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Considering this game will run on an xbox one, not a 1s, not a 1x original one which yes is weaker and less powerful than a 1s or 1x. The pc requirements are actually relatively beefy. Music, halo infinite has a release date of december 8th. I just made a video about how that may get delayed. I think it will, but if it doesnt its getting released, incomplete, they already said it. Doesnt have forge mode, which is basically the level builder ive, never been a big forge user, but a lot of people build some incredible game worlds out of forge, and i so obviously the halo community uses it, and this one did kind of tickle. My pickle in the wrong spot, no co, op, so thats kind of frustrating co op is a banging up good time. Its getting released december 8th and i do understand they probably dont – want to delay this game any further for two reasons: one its already been delayed. Master chief and the halo, infinite logo and everything are on the box. When i bought my xbox series s like six or seven months ago, it was on the box same thing with the series x, so it was gon na be a launch title for the series s and x. I dont know why i said it like that a launch title for this console its been out for about nine months now, in addition to that, its also the 20th anniversary of halo, so they dont want to delay it because they want it to be released.

To celebrate that which makes perfect sense, no forge, no co, op a campaign, specific dev just said the game was in rough condition, also multiplayer it didnt look great. We did get that tech demo, the general consensus was for one. They showed us a very, very small map, which they probably did for a reason, and it was an older build too. Why wouldnt? They just show us the most current, build that didnt have like issues and bugs and glitches fixed, and also the bots were kind of dumb too. They would like spawn into each other and like clip into each other. It wasnt terrible ive, seen worse, close alphas and betas, and this isnt, even one of those they literally just said it was a tech demo, so at least theyre prefacing it with like dont, expect this to be polished, but the game is also supposed to release december 8Th, which is not that far away, so even if they do omit forge and co op, they still need to get multiplayer and campaign on track. Also, what the? What the we need more echo on that. Actually, what the happened with br that wasnt, just a rumor or like some kind of like article, that i read or anything there was a statement 343 saying that they were going to have a br mode. They said because this is a semi open world game, its the closest to an open world. We have where theres a big enough map where we can have people drop in with vehicles like banshees and warthogs zipping around wed like to have like an 80 or 100 player battle, royale that hasnt been talked about at all and im, assuming, if theyre taking out Forge and co op, but there is no chances of us getting a br at least not on drop on launch.

They might release it. Warzone happened that didnt launch with the game, but they dropped it like several months later. That might be what happens here. At least, i hope so because uh halo br would be amazing, absolutely amazing, just think about that, for a hot tick, steam page has been updated and the system requirements are in theyre, pretty damn high for a game whose graphics people were making fun of. Not that long ago, especially for one that will have a free to play, multiplayer since its free to play a lot of people with cheap or budget pcs are going to be playing this and might not meet the minimum. Specs yeah its supposed to run on a base xbox one. They call for an amd rx 570 or an nvidia gtx 1050 ti graphics card, while the recommended specs call for a 57 xt or an nvidia, rtx 2070 thats, a pretty good graphics card, drunken yoda with the super chat, you were an absolute stallion and your schmeckle Is three times bigger than mine? I wish i had half of what you have holy benzilla. Thank you for the sub big dog. You guys are just making it rain. On my kitties at least, it only wants 50 gigabytes of space, which is seemingly small by 2021 standards. It is incredibly small game files nowadays, especially if they have a multiplayer mode with map, packs and stuff are generally around 100 gigabytes. Now that means that theyre doing a lot of compressed folders inside of the game file itself and everything is really compressed.

What this will mean is a lot of those game. Files have to be compressed and uncompressed rapidly, which means on the series snx and on pc, where youre running an ssd or an nvme ssd. The load times will be quick, but for the people that are playing this on a base, xbox one which had a relatively slow rpm mechanical hard drive in there load times, are going to be a and a half, because its a relatively small game file, everythings compressed. So its constantly packing things into a small folder than unpacking them, because i guarantee you fully unpack. The game is not 50 gigabytes with four four game modes. Grand two of them are in launch its probably around seventy or eighty, its just a thats. Just a wild number i pulled out of my anus halo, infinite minimum system requirements are as follows: you have to have a 64 bit version of windows 10.. Will it run on windows 11, good question? There is no way to have an answer as of now, but i would say that is a 90 most positively. Yes, because most games that do run on windows 10 will be optimized for windows 11, as well as it is going to be a free upgrade amd. Fx 8370 or an intel i5. As for memory, you need eight gigabytes of ram, which is starting to become less and less viable, especially with games with massive draw distances where its constantly taking things from the actual storage and loading them.

Pre loading them into the ram or random access memory to make them quickly available. So when you turn your character around the game, worlds like there in your face, eight gigabytes of ram is totally doable. By no means am i saying that its not good for gaming. 16 gigabytes is the sweet spot where you can play virtually anything that you want to 32 gigabytes is recommended if you are going to be doing any kind of streaming or video recording where you have a program like obs, streamlabs, obs or xsplit broadcaster running, and i Would recommend if you are building a professional workstation pc for computer, aided design or cad or youre doing any kind of graphic design or youre doing any kind of 4k or 8k video editing for a company or for personal use that you go to something like 64 Or 128 gigabytes of ram, especially because, if you are doing this for a business, you can probably use their credit card with a fat tax break and you wont be paying full retail price. That was a huge breakdown on ram for no reason you guys didnt ask for it, but you got it. I fed it to you graphics, cards again bottom of the line, youre looking at a 570 or a 1050 ti, and you do need to have directx install shaders in your your graphical suite now the recommended system requirements now. This is generally what you should aim for.

Its still going to be windows 10 on 64 bit amd ryzen, 7, 3700 x, or an intel i7 9700k. 16 gigabytes of ram again, like i said, sweet spot for gaming. If you only game you dont stream or anything, you dont video, edit 16 gigabytes of ram. Literally fine graphics card, they recommend a 5700 xt or nvidia 2070 imo or, in my opinion, nvidia makes better gpus than amd dont. Get me wrong. The gpus that amd just dropped their current generation are amazing and i will do an in depth. Video comparison breaking down everything from cuticores and ray tracing cores. Yes, the amd radeon cards do have ray tracing. People think that rtx ray tracing was invented by nvidia. Nvidia did not make ray tracing, they patented it as rtx or ray tracing engaged or whatever, but ray tracings existed in 3d video, rendering and stuff for a long time, and they were the kind of the first gpu company to make it accessible for gamers. But the amd ryzen cpus are doing not only that, but also nvidia has dlss or deep learning super sampling, which basically runs a game at a lower, a lower resolution like 1080 or 1440 and upscales it to something like 1440 or 4k. So its only straining your pc at the level of a 1080p game, but displaying 4k amd doing their own thing called fidelity fx, which is just like dlss, so theyre going to have their own ray tracing to counteract rtx and theyre, going to have fidelity fx to Counteract dlss from nvidia, so theyre going to have their own feature set.

That is a good point that some goblin just said there. Nvidia cards can use both dlss and fidelity. Fx amd can only use fidelity fx and another huge selling factor for nvidia cards, absolutely huge. If you have any interest in screen, recording for youtube videos like your gameplay or whatever or streaming is the nvidia cards have invinc, which stands for nvidia encoder, which is a separate part of the gpu that literally handles your video encoding. So you dont take a big hit or any hit in some games to your actual gameplay frame rate. If you dont have invinc and you start screen recording or live streaming, while youre playing a game, you will literally watch your frame counter in the game drop down about 20 or 30. As soon as you hit your go button so halo, i really do hope that infinite isnt, an amazing game, because i, like i mentioned during my video a couple days ago. I do think that halo has potential to be an amazing series once again, and i really hope that thats the case one through three were absolutely stellar for their own individual reasons and then four and five were okay. Odst was okay. Some people hated him. Some people loved him. You know well average out the opinion of the gaming community.

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