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This is just going to be a quick update, video with some answers to some common questions. Ebayers have was it worth it for me to sell on ebay, well stay tuned to the end. To find this out, i am a successful ebay seller. With years of experience and multiple ebay accounts, i have been an ebay educator, trade assistant power seller and much more in the nearly 15 years i have been on ebay. I have provided a link below to my ebay page, where you can view my feedback and see the items i am trying to eliminate from my life. As they say, one mans trash is another mans treasure. This will continue through the upcoming month to be sure to check back on the listings, often to possibly score a deal on one of those items as they go fast now lets get on with this update and adventure into the lab of things on ebay. This is only selling random stuff throughout the website, like a yard sale and for just one week period snapshot into the life of the lab. This week we are reviewing was the most current and sold only four items out of four items that were listed, i used all fixed lists and pricing with offers enabled on all the items. One item was sold at us asking and the other three were sold by offers. You can check out my guide to selling video to find out more about these lists and types link in the description below the grand total of sales was 277 dollars and 19 cents in which there were 77 and 52 cents in fees.

Leaving me a take home pay of 192.98, the breakdown of fees are so as follows: ‘ and 53 cents in shipping and 37.99 in ebay fees. Two of my listings were charged taxes and were collected by ebay. In the amount of 6.69, the average sale price was 69.30. Was it worth it lets first answer some common questions that ebay sellers may have. Why does ebay collect sales tax? The us government and 46 jurisdictions enacted the internet sales tax in ebay as a business started to enforce it as of july 1st 2021, a link in the description below can explain more detail on it if youre interested in reading it. This is something here to stay and nothing you can do on your side as a seller. Ebay will charge and collect and file sales tax for you, but you are still responsible for your own taxable income, at least within the united states. Next question: why is there delay in my payment from ebay? This often happens to new or unestablished ebay sellers to verify everything is good and meets their buy or seller protection policies. There are many scams on ebay, so be aware of the fresh sellers and why? I am recommending buying a few items on ebay to establish a positive feedback that can help you with this situation in the future. There is a video that i have called the art of buying on ebay to score a deal, and it will be in a link in the description below also good for sellers to watch as well.

Before i answer, was it worth it to me to sell on ebay lets answer another question that people have what is the largest category on ebay? That is simple, with 1.3 billion listings in this category, which is electronics and accessories? This is simply because ebay was simply built on technology of electronics and catered to their users, but you could still even sell in this category. There are new sellers every day, selling instantly within it. All you need to do is just begin. Was it worth it? For me, yes, i am now on on ebay, primarily to become debt, free and eliminate stuff from the house and become more minimalistic. This is often the case of most sellers and a good reason to sell on ebay. You can also open up your own ebay store and get more benefits on the ebay to fully sell your own products. Most major stores now started selling on ebay as such as best buy target walmart and more all of them are successful in additional sales online presence that will do it for now creating a successful ebay side hustle. I will continue to provide tips and tricks on ebay and other side hustles on this channel every monday at noon. If you would like to see or hear more specific questions for me to answer, please feel free to drop that in the comments below. Thank you for joining us on this weeks. Adventure as we release new videos like this every monday at noon, to help you get started with the freedom you deserve and love what you want to do.

As i said 20 years ago, limitation is a word impossible is fiction. Rules are to be broken, as we are capable of far more. This was true then, and still remains true.

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