Pokémon GO, Hoopa, Pokémon, Psychic, Ghost, Dark, Niantic Yup, Cofagrigus is SOLID! Great League Remix Cup Team in Pokémon GO Battle League!

Take a look at my first battles here for season nine of go battle league and i decided to go into the great league remix cup, because i wanted to try some different pokemon and today were gon na kind of showcase coffee grigas, which is the new meta. Pokemon, its definitely very strong that has been brought to go battery because of its new fast move of shadow. Claw now were using rainy, cast form coffee, grigas and drapeon here, really like drapion on safe swap. It puts a lot of pressure on the whole great league, remix cup. Meta. Do you understand everyone? This is. This is level one right. We are not at 2800, 3 000 rating right now battling against some of the best players in the world were at level, one where anything can go, and everyone is playing um, which is a lot of fun. But what i want to show you guys um is some of the damage that cafe regis can do or can tank right here. So i hope you guys enjoyed todays video and lets go ahead and get right into it all right getting into this first battle. Here. First battle of season nine, we got cast form on the lead versus nine tails. This is obviously a very positive lead for me um because of our water gun and weather ball right here now we do see a swap into celebi, so im going to go ahead and go into the cafes shadow claw, absolutely tears apart.

The psychic typing right here of celebi and im also want to put pressure with shadowball right here, hoping that we can get a shield, because i think i might be able to farm down now. Knowing celebi is rocking. Confusion is probably just going to go for a double seed bomb right here, and this is where were going to test the limits of coffee grigas when it comes to its ability to be tanky right, its a very defensive pokemon, so im gon na go ahead and Let the second one go through. This is risky, it might actually ko me, i dont know so c bomb does come through and we barely survive and were able to get a shadow claw off, which is beautiful. This is absolutely ideal right here, making sure that were low, so they cant farm us down. We have enough energy for shadow ball to get a shield, and then we got the final shield as well. Now were gon na go ahead and bring in drapeon. I can see this rainy cast form as well as only 1327 combat power. Like i said everyone, this is. This is day one of go badly right, so you guys felt the same experience in your battles as well, so were going to go ahead and bring in the rainy cast form here and really lock this down. Now they do throw the charge, move and im like thats way too quick to be solar, beam, im going to go ahead and let it go through.

Thank you. Thankfully, it was just a weather, ball um, and then we should be able to ko right here with weather ball and then get the thunder off versus the other rainy cast form. That is going to be a good battle, but right there it was cool to see how kind of tanky cafe regis can be. I mean typically, we dont see uh celebis was it celebi that came in celebis um in the great league um, but its good to see it kind of in action, its a very defensive heavy pokemon um, somewhat similar to defense from deoxys defense forum. Deoxys is, on a whole another level with defense stats, but cafe regis is very defensive, oriented all right, so we got a golem on the lead in this next one. This is again a very ideal match up for us. What we need to watch out for here is wild charge. Golem does have x, alolan golem, i should say dove – does have access to wild charge, which is obviously going to one shot. Um. The rainy cast form here so were gon na go ahead and throw that weather ball. We do get a shield which is beautiful and they swap into a gyarados. You guys can already see what im gon na do. Why not theyve already shielded once here comes the thunder first boom of season nine boom takes it out right there, um and things are looking pretty good. Now golem might come back in which they do so.

What im going to do is im actually going to let this go through while charge will take us out, but i still have drapey and i still have coffee grigas, but i want two shields to one shield, so i can easily bring in um cafe regis right Here and farm down with shadow claw and well have to see what their final pokemon is going to be its going to be an arcanine, which is perfectly fine for me, can just go for a shadow ball right here. Get that final shield and then well. Look to swap into drapeon, i mean go for those aqua tails. Hopefully one aqua tail is going to be enough, but well have to see i actually havent thrown or used a aqua tail from drapeon and a shadow arcanine before here in great league. So this should still do a lot of damage which it does not a one shot, but still a respectable amount of damage. They do go for the charge. Move were just going to go ahead and chill thats going to be a good game, so rainy cast form. Obviously, tearing apart that team right there with water gun, weather, ball and thunder, which is why its pretty strong in the remix cup all right, so we got cast form on the lead versus hitmonchan. This is one of those leads where its very questionable. What theyre going to have? They could have thunder punch, which i need to look out for um, but thankfully they dont have moves that can do super effective damage to coffee, grigas right they dont have night slash or anything like that.

So we dont have to worry too much. Now we get a shield, so im going to go ahead and go into drapeon. Here reason, being i can tank some charge moves um on the uh on the drapeon and thankfully, its just power punches plus ill, be able to spam charge moves quicker versus the hitmon chain, especially since its this low one aqua tail might just be enough to take It out so were going to go ahead. Let the next power up punch go through go straight for our aqua tail right here. This should get the final shield. If it doesnt um, we are going to be able to chunk down the health it doesnt get. The final should, which means we might be able to farm down right here, which we do thats beautiful for us, well have to see what they have in the back and its going to be a gengar. So me thinking they know. I have crunch theyre going to shield this one. I go for aqua tail, they dont shoot. I should have just gone straight for crunch um. That would definitely been more advantageous, but hey two aqua tails is still gon na get the job done right here. Chunking health and getting the shield hopefully yeah – we do get the shield, which is fine, im gon na go ahead and swap into coffee, grigas and farm down with shadow claw before they can get to a charge move and then the final pokemon is going to be A gastrodon with um im, not sure what that is well, have to see the fast move.

Again it is going to be. You know what im gon na be honest, im, not sure what that is and its escaping me. Oh, what is it called im gon na have to look this up. What is the fast move? Call it everyone it is hold on ill. Look. It up, live, look up gastrodon, it is oh hidden power, hidden power, electric duh, see like you, never see. You never see hidden powers used ever um, so it throws me off all right. So in this next game we got a shadow gyarados on the lead. This is obviously going to be a tough matchup, thankfully its not dragon tail or dragon breath. But what we can do here is build up to thunder and then go for weather ball. We really need a shield right here. If they let this go, it might not be the best for us, but they do shield, which is perfect, so were going to go ahead and swap now into drapeon start getting ahead on energy and honestly um. A crunch is going to take it out, so theyre deciding to stay in were going to go ahead and shoot the aquatal im guessing. They might try to swap out right now, but they decide to stay in, which is fine, im going gon na. Let this next aqua tail go through, because this tells me whatever they have in the back might be weak to drapey on um, which means its either gon na be weak to the crunch, which means it might be psychic type pokemon or its going to be, or Ghost types or its going to be weak to the aqua tails um and we do get a shield right there as well, and the defense dropped.

Did you guys see that the crunch procked um, which is the new buff it got for season nine and aqua tail? Is just gon na be enough to get it do enough damage and then we poison sting down. That is huge right there. Now we do see a scissor come in, which is good that we won switch advantage, because this thing has access to night slash and were just going to go ahead and go for weather balls, its going to be doing neutral damage and hopefully whatevers in the back. We can handle with coffee grigas, but i am worried it might be an obstacle which definitely would be tough, so were going to go ahead and just throw this next weather ball and pray that the final pokemon is not off so good, because that can core break Us pretty hard right here considering how low i am its actually going to be a shadow, tyranitar um, which is still dangerous, but thankfully i get to the weather ball with one hp and a dream. This is gon na be taking out the tyranitar, and that is going to be a good game. Very well played so again reigning cast form putting in a lot of work here and also utilizing drapion there on safe, swap to put a lot of pressure and do quite a bit of damage all right. So we got rainy cast form versus shiny machamp, which is pretty cool to see as long as we kind of keep this thing away from drapeon were looking pretty good, my opponent is lagging or i think, theyre lagging, and then they swap into a bomb of snow.

So were gon na go ahead and come in with drapeon right here now. My goal, um excuse me, is to uh. I need to eliminate this obama snow. It can absolutely take apart. My rainy cast form and we did get a defense drop as well. So what im going to do is im going to go ahead and no shield this first weather ball to see how much damage it does doesnt do too much and then were going to go for another one. I will have to shield this one. I obviously want to get to one more crunch to do as much damage as i possibly can and hopefully take it out. Considering we already got one shield and we got the defense drop as well thats. The big thing is now crunch is going to be doing much more damage than it did before, and it lands absolutely takes out the obama stone. Now we do see a champ come back in, which is a good call by them being able to farm us down, but this is whats great about drapeon is the aqua tails right here? Do a lot of neutral damage. It can put pressure on that final shield that they do have they decide not to shield and farm us down. Now. I dont know how much energy they have because we were, i was or i wasnt lagging it looked like they were lagging at the beginning, but ive seen this so many times where i just stop and they actually were fast moving that whole time so were gon Na go ahead and let the cross chop go through were gon na.

Go for a weather ball right here to force that final shield um and they decide to. Let it go which is fine by me, and the final pokemon is going to be a celio which is pretty decent for us to deal with. Considering we do have thunder and we do have cough agrigus with shadow claw and shadow ball now um celio here is a body slammer thats, what it it just body slam spam is what it does all day long. So i should have built up all the way to thunder right there, um thats a bad call by me, but we still got the shield anyways and then confederates can come in and close this game out very nicely because of the shadow ball shadow claw damage and They decide to surrender right there as well so good game to my opponent. Apologies if you um, if that lag was, was actually affecting you because it was hard to tell if you were getting fast moves or not, because you came back swinging so hard all right. So we got paulie wrath on the lead and all right everyone. This is what im saying about early game seasons. You see a lot of stuff um that are good or decent, but they have the wrong move sets as well, and this is going to be one of them. Polywrath do not run rock smash on it, run mud shot. Now we do see an obstagoon come in.

So off sagun can core break our back line, which is why were deciding to stay in here with rainy casform and just go for weather ball spam and get this thing as low as we can, because our coffee grigas can still do well against polywrath because were Going to be resisting the rock smash, since that is their fast move and the power up punches, which they have as their charge. We dont know if they have two charge moves im guessing they do um. So now rainy cast form here going for weather balls gets both shields, which is beautiful, and hopefully i can get to one more in time – barely not able to get to it right there, and i think i am going to go ahead and shield right here. I need this extra damage from weather ball, plus the water gun, damage really adds up, and we might actually be able to take out oxygen right here, so whether ball will be able to land because all shields are gone. This is going to be very close with fast moves and water gun is able to take it with one hp and a dream now well probably see polywrath come back in which we do. This means we can bring in the coffee grigas right here into this match. Up now we are running psychic, and this is why, in the remix cup, theres nitto queens, what are nidoqueens theyre poison ground, which means psychic right here, is gon na do quite a bit of damage.

You guys can just see the raw damage we do swap into drapeon as well. My big win condition right here is with coffee, grigas versus um, the polygraph, so im fine going down to earth power, im gon na go ahead and throw an aqua tail just before. I die in order to take out the nidoqueen. I could have even let them farm me down, but honestly i didnt want a poison sting to get on me, which is basically the better call right here. Wasnt able to get off the charge, move, thats, okay, coffee gringis is going to be able to close this game out and because polywrath is a fighter im going to go ahead and go for another psychic shadow ball would probably do enough damage anyways i mean, i Believe this battler is just rocking rock smash and um power up punch so were just going to go ahead and go for psychic and take that out, and that is going to be a good game very well played. So you can kind of see the play. Coffee grigas has, in this meta its very strong um at farming, down having charge moves for neutral damage, you do just have to watch out for the darks, and that is going to be the final battle, so not a lot of crazy sweaty games today. Obviously this is the very beginning of season nine, but this is definitely a fun team that you guys could use and try out um for the great league remix cup.

On top of that coffee gregis is super strong and open great league as well.

What do you think?

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Pokémon GO, Hoopa, Pokémon, Psychic, Ghost, Dark, Niantic The BEST Cofagrigus Teams for Great League and Remix Cup in Pokémon GO Battle League!

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