Labor Day,, Discounts and allowances Stay Yo A$$ At Home: CDC Says Unvaxxed Should Not Travel During Labor Day Weekend

The agency also recommends traveling with caution wearing a mask kind of important, as we still have 40 million people who have been reported, 40 million cases of covert in the country, 658 000 folks have died as uh scott uh mentioned. The world health organization is monitoring a new variant called mu, initially found in colombia back in january. Of course, worldwide cases, 218.8 million and 4.5 million people have passed away due to covet medical officials worldwide, say the vaccine and wearing mass are best to slow the virus. From spreading now folks in georgia, anti vaxxers have bullied and harassed workers at mobile vaccination clinics. One mobile clinic had to close due to the dangerous behavior of anti vaxxers roberts. Georgia is still being ravaged by copen, with the highest number of positive cases reported over the past weekend with nearly 30 000.. Today there have been 1.4 million reported cases in georgia, 22 740 deaths in georgia, only 41 percent of georgias population they are vaccinated and in oregon check this out, um a teach, a pr superintendent in oregon uh has been fired by the school board because he followed The state mandate im trying to find the story uh right now, give me a second folks um. Let me pull this up uh, so i saw the story before we came on the air and it was unbelievable. This oregon superintendent, again uh here it is right here. This is the story: a rural oregon, school superintendent has been fired because he actually enforced the state mandate.

Kevin pernell gave an emotional farewell after the school board voted four to one to fire him. Why? Because he followed quote, this is from the uh from oregon. Live the board provided no public explanation for its surprise decision to oust a superintendent who has been on the job for three years and in the district for 14 years, critics and supporters of purnell stanford mass mandates make it clear. It was a pivotal issue in this fisher, with the board hes. He literally followed the state mandate. This robert is showing you again how the crazies are operating. Oh, we are facing a dangerous level of stupid in this country uh. If youre looking at us, my home state, we have people like marjories taylor, green running, around uh, claiming mask wearing, is tyranny, claiming that the shot is somehow part of a government mind control program. The level of crazy that we are looking at uh cannot be quantified. So i think this is where it becomes necessary for the federal government, as scott has said, continuously, to step in and put in place the types of safeguards that are needed for the rest of us to be able to go out and play how about this? If you uh, if you voluntarily decide not to get uh to get vaccinated, maybe you should have to sign away your right to be able to use an icu bed, because there are cancer victims. There are other people with diseases who need those beds.

Your personal decision should not inconvenience them. Maybe because you decide not to be vaccinated. You cant uh, you cant get on the airplane, quite frankly, because theres 300 people on the plane and five of them decide that they dont want to wear masks. They dont want to be vaccinated. Why should the rest of us risk being uh being sickened by these people, who simply put will not take the most basic public health uh uh public health initiatives necessary? We saw this with aids in the 1980s, where we criminalized individuals being able to transmit aids to other people without their knowledge, and i dont i feel like someone should not be able to transmit covenant to me without my knowledge and were going to put safeguards in Place otherwise well never get this under control just uh again, it makes no sense whatsoever in just one month. Music. All right, is black owned company founded by mary spio, a virtual reality company uh, where we have the content, where you can really see some tremendous virtual reality, video. Of course, you could do so with this vr headset right here, where you just simply pop your phone in and then of course you uh pop it on and then of course you can experience that 360 degree video in virtual reality. You can look at a lot of the great content of other artists that are on their site as we speak, you can also uh.

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