world scenarios within the game back and forth, so that you can see the differences in regular land so keep in mind that they both have hdr Support enabled and that the xbox actually has about half the record bit rate that the ps5 does so its about 26 000 versus like 40.

Something thousand bit rate wise, because these are both recorded off their particular console platforms because thats just how we do it. For these comparisons, but you can kind of notice some of the detail changes just in regards to the visuals between the two images and how they look again purely captured off their respective platforms in regards to the quality. Just in case, you are wondering about the clarity and everything like that, and i did try my absolute best to line up the scenarios as well as i could so keep in mind. This is going to be a bit of a horse scenario. So the point of this is to kind of showcase some of the movement around the map. So some of the things to look at here – and i also tried my best to have the time of day – be about the same for both its a little bit hard. You have to sit there and wait until the shadows kind of line up, but i think i got it decently close for both of them and i think ive got this synced decently. Well, so that you can see the progression on both sides and get an idea of you know, kind of how its running and how its looking now i did notice. There is some pop in present for both, but i did tend to notice a bit more on the playstation side of things and again, you know youre going to kind of make your own judgment based on what youre, seeing as well visually its just something i noticed Was a bit more present in that regard and that the xbox version has a bit more.

You know visual quality to it. Obviously, having that extra resolution ceiling that it can go to. You know 2160, as opposed to like 1600p. That is actually like a significant uh amount of scaling and significant jump there and its kind of amazing, seeing both of these next gen consoles actually get us to that 60 fps marker, while also providing a 4k or a near 4k type image, its just really fantastic. To have – and i think, a great way or well the best way to play this on a console, its really neat that were actually obtaining this sort of thing. And i do hope that ubisoft takes the time to go back to other assassins, creed titles and give those one a bit of a you know, increase of the frame rate as well, because i think that would be fantastic. So this is a combative scenario here. Its nice and tight its well set in this one area, and i think that kind of makes it a little bit better for showing combative type scenarios. You just have this really good starting part of this game, because thats, where this is taken from this sort of battle, but the spot its. You know its just a really good scenario that is easy to mirror between the two of them and it just kind of gives you an idea of how you know both of them look in the scenario, and you can just kind of see the fluidity and the Combat i do tend to notice a bit more clarity on the xbox light too.

I dont know if people are necessarily picking up on that one just in regards to like theyre being a bit less of a of a cloudy feeling at times and im not talking about like the aesthetic choice, you can definitely tell both of them when you kill Someone it does like a bit of a a slow mo sort of missed. Aesthetic thats got like a bit of a, i want to say, a grayscale type of an effect which is pretty cool and again i tried to match everything up the best. I could so that you were getting a very clear comparison so that you could, for yourself. Definitely make your own thoughts on how everything goes. So at this point were doing a run around the original spawn island. I didnt think necessarily the horse or the equipment of the character would matter, but on the xbox side, ive got the male character on the playstation 5 side. I have the female character because i thought if i was going back and playing a second time, i might as well see the different perspective, but i dont think that really impacts anything movement or gameplay wise, its basically the same thing but both platforms. You know nice and dense forests, uh dense towns, a bunch of different people running around different combative scenarios, those same large scale, open world experience and its just great to have that here and you know the increased loading for both the platforms is great as well and Its just a really, you know kind of good comparison to see the two of them in action.

You know seeing the differences here. I also like how, even though theres like a bit of a bunch up its basically like still lined up with one another, i definitely appreciated that because i was kind of like oh, it might get hooked off and nope. Sometimes things just work out well and whats. Really easy about doing the horse comparison is that it is much easier to track because its basically you know its an on auto thing right. The horses are just doing their thing. So, instead of me like just walking and having to make sure everything is paced correctly, you know its just the horses doing their thing and its practically just like an almost perfectly lined up scenario and, like i said you know its great to have this little fluidity, Fluidity on both the platforms – i really do appreciate this update. I think its fantastic and, like i said, more creeds could really do with it. I think that would be a big benefit, but i think both the games look quite nice. I think this is once again the definitive console experience for you to check out and uh yeah well kind of just leave it at this point, so you can see a bit more of it in action and at the end of this i do have a bit Of a just the series x, kind of being shown full screen for an intense ship battle, because i know people like the naval style, so i thought that would be kind of neat to showcase and just like a fun little extra thing on the full screen.

Just in case, you want to see the full picture of it in action, its totally cool. I also on the channel, have video reviews for both platforms, so you can see it in full screen and see a lot more of an extended look at both of them. When theyre not going side by side, i thought that was the best way to kind of handle. That sort of experience was to show off both because i have both available and then to also do a quick comparison between the two. I thought that would be quite interesting, so were done with the running in just about a sec here, while the horse, you know obviously racing or galloping or whatever you would say, and then theres a bit more combat a little bit of cinematic and then again that Extra ship part, so once again you know liking the videos great subscribings great as well, because these you know theyre a lot of work to put together these side by side comparisons, and i hope you enjoyed this. Look at assassins. Creed odyssey good luck out there in the war, and i hope you have a great time jumping into this creed option, whether youre doing so for the first time or youre. Returning to the war for many many more hours ill bring saxis your head. Sexy sense is sheep for slaughter come persian. I will bring sanchez. Xerxes is the king of kings all will bow before him after i crush you come through in the frog time to die, my son is more of a warrior than you once im done with you.

King no match for a spartan, uh, Music. We are betrayed my king turkss nose of the path behind the mountain theyre coming by dawn. You will be completely surrounded, we are spartans. When are we not spartans? That word will be nothing when xerxes wipes. Your bloodline today was a day. The persians will never forget. Tomorrow is a day the world will remember. Finally, come on you vip ready to embark. We are pulling up to that salvage Music Music sales up now. It is now only a matching ship commando.

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