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The happy dance was posted, then, the next day they posted theyre, going to pink current hello, pink and goodbye red, and this is after my video was dropped earlier in the day, so they dropped more news that they uh pretty much got people excited, it is what It is pink. Current is not really a big deal for me because i was not in it. For that i mean for the spirocoin thats a long run thats, where everythings going to be the revenue, the more uh hype around the stock and everything like that, because uh pink current is just depending on the broker, people trading it and then sketchiness or not. But in the end this is not a sketchy company, as you can tell over time, this has been more transparent, more open, getting things the ball rolling, saying what theyre gon na do and obviously, if you havent figured that out, then i dont know what youre investing Here, for but its catching a lot of peoples, eyes theyre trying to figure out what it is theres so much about it that people dont realize what it is. Yet. Uh theyre probably going to hear one thing like pink current and then like go for it and distract they trade it and thats. What theyre going to do theyve been dropping more news about spirit coin, as you can see, theyve been releasing more articles. Theyre more excited about that and they know thats where their revenue is going to be and thats where a lot of the marketing is going to go about and thats.

What people are really going to understand is their stablecoin spirocoin theyre very thunder the escrow, pretty much. How the markets going to turn over into more of a stable coins, the governments trying to look for stable coins and theyre, probably going to transition into it, but whos going to be their main provider well see only competition. I see right now is facebook, and facebook is obviously going to take over a lot of other people, a lot of other things with the whole market. Overall, as you can see, their followers have been growing and people are catching on to it, which is pretty interesting. So this is what im talking about theres article uh seven are 200 alternatives to tether, uh anti money laundering, stable coins just search that up, because it was in their filings to see what popped up and this what popped up. Usc coin binance gemini is a good one other than that is the dm for facebook. It used to be called libra a couple years ago, where it got shut down because they thought facebook would take over too much of control and stuff and a lot of allegations and they shut down the project. Change it to dm now, theyre going to a digital wallet which is novi, and this is why facebook is pretty much going to control and run a lot of things and pretty much expose a lot of people stable coins and everything from then on out, which is Really good exposure, because, once facebook has something a lot of other people are going to start coming out with their stable coins and start promoting marketing and all that stuff which is going to get really interesting and thats.

Where apt can capitalize on that use that marketing and along as long as more people catch on to it thats when were going to have a big fluctuations and a lot of things and the market changes and the stock will start rising up higher thats? How aabb started catching on a lot of people caught on to that and flew off the shelves and pretty much has sunken down, because there was no other catalyst for this and thats why this is a slow catalyst building on and on on top of it overall, Their filings pretty much stated theyre going to go pink current pretty much william is their new person. I told you guys its a startup company so which is good theyre, getting all their allegations with the lawsuits and everything just make sure everything goes well for their company. For everything just to build on how it should be overall, pretty much their platforms just talking about everything else, theres a one more thing i was trying to tell you about – is uh the smart contracts they have listed in here about spirocoin. So this is where im really bullish and have been from the beginning when i invested in them in the beginning, the year was their their crypto spirit. Coin stable coin and stable coins are pretty much what this gold standard is going to be in the digital currency. World and its going to be hard to find good ones, and this is pretty much gon na be a good one.

Uh financials, i really dont, dig deep into it. Somebody else could probably dig deep and tell you more about it, uh other than that. I dont really dwell into it too much. Let me find out where just stable uh, the smart contracts are lets see, should be okay. Here we go yeah, so theres a growth company, everything pretty much onto anti money laundering, uh right up here, where is it its somewhere? Others, okay, were focused on building financial ecosystems around escrows involved smart contracts and trading services to plan this true stable coin spiro. So when i think of smart contracts, what does it remind me of theres? Only one other cryptocurrency thats been talking about and is coming up, and that is cardano cardinals, launching smart contracts in september and thats going to be a big deal, because that also exposes a lot of people for smaller contracts and the stable coins and cardano is pretty Much hyped up, crypto already so september 12 is when theyre launching their smart contracts, so hopefully, in september, were gon na also see the spirit. White paper updates and stuff and also in september, is also maybe more information about the stable coin and spira. So its all. The ball and the balls rolling on the right direction, its pretty much getting everybody up to what its supposed to be and thats. Why patience is key for this, because, if you dont believe in it now, youll probably believe in it later, but youre, probably believing that, when its already like 30 40 cents, if ever it gets up there right thats how this market works and thats? How a lot of people end up back, holding or chasing and spending more than they should when they could have just been in early through all their money in? I sat back, relax believed in the company and let it be what it is over here.

It says theres by august theres, only like 60 stockholders on file, which is not too bad, uh pretty low, but whatever stock wise highest was two cents pretty much still got to see. If we can break that, 0.16 0.18 were probably gon na consolidate for a little bit, it might dip a little bit just depending on the week goes, and what information gets filed and how many eyes are watching this. This just needs volume and once volume starts moving. This will move quickly because it shares outstanding aim too much its less compared to aabb uh. Overall, once it starts passing 0.18, we can easily go over two cents from two cents easily to three or four cents by mid september, once the white papers come out more information, hopefully by the end of september, so we were up to like four or five cents. It just varies how things drop, but so far i like the way its looking its higher lows every time and its consolidating nicely and hasnt really dropped too crazily. So we just have to monitor their twitter, see whats happening because thats, the majority of bulk work of the information thats coming from thats. How otc works overall jam packed video about a lot of great things and just ideas to think about, and the smart contracts that might be coming up and thats gon na gear up to more different things and stable coins might start becoming mainstream media but thats all.

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