Fédération Internationale de Football Association, Brazil national football team Chile vs Brazil – World Cup 2022 Qualifiers – Full Match eFootball PES 2021

First time in this competition, this season a genuine sense of occasion, a bit of fanfare that goes with it. The mood is upbeat laced with a dose of nerves, which must be expected. The team news is in the teams. Themselves will be with us shortly: the atmosphere, predictably, wonderful Applause. So what a stage for the players to take to here ahead of such an important game day, one and everybody eager to get off to a good start well, peter both of these teams will take to the pitch with a three point. Focus ambition is fresh and strong, and each will want to go, has a hit goal, whats a start and what a contribution from the main map i had a feeling. He might do something given his reputation, but to do it like that, absolutely brilliant. I wasnt expecting that brazil are really pouncing on any straight passes in midfield were talking seconds from interception to the back of the net, its counter attacking heaven Applause, brazil ahead, one goal to the good good idea, just poorly executed before it goes for a moment. You felt that was going somewhere, but theyll have to go again. Timely intervention, neymar gabrielle goal its off target and by quite a way, fabinho certainly caught it well enough, but that was never really going to trouble. The keeper richarlison Applause tries to get it forward quickly. Eduardo vargas, with a long pass played into space out wide Applause, while the crowd clearly liked what they just saw: some real, no nonsense: defending and heres gabrielle and its danilo Applause, oh hes, in its got and the shots oh taken with style all too easy.

They are in danger of disappearing out of sight Applause, oh, what a cracking goal, but a cracking touch as well thats. What made it for me! Thats! Brilliant play all round Applause, so thats two now without reply! Well, that second goal has given them so much more command and confidence now, and they should be able to take it on from here and either add to their lead or or close it out. Surely, theyll manage one or the other Applause eduardo vargas, hes trying? Oh hes got that all wrong and its a penalty. Brazil present their opponents with the best possible chance here, Applause he was just never going to miss and it only took a little drop of the shoulder to send the keeper completely the wrong way. Didnt. He take it well Applause. This is threatening to become a really good game. Well, it was important they didnt get ahead of themselves and lose their discipline. This game plan could near well reward them with an equalizer, its neymar, oh thats, a fine, save yeah. I thought the keeper did well to retrieve that they work all week on that sort of situation and he reacted very well. Then eduardo vargas gets flagged offside, casimiro, thiago silva plays it forward, neymar neymar a real chance and a real let off yeah. On another occasion, all that went wrong make them right. Applause, neymar, hoists it forward, gets wrestled off the ball, mattel to play it forward and its paid forward.

Thats offside. Yes, it is Applause. There is the halftime whistle so a really good half of football, three goals and just one separating them its kind of a hard one to call peter isnt. I mean from what weve seen so far. Both sides have provided ample evidence that they can add more goals and im sure their respective managers have reminded them that the next one will be pretty crucial. So its going to be interesting to see how the teams come out for the next period. Well, its still anyones game, as both sides have shown they have goals in them. As for the next one, should it arrive that may have a bigger bearing as to who emerges victorious very little in it. The score at half time is two goals to one were already back on the way here. Neymar Applause forward it goes and the counter is on and its fabinho oh well played he needed to get that right, tries to locate someone up front joaquinos positions himself well and cuts it out. Richarlison richarlison, who set up two goals neymar. That intervention was very necessary. Clear there will be a throw in Music, danilo, richarlison and heres. Gabrielle gabrielle really was well marshaled there, because he was denied the opportunity to to turn casimiro with a definite fell there. What an adventurous run from a defender chilly, showing a little more urgency now and to be honest, peter this is whats required, jim theres, not too much subtlety or sophistication about this.

It really is a question of needs must just has to be done. Applause, its a busy front line, lots of movement and its not working for you. Well, not really to be honest. Im, not a great fan of taking gold potential away from the penalty box were not going to make any further progress now gets his foot in there. This was gone, thats, a foul Applause. Brazil are able now to make their substitution its been on the cards for a few moments. Now, Applause, chile, dont make any sort of inroad. Despite all this possession and the weighted pass, alexis sounds good. No mistake theyll see no, and that is about as cool as they come. He picked his spot expertly now thats what i call finishing right in the corner. He knew instinctively who was square and didnt need to waste any time weighing things up, thats a cracking goal. Applause, Music, theres going to be another change here: yeah hes run himself into the ground hasnt he and its. This has become one superb game of football. Well, the big question now is whether they can keep the energy levels up and try and grab a winner. Vinicius junior danger averted for now, brazil have it back and they can go again just starting to get the first signs of rain here, alex sandro. They seem to have lost their sense of direction.

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