Fédération Internationale de Football Association, Brazil national football team 21 PS5 Brazil Vs Argentina International Friendly Game

A warm welcome. My name is derek ray and joining me for commentary, as always is lee dixon and we cant wait for this one to start with justifiable cause its brazil versus argentina yeah. Thanks derek, i always get a buzz from being here. The players will feel the same im sure fast start, always a good idea to impose yourself on the game straight from the off Music Applause Music. The initial 11 today for the hosts alison gets the node in goal. Marquinhos plays alongside thiago silva in central defense, casemiro plays alongside alan in central midfield, and the main forward is gabrielle: jesus Applause, Music, Music. This is the lineup for the visitors today, but as a team lee, they love to apply almost suffocating pressure based on the lineup. Do you expect the same approach today? Yeah, i think so derek it makes it really difficult for the opponents to find their rhythm unless their touch is absolutely perfect. Enforces mistakes, so id expect well be seeing plenty of that from them. Today. Applause, casimiro Applause, martinos, allen, neymar Applause, lucas, pacquiao, Applause, thats, how to blunt the edge of the opposing attack, throw ins given messi rodrigo javier de power; excellent use of the ball as they make their way forward under pressure. Doesnt seem to be bothering him and space to cross. It. Applause well, thats, a splendid piece of challenging Applause, crisp, tackling Applause and really pressing their opponents. Alan gabriel jesus they could nudge in front well, it looks so promising, but a girl kept the outcome.

Applause, alan and they have possession again Applause, neymar Applause, its with alan Applause, richardson Applause; well, they have it again: Applause los celso. This is looking threatening options in the center lo celso, Music, dybala Applause, marcos, acuna Applause. That is a moment he would dearly love to have back if possible, yeah it wasnt his best effort was it, but i barely thought i havent got anything on. Why not try a shot? Applause alex sandro Applause and heres, alan Applause, realizing that it might be opening up on the opposite flank, and they continue to advance and a lot of options. Here. Applause, maria Applause theyve won back possession alan. It has gone over the touchline for what will be a throw in montiel. So tight this game, whos going to break the deadlock, be brave, be a hero. Take chances, missy montiel lionel messi. Now. Can they make something happen? Not a good tackle. Doesnt want to lose us cool here: casimiro Applause, alexandro Applause and heres alan neymar, preparing the inside route. Can he open them up here? What a vital intervention opportunity in the wide area the cross is on? Can they get in behind them? What can we do from here? Its opening up for them, terrific block there and the fourth official confirming that well have one additional minute: casimiro. The first half here comes to an end Applause Music, plenty to consider based on what weve seen so far as the second half begins: Applause di maria now Applause Applause.

This looks promising Applause, heres marcos, acuna Applause, hes in control of the situation chance to finish. Well, really rifling that one in and he didnt miss by much under pressure. Doesnt seem to be bothering him well, the perfect, tackle really and now a throw in substitution. Then lets see how it affects the match: Applause, emerson, on the ball, richarlison thats, an exquisite pass from gabrielle jesus and its in one nil. They breached the defense, well heres the goal again and its a great ball to put him through theres. Still a lot of work to be done, but the keeper presents the near post on a plate and hes punished, thats quite remarkable Applause Applause, the opening goal of the game, then thiago silva and were inside the final 30 minutes rodriguez perfectly positioned to take it away. Applause emerson, charles on gabrielle jesus over the touch line for a throw in Applause and with play stop. They will make the change now: Applause, makosa, promising, looking attack Applause, lo celso Applause, the ball with martinez, Music Applause; well, no, stopping him martinez, lionel messi might still be able to do a bit of damage. Oh a nice looking pass! Superb save from the keeper! Well, thats: what youre paying for defenders defend goalkeepers make saves like that. Now they have elected to go to the bench at this stage of the game: Applause fired over by messi and a goal real excitement here. The equalizer Applause well heres the replay its a dangerous set piece into the box and still with lots to do, he unleashes a very powerful effort, gave the keeper little chance lovely goal.

That was slightly different vantage point in terms of the goal that was scored. Applause. Well, the earlier goal cancelled out one: a piece: Applause, gabriel Applause, real chance, Applause and thumped away, Applause, Music and short. It is Applause, went in strongly decisively 10 minutes to go Applause. Lo celso and the gold at this stage might well turn out to be decisive. De powell messi well just the tackle that was needed. Neymar heres, marquinhos, gabriel jesus lucas pacquiao alex sandro. Now, while they must exercise caution standing off as they are Applause, the electronic board lets the fans know three minutes of stoppage time. Applause alex sandro now casemiro Applause, gabrielle, jesus Applause, casemiro, i couldnt quite find his teammate and the referee blows his whistle still all square after 90 minutes, and now it is all about the penalty. Shootout, well hes gone for finesse and its really paid off. Oh. My word look at the technique on that and hes been denied from the sport by the post. Well, the goalkeepers got three friends: two posts and a crossbar and the penalty converts it here. Well, thats hours of practice, derek hours of practice and hes denied them from the sport. Oh, its lovely goalkeeping really is not to be from the penalty sports, oh its inexcusable, and he squandered it off target. Well, he looked nervous didnt. He and now a heaven sent opportunity to win the match foiled by the post. Well, sometimes they go in off, but not on that occasion you want a pressure cooker.

This is it he must score and he scores from the sport confident head down, lovely strike, and now he knows whats on the line if he scores they win well. Charms wasted well hit the target 12 yards out. Please Applause and hes tucked his penalty away lee. Well, he held his nerve simple as that a shocking miss here lee. Oh, i really feel for him now. Look at him. It comes down to this a goal and they win the game and it goes that seals it. Oh cometh the hour cometh the man.

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