Labor Day, Robot, Tesla Bot JUST REVEALED! Should We Worry? Find Out Now!

Oh, yes, we have hondas asimo right, but even then it might not make a lot of sense to a lot of people about a car company making a humanoid robot. But tesla is not just any other car company out there, because elon musk says that teslas are semi sentient robots because of all the autonomous features that the cars are provided with. So how does teslas new humanoid robot align with their goal of accelerating the worlds transition to sustainable energy? Well, today, lets discuss just that hello there and welcome back to our channel. Today we discuss everything about the teslabot and how it will affect tesla as a car company, but before we begin consider subscribing to our channel for more content. Just like this, and while youre at it turn on post notifications, so that you never miss out on any of our future. Uploads drop a like for the video. If you are a huge fan of tesla with all that done, lets get started. Elon musk is a man who has proved his worth in so many different industries, but most notably its his companies like tesla and spacex that revolutionized everything about space and electric cars in general, because before tesla, we used to have electric cars that were extremely boring and Not so fun to drive because of which nobody was interested in buying an ev for daily use. Electric cars were extremely expensive compared to what they offered back in the day and even today that is the case, but things are changing slowly but were not here to talk about teslas cars.

We need to discuss the tesla bot during the ai day of tesla elon musk, like usual, surprised us with a tesla bot, a humanoid that tesla is working on and aiming to produce the prototype by 2022.. This announcement was coming from a person who always warned about the dangers of ai powered robots, even predicting that we might end up having scary outcomes like the movie terminator. But it looks like elon wants to contradict himself by building a humanoid robot using the cutting edge technology that he has access to with tesla. The deadline for the prototype by 2022 is not something that needs to be taken seriously, because elon musk is somebody who is exceptionally famous for not keeping to his deadlines. Elon musk might be trying to create excitement in tesla once again, because the company did not fulfill any of their deadlines, and a humanoid robot from a car company like tesla, might create the headlines that tesla always wanted. The tesla bot is designed to perform physical tasks that are considered to be unsafe, repetitive and boring. The tesla bot is about 5 feet, 8 inches tall, and it weighs around 125 pounds. It can carry up to 45 pounds and dead, lift up to 150 pounds. The tesla bot will also move at a speed of 5 miles per hour. It looks like elon. Musk is still worried about the advancement of ai, which is why this particular tesla bot was made in such a way that, at both mechanical and physical levels, you will have the option to run away from it and most likely overpower it.

Automation and robotics are often considered to be the future of labor, which might end up putting the jobs of so many people in danger and thats, something that is inevitable at this point, if its not tesla, some other company will do it anyway, when elon announced his Plans to build the teslabot, he also confirmed that the tesla bot is something real and its not a joke. The robot will be designed to do basic things like grocery runs, picking household objects and, day to day boring jobs that we tend to waste our time on. Every day the robot will have hands similar to that of humans, and we are looking at 40 electromechanical, actuators being a humanoid. The robot does come with two feet and a force feedback sensing for balance and agility. The teslabot will be utilizing some of the companys ai devices that operate on the companys vehicles, especially those autopilot cameras, which will act as a vision for the teslabot. The full self driving computer will function as the brain of the teslabot, which will help the teslabot function. Just like a regular human being during day to day tasks, tesla will also be utilizing its multi action, video neural networks with a teslabot, along with neural net planning, stimulation and tools that will be used to help the teslobot operate much more effectively and efficiently, along with Higher accuracy, while performing tasks, elon musk is looking at a future where physical jobs will be optional to do, and these jobs will be replaced by robots.

The tesla bot is designed to navigate the world that we humans created and not the other way around, which means that these teslabots taking over humanity is not something that will happen anytime soon. It might have a lot of use cases like putting these robots into the martian surface or the lunar surface, so it looks like the teslabot is something spacex can put to good use instead of sending humans to mars. Initially, there is no doubt about the fact that computers are already better at doing so much more work than humans, and even companies like amazon are quietly replacing more than half of their workforce with robots. Computers are already better at interpreting x, ray images than medical experts with decades of experience most lower level. Jobs will be replaced with automation, and it is a scary future for so many people that might end up losing their job. We dont feel that we actually need a humanoid robot from tesla, because tesla already makes robots in the form of their cars. It might not make sense for a lot of people to have a machine control. Another machine which looks extremely inefficient instead tesla could invest more in making the existing machines more intelligent with the help of ai. There is no doubt about the fact that robots have become more advanced in their capabilities over the years and we have boston dynamics that showcased a humanoid robot that was capable of performing advanced moves like flips turns and spinning boston dynamics happens to be the world leader In autonomous, robotics and theyve been working on a bipedal robotic technology for decades, even today they are not close to producing a humanoid that will be able to walk to work or get groceries like what elon musk claims to do with this teslabot.

So elon musks deadline of getting a robots prototype by 2022 looks like an aprils fools joke that was too late when it comes to boston dynamics with their atlas, bipedal robot. They still refer to this particular robot as a research in development robot, and not something that will be placed as a commercial product where you could buy one for yourself to help you out with your groceries or clean your house. Boston dynamics has always been about pushing the cutting edge technology when it comes to robotics, and it looks like it will take a lot more time to build an actual humanoid robot. That behaves like a human, but the interesting question that we need to answer is: do we actually need humanoid robots? In the first place? We need to build machines that can do specific work, that humans cannot. Humans created the world that we see in such a way that it is very well integrated into how we can interact with the world. It does not make a lot of sense to many people to actually have a robot driving your car. Instead of making the car drive itself by introducing autonomous technology instead of a robot mopping the floor, we could have an actual robot that is designed to clean the floor, and this is a much more efficient way to do things. The tesla bot just looks like a waste of resources from tesla elon musk is always about announcing a barely believable product or technology that will give us false promises about the product being just around the corner, but that was not always the case because just look at The tesla semi truck the tesla cyber truck and the tesla roadster that were supposed to be on the road.

By now, if tesla had actually followed their own deadlines, we would be able to believe there are wild ambitions without a grain of salt. But again, this does not mean that elon musk and his companies, both spacex and tesla, did not do what they promised. They might take some time, but in the end they always deliver their promises, even though it might be a little bit too late. What if tesla, could change everything about the automation industry that we all know just like how tesla changed the automotive industry and not just electric vehicles, maybe in the next 10 to 15 years we might have a situation just like the movie irobot, where we would be Interacting with other robots, just like how we do with other humans, we already have personal assistants, like google assistant, amazons, alexa and apple siri, that are already built into our phones, its just a matter of time, for it to be in a humanoid form, and it looks Like tesla might lead the race to build the next humanoid robot tesla is also looking towards hiring a lot of mechanical electrical and software engineers to help them build. This teslabot tesla today is a leader when it comes to applying artificial intelligence into their products, which is why we think tesla is the best company to build a humanoid robot. Even though we dont feel that its necessary, or at least the investors wont be happy about. Tesla building a humanoid robot with that we have come to an end with our video.

What do you think about teslas decision to make a humanoid robot? Will tesla be able to achieve the deadline of 2022? Do let us know in the comments section below, because we would love to hear from you all, consider, subscribing to our channel for more content, just like this and while youre at it turn on post notifications, so that you never miss out on any of our future.

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