Sonic Colors, Sonic the Hedgehog, Wii, Nintendo Switch Ultimate Review – Is It Worth It? (Switch, PS4, Xbox, PC)

A solid 2.18 million got to enjoy what was no doubt one of the better sonic games of the last decade. Now sega is re. Releasing sonics out of this world. Adventure with new customization features, better graphics and for the switch at least newly added portability, but before we jump into this review, make sure you hit that subscribe button and hit the bell icon to stay up to date. On my reviews, any comments and likes on the video also helps it come up in search. So let me know: whats your favorite sonic song, its been quite a few years since i played a sonic game for its story and while sonic adventure, 3 isnt coming out any time soon, sonic colors ultimate isnt, going to change that it boils down to eggman, is Collecting these aliens called the wisps to harness their powers to build this intergalactic amusement park that totally isnt some front to take over the world. Anyway, sonic and tails take the very convenient elevator to the space station and realize that the aliens called the wits are in dire need of saving. They come in various shapes and sizes, offering unique powers, depending on their color, aiding sonic. On this journey, you unlock new wisp powers to take down eggmans amusement park and save the rest of the wists in the process. While i dont think you should be playing this game for its story, nor would i recommend you do so. There are some memorable moments.

Thanks to some great comedic timing by the supporting characters, these were by far the reason i continued to pay attention during cutscenes, rather than just zoning out in between levels. Sonic colors was well remembered for incorporating its unique wisp power system and for following the gameplay formula for speed centric levels established in sonic unleashed where many people wanted a sonic unleashed, but without the werehog sonic colors felt like exactly that. At the time it was exclusive to the nintendo wii, but having it now on more platforms with better visuals breathes new lights into this 10 year old game taking place in an amusement park. The game is split up into various worlds and sections of the amusement park. Each one themed after a different thing. At one point, you might be seeing a more traditional looking theme park, wall and another youll, be surrounded by a candy themed. Wonderland the various backdrops and the ever changing level designs were fun to navigate and reminded me of the vastly different level just to position designs found in some sega genesis. Sonic games like the daytime levels in sonic, unleash youll play as sonic as they boost their way across various levels, changing from 3d to 2d perspective. However, unlike the major focus on speeding through levels, sonic colors tries to balance out moments of slower, platforming too, while usually sonic games are pretty good about giving you the choice of whether you want to speed through a level or take your time to explore secret areas.

Colors doesnt give you much of a choice, at least not until the second half of the game. You see the wisps progressively begin to unlock the further you play into each world in many ways: theyre, basically a metroidvania mechanic of being introduced in later levels, but then allowing you to go back into previous levels with them to progress differently than before. In theory, its great for replay value, but in practice it drags the first half of the game levels. I would have loved to speed through forced me to take a slower approach, since i didnt have the right tool set to progress, and it sort of left me with a bad impression of the levels that would later become my favorites. While the idea of being able to go back and play new parts of an old level is cool, i dont think it should sacrifice the fun of the games introduction. Furthermore, the introduction of the new wisp sounded pretty great on paper, but when its added to levels already designed for the other widths, rather than designed for this new one, it just doesnt really feel all that fleshed out or well done outside of the original content. Sega has added a few new pieces of customization and bonus content. Collectibles can be used to purchase new colors of shoes, gloves auras and boost colors for sonic. Sadly, most of them come off as a bit tacky or bland. Ultimately, leaving me to stick with sonics original colors anyway, the new metal sonic race feature was exciting up until i played it in person and it turned out to just be a pretty shallow time trial mode.

In the end, the extra content feels like a tack down bonus for the sake of just having new things in the port, rather than actual cool things that were well worth. Adding on the most notable change with this remaster is, of course, the graphical upgrade for ps4 xbox, one ps5 and xbox series snaps. While the game is available on nintendo switch, the graphics were noticeably held back compared to the other platforms. Nintendo switch, for example, runs the game at the target frame rate of 30 fps at 720p in handheld mode and 900p in dock mode. That 30fps target is hit for the most part outside of the few animations. When using the wisp powers. However, many players have reported multiple texture glitches when playing on nintendo switch, and while i wasnt able to verify them in my copy, i would recommend holding off for a future patch to help with performance prior to picking up on switch. As for other platforms, you can expect the 1080p 60fps performance on ps4 and xbox one while getting a full 4k 60 on the upgraded ps4 pro xbox one x and the next gen ps5 and series x, while the performance is rather flawless across the board. There. Some changes dont seem all that great, for example, theres a completely new lighting system that blankets over the new visuals. While it helps with some scenes, it can completely ruin the color spectrum from some other scenes leading to moments where the wii version may look blurrier, but way more vibrant and beautiful scenes with waterfalls, for example, look way worse than the hd remaster.

I also noticed this when elements that were meant to be passed as 3d models on the wii now, look like completely flat textures in hd loading times have also been mostly improved on every platform, except the nintendo switch. The nintendo switch specifically can take as long as loading times in sonic. Oh six, making the new poor feel even worse than the original times. While the gameplay has gotten a sharpness upgrade the cutscenes remain the same resolution. They did on the wii now upscaled to match the new gameplay resolution, but still not that great. The end result is a blurry, alias and just heavily artifact cutscene collection that looks bad next to the new visuals. I dont understand how sega chose to not re render these scenes, or just put in the production time to animate new scenes, while theres been plenty of improvements across the board. Some elements feel like welcome upgrades, while others seem to ruin elements of what was already a beautiful looking game. The voice acting remains intact, unchanged, with some stellar work from the series favorites roger craig smith, as sonic and kate higgins. As tales no complaints there, the music of all things are where things get a bit more complicated. Now dont get me wrong: its pretty hard to name a sonic game with bad music, because if theres anything sega tends to always get right, its the music and their sonic games thats. What makes it so strange that they decide to make remix versions of all the songs in sonic colors.

The new campaign takes both the original and remix songs and splits, the versions in between the first and second half of each world. Now some of these remix songs are still pretty good, but more often than not, i prefer listening to the original songs over the more edm bass, heavy remix ones, and not having the choice to choose, which one seems so overlooked here have a listen Music again. This isnt so much to say that the music is completely ruined, but forcing a change on something that frankly, didnt really need changing and not even giving the player the option to choose just feels wrong. Im hoping this gets patched out in the future. Sonic colors ultimate is a well welcome port of one of the better sonic games from the last decade. What was once stranded to live on a 2006 console finally becomes available on just about every modern platform, including pc, with some updated visuals along the way. Some presentation changes work better than others, and while one can subjectively nitpick those ultimately sonic colors ultimate is a good port of a great sonic game with some headed filler bonuses. If you missed it out on the wii, i think its well worth picking up on everything, except the switch id probably hold off on some optimization patches.

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Sonic Colors, Sonic the Hedgehog, Wii, Nintendo Switch O NOVO JOGO DO SONIC – O Início – Sonic Colors Ultimate

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