Labor Day,, Discounts and allowances 😱πŸ”₯πŸƒβ€β™€οΈOMG CVS ! I LOVED THIS DEAL 😱πŸ”₯πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

We are back at cbs, make sure you like comment and subscribe and lets go ahead and get started with this weeks. Deals were going to go ahead and get started with our first. This will be our first haul for the week and its a really really simple one, a very easy home so make sure you pick up your sales ad scan your card, so youre able to get your um coupons from the cash or from the coupon center. I almost forgot what it was called. I havent been here for a little bit anyhow lets go ahead and scan and see if were gon na be getting any of these coupons were gon na go ahead and do an awesome awesome deal were gon na be getting some laundry products were gon na, be Picking up some um, some other stuff, some shampoo and some uh toothpaste so make sure you follow along its pretty easy deal, were gon na be picking up three of these three of these pantenes at three for twelve pick up three of them, whichever ones you like Im picking these up, because these have shampoo and conditioner so im getting the two in one makes it easy, and it shows me here that when i scan that product it says that i have a two off of 12 on um, aussie or pantene or herbal essence. So im gon na be taking advantage of that on top of that im gon na be using this three dollar off coupon that i got from the png.

This is from the september. Png now were gon na go ahead and search for the next items. On my list, the next items on my list are the following: lets: go ahead and check and see. Am i in the wrong section hold on were gon na were heading in the right section, so were gon na be going to the laundry section, but first lets drop by and get our free toothpaste if youre a beginner download the cbs app see? If you have the 7.98 coupon in your cvs, app and youre gon na be picking up two of these. These are two for seven dollars and ninety eight cents two for 7.98 for two of these and scan it in the store. So you can see what coupons attached to it and ill show you right now how the coupon looks for that freebie thats 7.98 for two colgates, and it could be any of those that you see there just make sure theyre two for 7.98 and you scan them In the store, so you can make sure that the coupon comes off youre, going to be getting two of those completely free. If you dont know how to coupon thats the easiest way to start out, get two of those youll scan your card at the register or enter your phone number and youll get two free toothpaste lets go my beginners. We can do it. Yes, we can now lets. Go ahead and start looking for the laundry section or the laundry products lets go, look for laundry products.

Im gon na be picking up some gain. Some tide and um lets see what else we could we could pick up lets go to the laundry section i think were almost there there. We are make sure you like comment and subscribe. Dont forget to subscribe to the channel and leave your thumbs up. Thats your like, so we can help more people save their money. Here we are so im gon na be picking up these tide pods. As you can see, there theres a limit of one so im gon na pick up one of each scent and im gon na be also picking up one of these games, one of these game flings these are 494 as well, and they are so. They are also part of the promotion, spend 30 gets in. What im trying to do here is im trying to do the spend 30 10 deal so im gon na be using the pods, and i have a three f of 15 um coupon thats, a cbs crt thats gon na be attaching to this. On top of that, im gon na be using three two dollar off coupons, one for each one for time, one per game, one for your uh gain. Oh, i brought two games. Oh no lets see if the regis, if the cashier is going to be able to do it ill. Let you know at the end, if shes going to be able to do that, lets see so heres everything im going to be getting for that spend 30 at 10 or or not.

No, i still have to pick up these crayolas dont forget about the crayolas, so these are 219 theyre buy one get one half off and i needed three more dollars to get to 30.. So im gon na be picking these two up. Theyre buy one get one half off ill put them in my cart. So let me show you everything that im gon na be getting for. The spend 30 get ten dollars back in extra bucks, so heres everything the the gains, two of the gains, one of the tights two of the crayolas and three of the pantenes. That makes it thirty dollars and 28 cents and im going to be using fourteen dollars and seven cents to pay for that so ill just be paying the difference and heres the deal you can see it all there. All of those products are qualifying for that deal. Heres, my total, i paid zero dollars. Well, actually i paid two dollars and in change – and i paid after that was zero um, so heres everything that um i bought all of the pantenes ring up perfectly. The kogis rang up perfectly two for 7.98: the gains the tides, the um crayola washable watercolors buy one get one half off my three dollar off pantene came up. My two dollar off tied my to the lower of gain. My two dollar off game came off. The 798 for the colgate came up three off of 15 laundry png laundry came off, 12 of 12 uh pantene aussie came off and i used the 14 extra buck and a seven cent extra bug.

I paid two dollars and three cents out of pocket, but i i was able to get ten dollars back for spending 30.. I paid 207 and i got 10 dollars back. I did use 14 and extra bucks, so i rolled 14 from last week, but i still got back 10 so making all of these all of this purchase for four dollars. That was an incredible deal. If you look at it that way, that was a four dollar uh purchase all of that for four bucks, and that is not a bad deal check it out. All of that for four dollars, one of the game or one of the tides cost 4.

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