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Is this motherboard just dead? Well, um thats, not what i was expecting hold on hold on. Well then, i guess i didnt even need to do the second test, actually scratch that what i was about to do was first clear, the cmos on this motherboard to see, if that helped our issue, which was no video out from the graphics card, and then second, I was going to flash the bios to the latest version. However, this board is apparently just completely dead. Excellent kiosks invented nand flash memory almost 35 years ago and has been applying that experience ever since to develop ssds for consumers, businesses and data centers around the world. Keyoxias latest line of nvme ssds are ideal for a range of uses, whether you need high speed, storage for a laptop or high performance, gaming, pc or an enterprise or hyperscale data center. A range of sizes and capacities, including the almost impossibly small m.2230 bg4, means theres. A good fit for everyone and pcie gen4 support available with the cm6 and cd6 lineup allows for maximum performance when paired with amd epic or intel xeon server hardware for more on kyocia ssds click, the sponsor link in the video description. So i now know what todays video is going to be about and its going to be about building a pc that is simple and it has as few points of failure as possible. You guys might recognize this system or, i guess, whats left of it.

This is, or was the chad pc that i built for my friend, who is named chad, its also a pretty overpowered system with the 5600x and an rtx 3080 from gigabyte installed in there. He has been using this system for a while. I already had to bring the system back and do some extra work on it, because the all in one liquid cooler failed. We replaced that with this noctua air cooler, which has been doing just fine. However, chad, let me know a couple weeks ago that suddenly hes getting no video out from the system and he tried a few different troubleshooting techniques, but eventually he brought it over to me and i was like chad, im gon na fix. This really quick. Send you on your way, but it wasnt as quick of a fix, as i thought it would be so im gon na walk you guys through the troubleshooting steps that i went through to get to the point where im at now, which is that ive determined the Motherboard is no longer working, in fact its not powering on at all and then were going to use most of these parts to build chad a fully functional computer. Yet again, so he can get back to gaming. So when chad originally wanted a new computer, i hooked him up with this case, which is the phanteks evolved shift 2, because fantex had just hit me up and said: hey we got this new case.

Would you like to do a build in it, and i thought it was a good fit theres, nothing wrong with this case to be perfectly clear, but there are some accommodations for it that we had to make, for instance, its a mini itx case. So we needed a mini itx motherboard. It has a wraparound pci express extension cable so that you can fit the motherboard on one side and then wrap that cable around in order to plug in the graphics card which slots vertically right here, theres a very nice build until the all in one liquid cooler Failed because the radiator had to be down here and the pump was at the top and as many people predicted that failed, however, the nhl12s cooler from noctua has been put in its place and thats been doing a perfectly fine job. Chad has been very happy with the system and its performance and everything until suddenly he was getting no video outs. So with no video outs, you got to go through some troubleshooting steps and the first question is going to be: did the graphics card fail? This is an rtx 3080 from gigabyte. It is one that i uh disassembled and put back together, which is why i accidentally forgot to reconnect the this is just the lighting cable for that, but that was my first step was to remove this card from the case. Plug it into my test bed, and it worked so that was actually a big relief, because getting a replacement rtx 3080, especially for one that was sampled to me originally was maybe going to take some time or not be the easiest thing to do.

The next potential culprit to look at was the next line in the chain from the video out back to the motherboard, which is the riser cable. And this is actually another issue where phanteks has gotten a little bit of criticism, because the evolv shift 2 ships with a pci express gen, 3 riser, cable, and that can cause issues. When you have a gen 4, capable cpu or pci express controller and a gen, 4 capable graphics card, and if they try to negotiate gen 4 and youve got a gen 3 cable connected. It can lead to a no video out sort of situation. So my next step was to see if that was the issue, and for that i grabbed a non pci. Express 4.0 cable, in this case a zotac gtx 1650, which is convenient because i dont have to plug in supplemental power to it. Plugging that in to the other end of the riser cable, still led to no video outs. Then i pulled the motherboard out of the case, which was a little bit of an extra effort that i was hoping to not have to do, but i did anyway and then i tried just connecting this graphics card directly to the motherboard to see, if maybe this Riser cable had failed, or if there was some other issue with negotiating pcie, 3.0 or 4.0 that was causing us no video out yet again now i should point out that the rest of the system seemed to be working just fine.

The fans were spinning up and rgb was turning on and it was behaving as if the system was fully functional, except just no video out now that day the chat had originally brought the system over. We ran out of time at that point and he had to go to work, so we sort of put it on the back burner for the time being. My next steps, though, were going to be to try to get the motherboard functional and thats what i started. This video out doing, which was clearing the cmos theres two little pin outs, that you can probably just barely see there, so you bridge those with a screwdriver or something like that and it clears the cmos. My plan was to do that power up the system, see if there was a video out and if there wasnt, i was going to flash the bios, because there is a somewhat recent f13 bios version for this motherboard that came out within the past month or two And there have been reported issues with this board having the same problem uh and that was fixed by updating the bios to the latest version. However, as you may be saw in that intro after clearing the cmos, the board is just completely non functional. Wont power up in any way shape or form at all and thats is not good. So at this point there is further testing that could be done on this motherboard to determine if it has truly died or if it could be brought to life.

However, i dont have time for that, and my goal today is to get chad a working system and remove any potential points of failure, because i dont want to have to fix chads computer again. Fortunately, though, there is some flexibility there because, like i said i was the one who said: hey chad, i can build you a system in this case. He said you know thats a cool case and all, but i dont necessarily need something like that: thats mini itx and the tower style and everything its cool and all, but it does require a mini itx motherboard. And if i want to get chad a working system as soon as possible, i need to use parts that i have here and actually dont have another mini itx motherboard. So i cant really rebuild the system in this case. If im going to go with a larger motherboard, the motherboard that i think i am going to use is a full size, atx board, which is the msi mag b550 tomahawk. This is a board that ive already used in a few different builds. So i know its functional and working its a b550 chipset motherboard, so im fairly, confident that if i take chads existing operating system, installation with all of his apps and everything and just swap it into that board, i wont need to reinstall windows or anything like that. And it means that, if im moving away from a mini, itx form factor that i get to enjoy some of the benefits of going with a larger style case and for that im going to stick with fantex, because i also happen to have an eclipse p400a here.

This is the white version comes with three addressable rgb fans in the front, so there should be plenty of airflow already and on the hopefully very slim chance that there is a further issue with chads system again down the line working with a full size, atx case For future troubleshooting and repairs is a lot simpler than having to disassemble a mini itx build. My wife thinks thats hilarious, and so here we are im going to be doing a build im going to be focusing on simplicity, functionality using air cooling rather than introducing the possibility for parts that might fail over time or in a few months or in six months Or a year and most of all because he lives a good hour away from me. I want to make sure that when i give chad this computer, he can use it and i wont have to deal with it ever again that thats, probably not gon na, be how it goes, but uh ill do my best lets quickly run down the parts im Using starting with the case, the fantex eclipse 400, the p400a, specifically the a stands for air, the air version is available in black and white and it comes with three rgb fans in the front that are nice fans that come pre wired up, and i really appreciate That, because im not going to be able to get away completely with having no rgb in this system, i i would eliminate that if i could again because its just something that isnt really necessary for the functionality of the system, but anyway the mag b550 tomahawk.

Very very solid b550 motherboard from msi. I actually have it right here, because i was using it for some other stuff, so ill dust it off a little bit, but full size, atx motherboard with all the features chad needs and none of the ones he doesnt. I guess, except maybe that usb 3.2 gen 2 front panel connector, because the case doesnt have that but never mind that for the power supply i have a thermaltake tuff power, gf2 argb 850 watt unit. I know more rgb chad actually said he likes rgb and if rgb is there, he he doesnt mind turn it on, if possible, but uh im, mainly using this power supply, because it makes no practical sense to use a perfectly good sfx power supply. In a case, this large this unit actually provides a little bit more wattage at 850 watts, its still 80 plus gold rated. So that should be plenty of headroom for our rtx 3080 graphics card, the remaining components we are going to still use and carry over from the existing system, so the 5600 x and the cooler were gon na use both of those theres an m.2 nvme ssd. In there i forget which the actual model is but were going to use that as well as the sata crucial mx500 drive. I think this is a two terabyte drive for his games and stuff the memory. Of course, we will continue to use the vengeance rgb pro kits.

Doesnt have anything wrong with it so again, rgb to satisfy chad and fortunately, rgb doesnt necessarily lead to more failures with memory. Rgb memory is perfectly safe in my experience and then the graphics card, which you can see has gotten some use theres a little bit of dust on there, but its not too bad, and my main question is gon na be. Should i go the extra mile here? Remove this cooler one more time so i can plug this back in. Is that worth it the plug, for it is really tucked up under there, so i would have to remove the cooler ill decide that in a minute for now lets start building – Music, oh Music. So, Music, Music, oh Music, made some progress with the reassembly uh decided to go ahead and remove the gpu cooler, the air cooler. Here i only had to repaste the thermal paste on the gpu, but that was in order to again plug in that one little cable that i forgot to plug in so hopefully the lighting on the rtx 3080 will work again and now we have the motherboard all Set up as well because were going with the larger case. It has a little bit more clearance. I decided to also swap out the fan partially because you know aesthetics and everything the noctua colors arent, going to match at all with anything else, thats in the system and its going to be much more visible because were going with a full, full size, atx system, That has a clear side panel, but have no fear.

This is still an octua nf f12. Still, a very, very good fan for cooling, especially going across a small radiator or fin stack like this one and noctua is a little like. I want to give back to us some props here for the little metal brackets here that you use to connect the fans on theyre so intelligently, designed they have different steppings. So the same little bracket will work to mount a standard, 25 millimeter, thick uh fan or um. The thinner fan like this one that it ships with for low profile mode that said, got the 5600x reinstalled memory, the coolers back in there and swapped our m.2, which is a wd black. I forgot i gave. I gave chad a really nice uh pcie, gen 3 drive with the wd black one terabyte drive there so now we can install this into the new case Music moment of truth. Oh thank goodness. Okay. So before installing all this into a case, i decided you know what dealt with some hardware failures. Just recently lets do the smart thing and do a quick outside of the box test to hopefully make sure that were getting video outs and all that good stuff is the monitor on. Yes, it is well well give it a moment here to reassess the new hardware. Thats been connected, it appears to be hung up on cpu right now, yep its moving along its moving along. Hey, look at that look at that.

It appears to be functional. Okay, we can proceed with installing everything into the case Music, Music and just like that. The system is now installed in the phantek p400a. A nice simple, straightforward, atx, build, i didnt, add too much to it. I did put an exhaust fan here. Fortunately, i had one that will match up with the phanteks addressable rgb fans in the front, so i was able to just wire that directly up to them, so the phanteks controller thats built into this case can control the rgb on that. If chad wants or its also plugged into the motherboard, so motherboard rb rgb controls can be used as well. The power supply on the bottom is not connected to that, but it has an external color switcher button, uh that the rgb can be cycled with, but honestly the rgb wasnt really supposed to be. The focus of this build it just sort of happens to be there. As well because some of the components i was using had it integrated but im going to power this back on and oh wait. It gave me it was like oh im going to not turn on for, like just a second or so just to give you a hard time but um all right now its powering up and hey look. We got the gigabyte rgb glow on the graphics card again, since we reconnected that and immediately im impressed with just how quiet this system is right.

I hear i hear practically nothing. Thats, nice thats a great feature of any system and look were booted back up into the operating system, and now we can go through chads, uh, search, history and internet explorer and see what hes been up to. I guess chad, you should add a password to this system, id recommend it so there you have it guys. The chad pc has now been given new life and a new home and a new motherboard and a new power supply. I suppose, but thankfully, with just those few parts, swapped out uh the operating system and everything were able to leave, as is, and that allowed us to fix chads problem, maybe not in the way that most people would have because most people dont have you know hardware Lying around they can just swap in and for a lot of people, it would have been more practical to just rma that motherboard that was defective and get a working one to reinstall the system in the original case, but uh for our purposes. Right now. Chad really really really wants to get this system back, and i think he might be coming by tonight to pick it up so thats the good news and im really happy with how this all came together and, like i said, the focus here build a computer thats, Powerful that can get the job done, but it also just doesnt have too much extra stuff going on that can lead to complications or failures in the future, hopefully knock on wood, but thats.

All for this video, you guys ill put links to the parts that i use and everything down in the videos description as well as links to the original build, and the follow up fix that i already did to this system once in case youre interested thats it. If youd like to help support my channel check out my store at pauls hardware, dot net, you can buy shirts mugs pint glasses. My beer sets are finally back in stock.

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