Hidden camera, Airbnb PLAYING With My “KITTY” To Get My Husband’s Reaction!!!

I hope you have good vibes so far, if not connors gon na give it to you through these cameras, but anyway thats. Not what im here for, if yall see that donut in that title, i already know its about to go down, and i can just imagine in my head, like the reaction that i might get, but you never know you know you know like corey. You never know you know what i mean so im going to go ahead and basically do the playing with my kitty to see my husbands reaction and why not im pretty sure a lot of yall see this video, basically thats. What were going to do – and i dont know yall, because when it comes to this type of stuff, i kind of get shy. Hi, okay, i dont know just bear with me but make sure to like comment and subscribe guys and were gon na go ahead and get this whole thing started. So were just gon na you know just get some extra clothes a blanket anybody we gon na be ready to go because this way, im gon na play my kitty and thats just on that thats. What karma on that? Okay, so stay tuned lets pray for a good reaction and not a waste video. Please, please whats up guys welcome back. Today we are back with a vlog, a daily vlog and whats going on on our live. Where weve been. Basically, you know, because we have been missing.

We go goals because, apparently, not because of me wed be going ghosts because corey would be moving around too much like here. Youve been moving around all around houston, all around everywhere. Literally, all around texas, cory, dont know everything because theyll see so close up like that. Why you dont set it up right there. Will you lock it? I had it locked. You had to press one, i mean i know im just saying somebody reset my stuff. I already had it so do it again, im gon na do it. When i get ready, see you complicated baby, you can just press the button right there, youre very complicated anyways guys like i was saying today the uh court decided to match me man why? Why is he alive like that? I woke up with my whole clothes on for you. Then you came out. Why are you lying? Why are you at the time that you woke up with your clothes? Are you going to put my whole clothes on for you right and no, you didnt this idea. What are you talking about? You did not. I just try to see what you need today. I cant like it. You know damn seeing you live for no reason: yeah anyways, no but forever. How did it happen? Like i copied him? I did because i think he had the orange shirt with the black shorts, so the legend is going to put my own shirt in my black shorts and you know, because you want to copy this its, not because i wanted to copy you.

But i just like the way you, the the clothes look and i was going to wear my sneakers, but i was like you aint, going to go nowhere so im not going to put no sneakers on and basically thats how it really happened. Oh because they got ta, do that thing right there, but aint gon na go, i wouldnt be chilling out, but hed be in his own world man. Every time you know what im saying having fun living life, like everybody, think we missed, but we got that having fun, we should be trying to leave yeah. I dont care like vlogging, because its so weird to me no keita like right now. My body feel weird im trying to control it. I dont know what like its something, sometimes not inside of 10. Nothing be wrong with cory, nothing he just be like on his own world, but of course you know, hed be having his own, like situation going on. So is it too hot right now to be honest, bruh, so hot bro, 100 degrees outside right now, yall i need heat. We going crazy, sometimes weve been trying to take ca to the backyard to play in the trampoline. That will be like no. No. No. He see that son hed be too hot all right now i break some highlight they being quite crazy, its too bad guys, im ready for winter brunos, talking cold talk. Well, i dont know because this whole year being very different last year, was not these hot.

Not that i remember me these hot hot they were hot, it was hot, but not this hot, this, this type of be disrespectful hot. You know something always something like many heat youre crazy make. You want to sit in the house, youre lucky for the rain. Oh yeah, it does. I give it a rain, but i dont, i dont trust houston, whether hes two others so bipolar, but we supposed to get we didnt get no tornado did we win, but what did he be talking about sometime? The tournament just happened. Oh no. Turning out to hurricane a hurricane thats, what i want to say we didnt mean to say that you said yes, i did because i know you remember you talked about it and you said we probably get uh wait, but okay, but so you know what i meant, Though talking bro, sometimes you got ta just slow down, so whats, really the difference between a hurricane and a tornado. I just play. I know yes, i do. Yes, i do. The tornado is the one to go like this. Okay, the hurricane, when you just kind of destroy the whole, but what caused it to destroy everything, see thats what i dont understand: foreign and water thats built over the ocean, okay and its going in the hurricane hurricane or the high speed rate that i can pick Up a whole bunch of water that just coming at your ass hurricane, so the hurricane is more dangerous than the tornado.

Ah cant say that they both got their own significant uh type of damage that they caused to see. I really its not that id be really slow, yall, im, pretty sure a lot of yall do know the information either, and we just get you together. I think a lot of times you mean to tell me im the only one like out of 100 people. They may know what the doing to be on blast so for me to not complain that its too cold, i just rather bring my little blanket if it rains a little bit. You can tell oh for crying and get it. Oh, oh lady, what what is wrong with you, you crying and everything clean your tears. Oh dont drive you stop in the middle of the damn room only see i heard it, but like its a different way, i hear it in person. Car is just crazy. Ugly head over there hey stop talking about folks, you done made me sleepy already. Let me be active. What are you talking about when i say i need to be active around about four oclock? You see roundabout theyre gon na start. It really gon na start like three like two yeah two, because i ran over here god, damn it three oclock gon na get Music. Why you acting in there um situation right now, because you want you too tired for me. I got to please myself. No, i dont know what hey you call yourself do it.

I want you to bribe my vibrator. What dude? Let me do it dude? Oh now, you want to do it. Dont worry about real change. What you want to do what you want to do. Do it? The front what you want to do, how you going to ask me a question and that act clueless, like you, dont know what you say, which one we do hmm slippery. Oh you keep the spot, but its not doing that dumb, ass man. How does this dog, when im placing myself hiding you liking when i do in the bed, can you see it thats how you care about cars that around that big see what im saying you dont care about me? What karma corey? First of all, why is your parents on set dude in the car? You crazy, because heathers crazy, you look like im, not a savage, what youre taking that dog. So exactly so, i can do what im doing right now cause nobody can see it little little pasta, parfait, i dont know i got something for you like where oh give me a second boy. I dont need you. I need my fingers. I have ten fingers that i can use and im putting them to work right now. Let me say hello. Give me no seconds dog im, giving myself a second Music, its, not good Music. When i need to please myself – and these fingers can do it see this finger is, is this finger replaces your thing and the vibrator and everything, because i can make it vibrate, stop it? What you doing why you want to know clearly, you know what im doing so im, not asking a stupid question: Music.

Stop you interrupting me here, um for you, hey! You stop im gon na start right now you talking about you aint got nothing for me. I know i do got stuff for you. Why are you going to a park? Why are you taking me? Take me home im almost done im done over here. Corey, look its not even rain. Why are you gon na park next to these people? Everybody come so what youre parking up here for trying to see trying to say what keep driving you want to play right, im playing with myself me myself and i whats your park over here, for we both play boy, you play, you beat it nah! You go! You go do it, they gon do it. Why why? Why are you looking at me like that girl, dude you turning you on her? No, i come on keep driving. Why you stopping oh, i was ready to come. Let me take your arm over your. How about almost done, how im, when im placing myself when i ask you, you said you were just shy. You just said you want this morning in the bed, while i was in the bed in our room were in the car. Okay, why are you doing the ignorant stuff in the car? How thats ignorant thats not ignorant thats sexy, thats love, thats, affection, thats, policing, myself, thats, not ignorant. You know what ignorance will be me pleasing you. That would be ignorant, because i do it all the time.

So i got to please myself: you just distracted, but i dont know whats it there. Why are you doing it just turn me off. Take your ass hold on right. Okay, guys, i can go and get my toy there. You get your toys. I will like you acting like i got ta ask information ill. Ask you for no permission. You stupid how you gon na get go to a whole parking a park, because i open the ashes vote for a please each other. What you talking about, we gon na play each other you gon na suck me. I would. I would play with you. So, oh you was gon na. You was gon na. Do the same thing im doing finger, but i had to suck yeah. I said you said. I said eat you did not say no eating how you ate what i said and then i never took my panties off you, dumb, ass thats, why i came without with these you dumb it thats why that was faking. She thats your fault. How thats my fault? You still turn me off cause. I look. He was starting to feel me. Why would you do that? You got weird as you im, not weird cory, you weird that cost a thousand dollars i didnt find out. She said you worry about everything else for this dude. We played you that much ill be playing so much. Oh man, who else they figured it was a prank im playing with my key to see a reaction.

What kind of prank is that right, a prank that somebody invented take my ass home honestly, it would have been all the time you would have smelled down. You would have licked it down, you would have ate down. You were there every time what you all just lying. You should be making up today, dog well youre, going crazy. Today, you didnt make up all the type stuff i aint lying. I cant answer all the questions. Any more questions you just about weird shut up shut. Your hands up there, uh uh fingers about man, im gon na dip it and take her home.

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