Pokémon Scary Hisui Pokémon Meme Review

Nowhere in the next episode greetings boogie fans, michael here, and welcome to the newest episode of ask peter pie at some point. In the past i asked you my ongoing monthly series, where i react to submissions on. My subreddit are slash mjtv and since most of those submissions are memes, the alternate name for this series is pokemon meme review. This is the first video im recording from my new office. I know it looks basically the same, but im excited to be here and im excited for you to subscribe and im excited for the memes, so lets dive in all right. Our slash mjtv sorted by top in the past month, as i do this top post come on man. If you had a guard of oh hey purple cliff, why did you get banned for posting gardevoir? Put this away give evie a waterstone vaporeon give evie a thunderstone jolteon give evie a firestone flareon, give evie money to support their creative endeavors patreon ive been hearing this joke for years. Mikey should really open. One id be happy to donate. Well, youll be happy to know. I do have one links in the description below. Why is a sand castle faster than a horse, its sand, thats quick wait? Is it really palace and has a speed of 35.? Claustro is 30.. This feels illegal bug types suck Music. Why is shuckle the biggest one like dont get me wrong? Shuckle can pull off some crazy stuff twice.

Many years ago i swept an online battle using my shuckle after they took down my first two pokemon, but like the biggest pile when scissor exists. Is this the same meme? Twice: oh, no, wait its the same meme format, just as something else pokemon is for kids. Okay, well, lusa means crazy, jellyfish, all those various dark, pokemon, a z, malos mom, the evil team leaders that just want to kill everyone. First of all, we did not create pokemon for kids, oh were no strangers too. I just got. I just got rick rolled by a bunch of unknown. I mean its a good way to get rick rolled ha ha. It is i grunty boy and im here to steal your money, uh wow, how, oddly straightforward of you, yeah ive, been doing a lot of online shopping lately and my team rocket salary, its uh, well, its not really keeping up so lets get on. With this hand, it over you know the thing – ah, no sorry man but im, not afraid of you, and that is necessary for me to comply with your demands. Oh, that is incredibly rude and fair. Oh fine! What do i do then? How about? Instead of stealing money, you try out karma the sponsor of this video, its an app and chrome extension that ensures you never miss a price drop or coupon code. Okay, im intrigued, but it has to be easy to use. Otherwise, just stealing money is a lot easier.

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I will begin my shopping adventure butter tub here i come tata, oh uh anyways, thanks so much to karma for sponsoring this video be sure to download the extension using my link in the description below, but now back to the video forget about zodiac sign what mythical Pokemon did you get november mar shadow lets? Go yes, see the best one when three magnemite link together to become magneton, their brains also combined, but they dont get any smarter Laughter. Oh oh, this is the best one ive seen so far. You get an upvote thats. Really funny flirting with a man at a bar, hey, let me see your phone ill put. My number in ah sure transfers his entire pokemon go team to myself and their team rocket. This would be funny if it was possible im such a giant pokemon nerd. That im like oh this isnt funny, because you cant just transfer pokemon to another person. You have to trade a week and a half thats it wow. Oh no bad dog, oh oh thats, terrible its jeans – are easily influenced by its surroundings. Even its face starts to look like that of its train. Oh no! What uh evie should not do that or after before, after before after they did all get softer and fluffier. Well, i mean growlithe got a little horn on it said that you shouldnt break off, but yeah regalia. Oh, why? Why did they make? How did they not see it when they made that back sprite? Just how for those of you who are not aware, im gon na enlighten you its the its the gen 3 back sprite, see, i know its supposed to be like spikes or whatever, but he got cheeks as a side note.

I would like to point out that far and away the coolest for alligator front sprite is the silver one that looks so dope. Aha, a sexuality comic whyd, it have to be half bug type, is the afraid of bug types. Look at that id never be scared of something as pathetic as bug types. Oh god, not a rock! You smell that exactly thats, the smell of the sky. Something else about the sky is a chill body. Kicked me out, oh god, thats such a good end. Drawing oh, oh, its a comic of me as the dark type gym leader on my plays channel. You guys should subscribe to mjtv plays as a reminder, pokemon, stuff and minecraft stuff. If you like that, if you dont theres still pokemon stuff anyways, this is my character. As the dark type gym leader in kalos asriel use faint attack, angela used faint attack, he was super effective as real painted. Oh of course, i gave up a legendary for this, so accurate weve been following him for years and we cant steal anything from him. How do you do it its grungy boy and you try getting sponsored saxolottles drawings are so good. Just the like, just like the like. The facial expressions and poses oftentimes are just so much like theyre, better than even the words a bit of a trouble doing something surprising to protect your dad make it double. Were advertising to protect your data from devastation to change your device to any location.

Oh, my god, these are so good guys. I need help. I cant, i died im trying yeah. This is unfair. How do we keep losing now children? This game just takes time to master, and of course time is money i havent played uh. I havent played pokemon unite, but i am tickled by this. I love the ducktales reference, all right, saxolottle killing it as always. What do you mean youre here to rescue us youre? Just a kid yeah, a really overpowered. One tell me a pokemon to draw im bored. Just not anymore hell, yeah took me more than a year now that is dedication. Congratulations, im! Sorry! You suffered so much game, freak, pokemon, dads! Well, most of them norman! We got norman. Ask me anything about zashian and or zamazenta. Then edit. Your comment to make me look bad, which instrument should the physician use during my uncles heart surgery, sword Laughter, different elements produce different colored fireworks, copper, sodium, barium, magnesium, titanium, aluminum, electrode, Music, good, twinkle tackle is one of the stupidest animations on the planet. I mean, but its got a great name. I dont feel like ive, seen the animation in a while zooming around the sparkles, hello, hello, hello, its so silly. The graphics look awful! Oh yeah, some, like r slash gaming people, were like going crazy about how terrible the graphics of legends arceus look and im like what are you talking about, like i think it looks dope like who cares about like the exact trees? I dont know people are annoying um, the grammatical novel they want to make evolutions quit having fun.

I will not quit having fun thats right. Think the games gon na be fun were gon na have fun me with my level 93 torterra for my first platinum run. Im in danger – oh yes, you are even your toga kiss is in danger. If its level 93. pokemon with metronome and nuzlockes, i am fluent in over 6 million forms of king. Your ass, normal charizard should be triad. People who know dragon type as a starter would be dumb as it would resist all the elements. Uh yeah, precisely like you, you cant, have a dragon type starter. I mean i guess they do it with, like, i guess, sceptile mega charles ardex, but those arent permanent. So like in the non megas, you cannot have a dragon type starter unless the type thats supposed to be strong against it gains a secondary typing that is super effective. So, for example, empoleon gains steel, which means its no longer weak to grass, but torterra gains ground. Yeah, a stab super, effective type against empoleon, so a dragon starter would work, but the starter that was strong against it before a game. Dragon would have to gain as a secondary typing fairy or ice and both of those like it doesnt work with fire. So, like a fire dragon, it doesnt work because fairy and ice fire resist both of those um. So you can never have a fire dragon starter unless theyre all dragon type, which i think they should do.

I came up with something like that when i was a kid all starters end up dragon type wouldnt that be dope balanced, who cares by the time theyre dragon type youre gon na have a full team of six. You know like just do it? Do it describe your day rowlet, i would say uh so far, uh ive been having a, i would say id be six. He just looks a little bit like whoa its been a busy day. Ive had work to do so. Six is mine, a fluffy osha watch. How cute i love it, not sure who made this. I would assume it was digital mon without a dream be to place on his head and care for it gets so uneasy. Itll try to substitute any pokemon and find some missing drepy. Oh thats cute choose two to defend you and the rest will kill you. Oh all right lets. Do this pokemon 7 made a great video a little while ago, where he asked other pokemon creators, including myself, to do this same thing, but with a different group of pokemon and in that video purple cliff makes a shockingly effective argument for using 20 000 sun currents Because 10 000 sun kerns was an option and i feel like i might have to go with that. Like yeah cutie fly is very weak, but 10 000 up to 20 000 is a lot plus of the pokemon here two of them. I guess seven of them.

The five comma os and the two high dragons, which side note: why does high dragon only get two and comma gets five theyre, both four times weak to ferry and then fracture and throw are also weak to fairy the core of a squires might be kind of Tough, and so would the gigoliths, but, like i made a very compelling argument, i feel like i got: ta go with 20 000 cutie fly. Also cutie fly has a substantially higher base. Stat total than sun kern 304 sunkern is 180 like thats, a big difference plus cutie fly can fly so they could get out of the range of a lot of attacks. Like i said, corvus squire would be tough, but if enough cutie flies surround them, they could weigh them down crash them into the ground there like some, yes, some cutie fly would die, but that is a sacrifice i am willing to make. I got tired of waiting for it to be revealed so im in my own blue stripe basket legion, very cool. I think theres a good chance. We get that. Alternatively, maybe blue stripe could evolve into something else, but like or theres only red stripe, but that looks dope mikey. It wouldnt make sense for comey to evolve into a wasp remoraid who evolves into an octopus. Okay, you got me there. I drew art for legends, arceus, thats cool, thats, super cool. I love that girls. I cant believe you didnt cried the titanic.

Did that even have feelings? Oh no! The pokemon broke free Music choose one, be rich, read minds, invisibility, grunty boy hosts, ask petabyte all right! All right maybe ill do something juan compliano, gabriel, well, happy birthday, galbraith, young, goose, xangos, goose, young, goose, zengus mongooses might drop. Was this ever in doubt? Did you guys not know this? Let me get this straight. Do you think mega charizard y is cooler than mega charizard x? I do and im tired of pretending, its, not thats a relatively common opinion. I remember when it was first announced. One of my very good friends said he much preferred mega charizard. Why? Because he liked the sleek look, he thought mega charizard, xs, mouth flames and like wing shape, were weird. I used to like mega charizard x a lot more than y, but now i i feel about them about the same: oh well, thats cool. That looks like what arceus would turn into if this was digimon. Oh thats cool. This is cool art. Garrett hannah is the artist that is awesome. These are so cool blastoise, cool, gyarados actors is awesome. Oh, he tran, oh made heatran, look a lot cooler tyranitar its dope, thats, really cool. I think my favorite was kabutops yeah. This is this. Is my favorite thats? Definitely my favorite metagross is my second favorite. When the one starter gets in smash gets a new form gets in pokken and gets and unite, while the others get nothing i mean to be fair.

Greninja was voted the most popular pokemon of all time at one point in the past, while the other two are some of the least popular fully evolved starters of all of them. For the record, though, breaks and did get into unite just wan na throw that out there or not unite. Excuse me pokken hatched after 69 eggs nice, i could only choose four. I would choose sceptile cast form deb, strika and glyscor, but all of them are very good pick two to protect you. The rest will defeat you uh metagross is an easy decision. Uh resists all the dragon attacks and then i feel like dragopol would be a good option because its the fastest one it can like phase through walls and stuff, and so it could take out a lot of the other dragon types pretty easily. Oh corona offers you chalky milk. Do you accept? No, that chocolate milk has got to be boiling hot dont. Get me wrong. I like some hot chocolate, but that is not the same as hot chocolate. Milk. Well, maybe itd be okay, long as its not spoiled id. Think about it! A lot of people keep bullying me because i love decidueye thats, weird thats, the like the most popular starter from alola. Why? Why are they doing that? Oh, oh whoa, huh! This looks so wrong. Spiderman i mean dont. Get me wrong. Itd be cool to be spider man, but that was some uncanny valley stuff.

Everyone makes quality, memes and arent me. I mean thats fair. They do look like mouths in cinno you catch pokemon and mother hissui pokemon catch. You im very excited to barely escape with my life from a nursery pokemon, hms cut. Why turf string? Oh and you could teach your poke about these moves by force, feeding them cds for pokemon 25. I did a big project where i drew every single pokemon and every form, meaning ive, drawn over 1400 plus pokemon the work in progress. I certainly finalized a few details but im going to have the new pokemon from jessie. Can you find them in the second pick? Oh, i found regular growlithe lets, find a best gifting im doing a wheres weirder. This is a really cool piece of art and i i found weird here its right over here. I didnt find the other ones, but i found weird here: wheres weird here, hes over here you getting that boat, thats, really cool. Oh some cute fan, art of history and growlithe. I like that. Oh no, oh, no thats! So sad! Oh i found another. Saxolotto comic: are you the champion yeah? I oh mr type likes to try bad, very bad, meaning im trying to make fun of him if i lose to a 10 year old, lightning equals faded flight test, because i i died last week, real tragic thats. So sad tell your family im, sorry for their loss. Yeah will do all right thats what im gon na wrap it up for this episode of pokemon meme review.

Thank you guys so much for watching with an extra special thanks to my patrons over on patreon for helping support my channel independent of fluctuating youtube ad rates. You want to help support me.

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