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My name is derek ray and joining me in the commentary. Position is the former arsenal and england fullback lee dixon and getting ready for what should be potentially thrilling action here. Its ms vaught duesborg and they face wurzburger kickers, cheers derek yeah, really excited about this one looking forward to some entertaining end to end football. Oh here is the lineup for the hosts today, and this is a formation. Most people in the game are very familiar with. Nowadays, yeah most coaches are adopting this formation. What it does give you is two holding players in front of the back four to protect them, but it also gives you three supporting players to that. Central striker lets have a look at the initial 11 for the visitors. It does rather look as though its going to be a battle of the 4 5 1 formations in this game. Similar set up sleep. Well, it looks lovely in the graphic doesnt it theres players everywhere. Theyve got the freedom to roam around the pitch, how they see fit. There is some structure to it, but that lone striker up front needs support not only around me but from wide areas of two. The supply line will come from the wide midfield players and maybe the overlapping fullbacks and the match begins. Applause come off waka on the ball plenty of options and taking it away im gon na fight danielle hagelin they might be able to get in now.

Applause. It looks promising Applause that is a very fine challenge in difficult circumstances. Applause a chance to whip it in hey its opening up for them. Oh a tremendous block and space to attack. They do pass the ball with authority. Applause has the strength to hang on to it, clears it away, Applause and a goal to open the scoring a very bright start to this one derek as we see it again is a big mistake. You try to teach youngsters not to get caught in possession and be aware of whats around you. He has no clue and he pays the price Music Music. One nil. Then Applause, im, gon na fight Applause still trailing but theyre upping the pressure. Well, the header that was frankly miles off target. Well technically that was um awful marlon frye, federico palacios martinez, promising sequence. It should be thats a routine, take Applause, determined defending Applause, hey galette Applause, an attack full of promise. The cross is, on Applause, looks promising base fluency of movements going about as defensive business with a minimum of fuss, danielle hegelin Applause. They might be on to something real chance and a wonderful save all types of save keepers make but thats really important. Look how close the striker gets. Applause well, opting for the short corner on the fight another sitting ever deeper. The hosts really havent had too much of the ball, but again weve seen it before well, see it again.

Their counter attack play has been absolutely fantastic pace. Really hurts defenses and theyve got that in abundance, playing with purpose and control chance to cross sends it back real danger Applause across towards that far post. Can they put it away Applause? This looks promising Applause while still searching for the equalizer, but not passing it anxiously. Danielle, hegelin Applause can he play us in Applause, possession and patience the watchwords laid into the center? My goodness that same funny stretched. He was one for his own highlights reel Applause, its a short one Applause and its played into the center. It comes to nothing in the end, pressing high to win the ball Applause, its opening up for them Applause. This could level it and able to close down the shorts. Oh great block, and so it is the first half story has been written. Youve certainly got to give this man high marks for his work up to this bite. Lee well derek. He certainly was a good 45 minutes from the lad, obviously got the goal to give him the lead, but hes looked very, very lively as well, and the match begins. The two teams have switched around and are ready now for the second half, hey ganette Applause. Shouldnt. Keep the ball Applause marlon frye! Have they given him too much space? Keeping the ball moving well read to ease the pressure and it crossed the touch line, so a throw in here, Applause, fruitful, looking attack, federico palacios martinez teammates in the middle nodded straight down the throat of the goalkeeper right behind it.

The only way you can score there goes either side of the keeper arnold fike, danielle, hageler, hey galette, oh great vision, Applause aziz, federico palacios, martinez, good, looking sequence other than the crowd they want to see him take on the shot great strong, tackle, throw in forthcoming. Well, they have elected to go to the bench at this stage of the game. Now he must favor the cross Applause. What can he do from here? An attack full of promise on the ball it might be on, for them looks promising base and its gone in. Just what the doctor ordered things looking very bright for them now with this buffer? Well, as we see again here, this really is patient, accurate, incisive passing at his best and still with lots to do. He unleashes a very powerful effort, gave the keeper little chance lovely goal – that was Applause so toenail, now: Music, Applause, Applause douglas and a throw in its going to be – and he read it superbly: Applause, pretty good reading of the game to win possession back Applause. He read it well defensively so 20 minutes to go. Danielle, hey fluency of movement well read to put an end to that attack and the conditions look pretty good for the counter attack, marlon frye Applause real chance, but he did his job defensively thats. The kind of shielding player you expect Applause out of sight, Applause as we can see right place at the right time, strikers instinct, is to be there or theyre about keeper is no chance.

Lets have another view of that goal. Applause here it is now a substitution. Well, if there were any lingering doubts about the outcome, surely they now have been removed. Bowman, hey gillette, ten minutes left for play in this match: agne fike Applause, danielle Applause and the keeper can gather ideal for the goalkeeper for any keeper Applause camp. Can they take advantage well spot on with that challenge? Danielle hegel might be onto something with that ball. Im gon na fight, dangerous, looking attack crossing possibilities, Applause – and there goes the final whistle and the home fans are going to be happy about this outcome lee. Well, it was a very assured performance wasnt, it particularly impressive up front their forwards really hit form today. The result was never much in doubt if im honest well. This man has given us plenty of reasons to dwell on his performance this evening, lee well. That was a really really good performance from the lad and a goal to boot.

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