Pokémon GO, Hoopa, Pokémon, Psychic, Ghost, Dark, Niantic The BEST Cofagrigus Teams for Great League and Remix Cup in Pokémon GO Battle League!

Now this is an article made by go stadium, so shout out to them im going to provide that link down in the description and the comments for you guys. If you want to come check this out, read it for yourself and get the graphic, but what theyve made is theyve written a fantastic article talking about different teams that you guys can use for cafes and as we can see here, we got quite a few now. Im not going to dive into all of them, but im going to dive into some of them. First thing: i want you guys to note the rainy cast form cafe regis and drapeon. This is where i got that idea for the team that i ran earlier on. My first day, if you guys want to see that video its already on the channel and you guys can go check that out right, there lets go ahead and start from the top um. The first team that were going to check out is cafagrigas, reggie, steele and vigorous put it into, as you guys can see right here and its got some pretty nice coverages and again the top couple things zoom roll sableye and then scrafty as well driftblim as Well, but i think this team could have some play. Basically, the premise behind it is, if you lose lead safe, swap into that vigoroth draw out that fighter or potentially the only counter to a reggie steel and look to sweep with that end game.

So thats going to be team, one team two is going to be this double kind of fighter, but not fighter team in the back, so its going to be a scrafty and vigorous so again, another vigoroth, like team one there um and were gon na, go ahead And dive into that, so this is the yeah, the coffee, grigas crafty, vigoroth team. Hopefully you guys can see over there yeah. You can see its got really nice coverages on the meta, as you guys can see um, basically, some of the biggest most common losses. Youre going to be seeing is azumarill and sableye, but that can be handled by everything on this team just because in a zoom roll can technically beat each of these individual pokemon. It cannot beat a whole team by itself and with vigoroth safe swap again, you might draw that shadow machamp. You might draw that meta jam that vigoroth can still put pressure on with body slam and then lets graph the sweep end game. Coffee regis can come back into that, so its pretty nice setup right here again: azumarill sableye um as common weaknesses um, but i think it can be totally handled by this team now moving into team three um. I believe it is going to be the it is going to be the coffee, greekish, shadow, machamp and liquor tongue team. So that is going to be this team down here. This team kind of stood out to me because shadow machamp does so well at closing out a lot of games, especially if you can get rid of some of its hardest counters.

Now, taking a look here on pvp pogo guys, you can see the xs and os are pretty nice again. Azumarill has been a great counter to a lot of these previous teams, but it can be managed this one. We also have the power whip there on xl, like a tongue which is going to be very nice. Rock slides still do a lot of damage same with shadow balls. Now some of the biggest weaknesses youre gon na see wigglytuff can do pretty well against this team, but again totally managed now moving on to the great league remix again theres a lot of other teams here, as you guys, can see that you can dive into read And learn how to play, but one of them, i think here is looks pretty good, especially with all the charmers that are around is coffee, grigas, reggie, steel and shadow nidoqueen and shadow nidoqueen. Being that safe swap, it can really set you up nicely to come back in and farm down plus if there are any charmers in the meta theyre going to get absolutely destroyed by the reggie steele nidoqueen backline as well. So looking over on – and we have this team plugged into there and its got really great coverages. Obviously the the blaring weaknesses here are going to be a diggersby and a whisk cache, which can be managed. Diggers b is going to be a bit tougher, but you do have focus blasts, you do have earth power and you do have psychic there um for neutral or super effective damage which cat whiz cash as well, but wizz cash would honestly be better because you have You can use the shadow balls there from coffee grigas, but i think this team can be managed and can do really well, if you guys are seeing a lot of charmers, this team might be the one for you right here looks extremely strong, but the biggest like I said two biggest things are going to be the ground boys right here.

Diggersby and whizcash. All right in the final team is the team that i ran first, which is going to be the rainy cast forum, um, coffee, grigas and drapeon. Now they say shadow drapion, but i dont have one so i ran a normal drapeon and it seemed all right um to be fair. It was my first battles of season nine, so you guys kind of know how that goes between like what levels, one um one and five its pretty uh, pretty all over the place there. But taking a look at the team overall, i think it has fantastic coverages rainy cast form as well. Its really nice on the lead versus a lot of meta pokemon that we see ready steel nitto, queen diggersby whizcash. That is very, very common same with frost last and lapras and wigglytuff. It has great matchups against those on the lead. We use shadow drapion as the safe swap um and then cafegregas as close right there. So that is definitely a strong team. Obstagoon can be kind of trouble for this team, but if you guys check out the video i faced off against a couple obstacles and it was managed, especially with rainy, cast form water, gun and weather. Ball – is still extremely nice and spammy to take it down. But those were some cough aggregate teams. I want this video to be nice and short for you, guys, yeah its about six minutes or so im, nice and short, for you guys again theres a full article and they go into depth about everything breaking it all down.

For you, but this is just some teams that you guys can run plus the pokemon that can potentially beat them. So if youre, seeing a lot of lets, say scrafties and stabilize an open, great league, maybe dont run this team right, maybe run. I dont know this team with the wigglytuff right, because wigglytuff can destroy this scrafty and the sable eye there. So i hope you guys enjoyed todays video again. This article is linked down in the description and the comments. If you guys want to go check that out. So you guys can try all these teams out.

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