Pokémon GO, Hoopa, Pokémon, Psychic, Ghost, Dark, Niantic KANTO CHALLENGE! Can we get every single shiny from Gen 1?

How are you doing today? Dude, oh since youre? Oh, that is the ultimate prize. I got a sand true, no way very corny gloom, one thats, nice no way bathroom shinies exist. Ladies and gentlemen. Lets get some freaking hype in here. Jesse just got shiny number five. Here we go yay, oh, no way double weight, wow. What double rainbow! That was awesome. What does it mean we are covered in shinies covered whoa? How do you feel about march? We are covered in shinings, we are covering youre absolutely covered another one Music. I just got a shiny lapras from a raid lets, go what the heck no way. Oh my gosh, my favorite its mine. Now, can i have it? Never can i have it? Never! Oh my god. No way, oh, my goodness lets go. Everyone lets get some emotes classes in the champions league freaking bellsprout. Oh, my gosh were getting some shinies today; Applause, oh its pretty good weather boosted, its pretty good wait. What lets go? Two rats, one stream, two shiny rats, yeah thats, awesome close to the prediction close up the prediction: oh my god, the hours yeah the hours – oh, my god, yes, shiny, lets, go Music! Please jesse jesse, my god! I need it. Are you freaking kidding me what wheres? The bulbasaur right now, what i needed it kangaskhan and please be – is happening too much work. I can barely keep up as it is. You think.

Oh you all think its gon na be jesse. The best part of comedy was that uh, the cloudy boost all the time and jessie got one. Oh, my goodness, we have both shinies on screen right. Is this the shiny, ditto guy? Please? I think this is it there. It is oh, its so bad! Oh! Is it yeah, but its its mine, its so awesome? Can we get some emotes in the chat right now, blue pokemon, blue ball, thats? How we do this? Oh cool, slow, bro, wait its got a shiny! Oh! Oh, my god! I was literally clicking the star piece to go claim, but then i saw we had a slovo or slow bro. Oh my god, i dont even have the shiny, slow poke. Yet i like a like a snake. I just didnt mean to click it. Rachel just got chrissy chrissy hi chrissy hype. Oh my god. Try mecca starting off with your teeny. First, a spawn of the stream no way the first go. Fest spawn. You click spawn holy crap. What this is, how were starting go fest, rachel, youre gon na get the shiny mewtwo, i sure hope so ooh. This is a really good. One. 23.76 87 is the hyundai 87. Is the hundo shibby, oh shibby, so there you go youre starting to go fast garbage, but its my garbage thats. What im talking about? Yes! This is why we did the raid finally number: oh double! Oh whoa, guys whats that we just both got a shiny me too.

What yes! This is awesome. This is awesome. Instead of golem and im like there is no a oh yeah people say gollum. It doesnt make us happy rachel Music, all right rachel. Oh, my god, guys, finally, its a really crappy cp, no way. Im. Sorry, im! Sorry stops coming your way. Yes, oh my god, Music, all righty, oh thats, good 13.81. All right thats awesome, im way better than my other mew too bad. We cant pie down. No, but you did get three xl candies from it. I wonder, is that guaranteed yeah, because its legendary mythical yeah thats awesome. So i appreciate that so much guys you. Finally, yes, yes! Yes! Yes, yes, guys! We just got the shiny. We just got it all right. Come on guys to shiny star you hype, brian, oh, this is the first one ive ever encountered guys. I just got a crabby yo krabby height baby crabby hype. Yes, yes, Applause guys! I am oh, my god. I got a freaking shiny, chansey, no way. I just clicked this holy crap. We were just talking about how she didnt get any shinies, that she was getting a little upset and then she go oh chancy and there it is. Music twins were twins. Wow whyd! You hit me in the face. I aint. So sorry, i got excited shes so mean to me. It wasnt on purpose guys we got double shiny gas leaf. Oh guys, lets get some hype in the chat.

Lets get some hype in the chat. We may have some lag, but we got a shirt. We got a shiny wow. I didnt expect to see that number. I did not either. Oh, my goodness, and it happened. Ladies and gentlemen, i really hope, like i want a really good, shiny, charizard to get blast burn with. No is it no its? Is it no? Its no, no, no, no, no! No! No! No hey guys whats going on it is the end of the new years event just got tons of shinies. He got blessed unbelievable and we are just so excited for this. You know event to kick off because now its the jessie show, because i have a second wind and were lit im also covered in cat hair, how you guys doing guys Music turn back on turn it on look what i just clicked look what i just clicked This is the wild spawn. I clicked it in the bathroom Music. This is like their second one. This week i havent gotten a shiny pidgey up until this week. Oh my god, you want a rachels hat. Damn rachel. Let me go rachel finally gets a shiny lets. Go i literally couldnt even tell all right. We got a charizard lets. Oh, it is a level one, its a level one thats way more than rachels burped no way. Oh, my gosh yo incense spawn incense spawn shiny grimer. Oh, my god, guys lets get some hype in the chat rachel and i have been reflecting over some of the most amazing shinies weve gotten over the past couple years, and the one thing that we keep thinking about is gen.

One thats were obsessed with it. It has some of the most amazing pokemon in it and some of the greatest events. These were some amazing highlights from those times, and i hope you guys enjoyed them stay tuned for our more recent highlights coming out. Its definitely got some really good stuff in it. Anyways guys well see you in the next video – oh, oh god, his mask.

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