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In my comment section of my videos, i noticed that you guys are always asking for information, so i decided to do a video strictly for you, you you so you know my love runs deep for my season seniors and i have all type of programs that are Going to range from grocery delivery programs to free voucher programs, because i know we love free money around here, okay and then we also have some prescription assistance and even pets. So if you want to know whats out there for my season seniors, you already know what to do stay tuned. Your girls got you covered now. If this is your first time tuning in to my channel hi, hello, hey friends, my name is shalee, and here on this channel we discuss shopping saving and everything in between. I would love to have you a part of my internet. Family super, easy click. The big ol red subscribe button down below when youre in just like that and while youre at it go ahead and give me a like, because you love me bringing this content and you can grab my ebook for yourself for your grandchild, your daughter, whoever you think Needs to be on youtube because they have this vibrant personality. Now let me go ahead and put this disclaimer out there, because if i dont mention your state, it does not mean that there are not any programs out there. You can always dial. 2. 1.

1 from your phone for resources in your area, especially if youre in need of like internet service cell phone service, if youre trying to locate a computer, you know check out some of my other videos where i discuss those programs and i teach you how to secure The bag, okay and dont forget the cost of living adjustment is scheduled to take place in october. Okay, for all my social security recipients on the rumor mill, you know word on the street. Is that its going to be a 6.2 increase? Lets go ahead and kick things off with grocery delivery services. I know youve heard of doordash ubereats instacart. Well in tennessee we have the shaws out shopping. This is the senior citizens home assistant service. Now this connects seniors with personal shoppers that will deliver them. Groceries and personal items federal funding through the cares act, helps pays for the delivery fees, so this allows my seasoned seniors to go in there and order specific brands or sizes, or anything you want, and all you have to do is pay for what you order. You dont have to worry about paying for any delivery fees, so this is just help. People that are at home, they might be homebound, get access to the stuff that they may not receive without the help. So we know all elderly folks theyre on limited income. You got your social security checks and a lot of people checks range between 800 and a thousand dollars, which is barely enough to pay rent electricity bill and just have some extra money to buy.

I mean you know its hard to make that check stretch right. So people who qualify for a low income, you will receive an additional fifty grocery voucher. Now, if you want to sign up ill, have all the information below as well as im, definitely going to show it on the screen, but guys this is an additional 50 that you can to help you get groceries now i dont know if they do this. Every single time that you go to order, but hey, i am happy that youre doing it and you get free groceries, delivered to you, whether its your apartment or if its your home as well, so definitely check it out next program. We have is the asian link project in utah alleged hate crimes against asian americans continue to rise. That is where the asian link project steps in and they vet volunteers, who will escort utah asian seniors to grocery stores. Now a lot of asian american residents. They live alone, they may be away from family, so they need someone just to go to the grocery store with them, or even someone to help take them shopping on saturday and sunday, usually thats when people are out about and they dont want them living in fear. So the project steps in and allows volunteers to escort these asian americans to stores and assist them and make sure they get back home safely. If you are interested, you can call or text for more information.

Now there are more delivery, senior service programs as well such in california. They have the zoomers to boomers program where its like a team of local residents that help communities and they deliver groceries to neighbors that are elderly or immune compromised as well. But now were going to take it over to food where we have the free food for seniors. Now this is a national program. Is the commodity supplemental food program – and this is like partnered, underneath the snap program that assists elderly or low income, elderly residents at least 60 years of age, and they help supplement their diets with nutritious produce food as well as usda foods? Now weve talked about this. They do have a list of states, contact information that you can see where your state or who you would have to contact now in wisconsin. The senior commodity program delivers more than 500 boxes to senior citizens in need. These boxes usually have about 30 to 35 pounds of food and its not intended to be a full diet. Okay, let me go ahead and put out there its intended to supplement good nutrition, so some of these boxes contain like non perishable items that is in partnership with the usda, but also sometimes they give a quick trip voucher so where you can get milk eggs and Cheese now for more information about this, you can contact the central wisconsin community agency or visit the salvation army website and most senior citizen programs.

They also deliver like food and they have these boxes available for seniors. Next, we are headed to the seniors farmers market nutrition program where they provide income eligible seniors with 48 dollar checks per season to purchase fresh food. Now this program is available to anyone that is 60 years old or older, and you meet the income requirements at participating. Farmers markets: you can purchase things that are home, grown unprocessed herbs, vegetable honey – i mean like you – can get it all. Mama. Okay vouchers for this program will end october of this year to see like different farmers market locations around your area. Look at your local, dhr or community action agency as well, because they will give the areas that will honor that and dont forget. If you are a snap participant most farmers markets, honor, where, if you purchase up to 20 dollars in food, they will give you a twenty dollar voucher as well. Okay, so its like you, get rewarded or double up bucks. Okay, the next program is specifically for my battle: buddies, thats right, my veterans, a lot of va offices offer fresh express programs where they give veggies to veterans throughout the month. Now, depending on the location, you may have to bring your own bag, but you definitely will have to show your military id or your va id and its usually first come first served. They also have programs that are known as vouchers for veterans, and these are for different organizations that offer food for veterans that can be redeemed at a local grocery store as well.

So it just depends on your area, but i know the fresh express is offered at most va offices. Now, during the pandemic, research show that a lot of elderly residents were at home alone, because families were in other states and they didnt have any companions or didnt have anyone to talk to so specifically in texas, one shelter decided to go ahead and offer a program For seniors so in san antonio texas, they launched seniors for seniors. Now this program is to put older dogs and cats in the arms and hearts of the senior human counterparts for free by waiving the adoptions for qualifying applicants. The seniors first senior program places cats and dogs over the age of seven in the arms of a 65 year old or older person, allowing the participants to discover the joy of a cat or dog in their lives. Now the great thing about this is the pets. Are already trained and they usually have low energy, not to mention that the animal shelters right now are overcrowded and a lot of older animals are the first to be euthanized, so if they arent adopted in a timely manner. So a lot of research has shown that pet ownership is more than likely to reduce loneliness as well as stress, while improving the overall happiness of senior citizens populations. Now you guys know i am a dog lover. Bj is my heart and joy, but if you are in texas or if you know youre in another state – and you want to be a foster parent for a pet, they are always looking for that in the at the humane society in your local area.

So definitely check it out, but if you are in texas they are waiving the fees and then i know they do a lot of adoption days as well, where you can adopt. So this is all i have guys. You ask. I delivered if you like videos like this, especially for my seasoned seniors, like i got none beloved for you, baby, okay. I am always looking for programs for you, but if you like videos, thats just catered to you, let me know down below and then also. Let me go ahead and explain. I will never ask for you to contact me on any social media platforms at all. So if you see a comment down below and it says to contact me on whatsapp cash app any type of app – it is not me at all, but let me know what you thought thought of this video. Are there any other programs that you know about that? You can share with us and yeah.

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