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I want to welcome you to the channel. We get a lot of new subscribers every day and we appreciate that. So today is a another sparkling day in central oregon. How about that so today uh its kind of uh unusual for us, because we actually have one of our subscribers uh coming in to visit us today and uh, so uh thatll be kind of fun. Im not sure if im gon na film it or not well, see and uh plus i got ta get you know, find out they actually even wan na be on the camera. Here. Uh looks like i got some snacks growing here. Well, those look pretty so uh anyway, uh, of course um. When you own a homestead, you always have some routine chores, and so some of you guys have kind of picked up on mine is uh in the morning a lot of times ill check a lot of things on the internet check a few channels. Uh take care of any business that needs to be taken care of and uh. I know yesterday i filled a lot of tanks, so everythings going to be a pretty good shape, so i usually come out here to the garden area and just check over all the equipment make sure everythings running properly and uh im actually kind of thinking out loud. My corn, here ive, been thinking about since its kind of developing its ears right now, im gon na try to run nutrients on it daily uh.

If i can just to give it a good boost to develop the corn, i dont know if thats gon na really do much but uh. Why not lets see if i can get this corn to bulk up and uh get ready to uh produce some really nice ears of corn uh its worth a try, uh thats one thing: i highly recommend in uh: homesteading is uh trial and error and learning new Things experimenting because next year will be whats happening this year. Kind of tells me what im gon na do next year, so uh yeah anyway uh. Let me go: do some checks around on all the systems and then well take it from there all right so were in the greenhouse right now, usually in the morning uh. I actually am starting to shut down some of the fans because it is getting cooler at night and so by now its kind of warming up. So i get our fans kicked up a little higher and get the swamp cooler going and its my chance to kind of see how all the plants are doing. I actually still get some green beans. I cant believe it. My new broccoli is uh furring. Well so itd be interesting to see if i get some fall, broccoli and the tomato plants are looking fine. They look so much thinner, but we do have a lot of tomatoes. Developing and uh doesnt. Look like im getting tomatoes today in here, but i might get some outside so wow and the since we trimmed all these tomatoes and got all the lower growth off uh.

The development at the top is uh flourishing im, seeing a lot more buds, ive seen more tomatoes grow up at the top and thats kind of the concept, so it looks like i may have pulled this off to be the way i want it to be, where These uh branches will get really long, and so, but i should continue to process tomatoes at the top as they continue to grow length so well see how that goes. Uh its my first year so live and learn uh the floating rafts. I had to refill those tanks um im, getting ready to start moving plants out here again uh those two lettuces at the end there ones uh. Actually i got three ive got a uh tropicana uh. I got a black seed and i got a butter butter head. So uh yeah, um and then ill be uh finishing these off and then starting some new ones and uh then were gon na kind of learn what we can grow in the fall and if we can even get anything through the winter. The problem is heating. This place might be a problem because i dont have very much amperage of uh to be able to heat this greenhouse so well see how well we do. I only have 30 amps to deal with so yeah thats whats, going on in the greenhouse uh. All the tanks are in good shape, so i dont need to add any water, and i am going to set up a new tank of nutrients for the corn out here and run 35 gallons of nutrients into the corn.

Again, nothing beats a good butt scratch. Huh. Hey tinder, one of the things i wanted to point out to people are looking into getting a homestead is uh dont. Let the terrain, uh fool. You um, as you can see behind me, were in whats called high desert land. So you can see its nothing but junipers sagebrush, real sandy kind of dirt and uh. The magic is one is water and two is uh uh bringing up the nutrients in your soil. So you can go from this to this fairly easily by treating the property its like uh eastern washington. You wonder how they can grow all them. Apples and uh. The secret is well uh, turning your soil into protective soil and water, so uh. We kind of call our property here, uh oasis, because you see all this high desert land and yet uh. When you come into our property within the two acre area, we have five. You can turn it into something: quite beautiful, uh, just by uh, incorporating compost and things into your soil, adding water and nutrients, and you can turn this into a magical area of growing. And sometimes when you look at land thats in high desert and stuff like that. Can be pretty affordable and uh thats interesting. Look at these little berries im, not sure what kind of plant that is, but uh its pretty um, but anyway, uh and thats kind of what weve done here is turned high desert into oasis and uh its done with a full watering system on the grass.

Then independent watering systems for other things and then nft systems and then just watering systems for the garden, uh, the vegetables and stuff so yeah, with a little bit of uh labor a little bit of love, you can turn desert land into a what we call our Little oasis and uh turn it into something quite beautiful, so uh, you know when it comes to water. We actually have our own. Well, we still try not to waste water but uh, yeah um. So if youre, looking for a homestead, uh dont, just look for the evergreen areas and stuff uh, you can do a lot with desert land uh high desert. As long as you have water – and you can amend your soil well, today turned out to be a beautiful day. Nice and cool sunny, not smoky today, like yesterday, so uh pretty happy about that. So uh got a pretty much all the chores done today. I had a chance to uh uh, just relax a little bit and enjoy the property once again, its really hard to take the time to uh smell the roses you get so busy with a homestead of so many projects. To do this always a project always something to do, and sometimes its really hard to uh, take the time and uh enjoy your place or your homestead a little bit uh before the next project is stuff, so thats been kind of one of those days. Once again were looking forward to meeting one of our followers today and uh were gon na go out to dinner with them too and show them around and uh uh guys uh.

We ask you if you have any questions or anything that we walk by or talk about, youd like us to do more details about uh. We can definitely do that and be happy to so guys. Uh. First of all, i want to welcome all the new subscribers. We always get new ones every day and i just want to say hello in the comments, say hi and tell us what youre interested in or things youd like us to talk about or or things that youre doing and uh yeah wed love to love. To hear from you so guys, please take the time to like subscribe and share our videos all over the whole wide world wed appreciate it. Sharing is caring. Getting our videos out. There really helps us out and uh yeah. We need your help, so uh guys have a great day and thanks for watching bye now our videos are made possible by ranger rob poopy bags available at amazon right now. Thank you very much for watching our video.

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