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He was sitting here going off talking about coving the vaccines. Last week he was like he was angry, that venues were requiring vaccine cars by folks as proof had the vaccine and said he was just outlandish. Well, he got this video today after coming off the road feeling very weary, i had a headache and i just felt just run down and just to be cautious. I separated from my family slept in a different part of the house and throughout the night i got fevers and sweats and i knew what was going on so i got up in the morning got tested and turns out. I got covered so we immediately threw the kitchen sink out all kinds of meds monoclonal, antibodies, uh, ivermectin, z, pack, uh prednisone, everything uh, and i also got an nad drip and a vitamin drip. And i did that three days in a row, and so here we are on wednesday and i feel great, i really only had one bad day sunday sucked but monday was better tuesday felt better than monday, and today i feel good. I actually feel pretty good uh thats the good news. The bad news is, we have to move friday. The friday show in nashville uh its going to move to sunday october 24th, so that will be the new nashville date. My apologies to everyone obviously theres, nothing that i can control um. It is what it is crazy times were living in, but a wonderful heartfelt thank you to modern medicine for pulling me out of this so quickly and easily and uh.

My love to all of you. Thank you bye, so robert he threw all kind of meds at it thinking modern medicine. He was trash and fouchy. He was sitting here. He was, he was trashing uh, all of it. He was oh. How dare these venues require people to have vaccine cards? Now? Your ass got covered. Look theres got to be like how is all that stuff easier than just getting the shot in the first place like im, trying to understand this, you can either a get two shots and not have to worry about it or b. You can take horse tranquilizers, experimental antibodies, um drugs, uh drip and almost die overnight and then like. How is that easier, like like im a lazy person, so im gon na? Do the easier thing. So i got that today because that seemed to be a far easier thing than throwing the kitchen sink at it. This entire uh thing has just shown that america is living in an idiocracy, imagine being a in a country that is so advanced and so uh. So well financed that you can tell people here is the cure to the disease. That kills people and they will say to you, no, i aint going to take it. I dont want the cure, but what the hell kind of system does this make and and the thing here, uh monique, first of all, you can be vaccinated and still get a covet. The whole point of it is is to lessen obviously um your symptoms.

Now you have the people who are saying yeah, but people who got vaccinated passed away. They cite the sheriff thats in mississippi there as well, which we also explained to people, which is why you still must protect cautions. You still must wear masks and those things along. Those lines but 98 of the people right now who are hospitalized who are in icus, are unvaccinated, okay and hopefully joe rogan and anybody else, whos, white or black or latino, or asian native american whos whos gay whos straight. Who has money? Whos? No money, maybe youll. Now pay attention and stop playing games with this, because this is not a game, no its not and um, even the five or ten things that he said he did in order to attack it right away. Im hoping that our folks who who are watching – and i thank you roland for just being so consistent and fastidious with covering um this this pandemic and giving our people the best medical information possible um, our our folks, dont, even know what those things are to do Or how to do them, and so its not even a question of get the vaccine or dont im sure hes vaccinated. If he lied and said he wasnt, i wouldnt believe it um, but then feeling symptoms from a breakthrough and and then knowing i mean to to try prednisone to know which vitamins to take to be able to access all of the different things that are available to People who have money influence the right, color access to to medical insurance, access to health care, and so we still end up dead, frankly, um and – and so i i its not that i wanted him to die.

Of course, i didnt, and i hope that hes over the worst of it, but it it really is criminal. It really is criminal for people who are affluent and of a certain means and station in this life to push out their. You dont need whatever kind of views onto people who cant even fathom the types of things they have access to when theyre. In a pinch and that particular point right there. Scott is important because yeah for a lot of people who arent making a hundred million dollars from your spotify deal all the stuff he described, they cant afford all that its its so misleading and its just fundamentally wrong. But when you look at this video, this video purposely avoids talking about the dangers of covet. He said. Oh, i had one bad day: oh it wasnt too bad. I was better and they pumped me full of drugs and stuff. He sounded like um. He sounded like donald trump. If you will that he triumphed, he was triumphant over it and therefore it was okay, it wasnt too bad. But what about the long termers you see. I have friends who are long termers, who still cant taste their food. They cant smell. They have no sense of smell, they have liver and heart damage, thats the real danger sure 90 of the people in the in the um in in icu right now, havent been vaccinated, but there are people even if they hear themselves or if they overcome it.

I still have long term effects that in many respects, is more dangerous, because youre going to have a lifetime of long term effects, as opposed to uh being an icu and dying from covet theyre, both just as bad, and i just think its uh. Its just unbelievably sad and cruel that these leading voices on this platform, this media platform, are spewing. This, this negative filth and 49 of americans living as an incredible country uh, are not getting vaccinated, are catching covet, making life miserable for the rest of us and – and we wont make it this government, democrat or republican government. I dont care, wont make it an obligation. Make it a requirement to be vaccinated for kids to be vaccinated, uh for adults to be vaccinated? When you have over half a million people have died from it. You can read anecdotally, but the science is real, its real, and yet we kind of are dumbfounded as we walk around with covid and hold on to our first amendment rights, its a compelling state interest, health safety and welfare. We can impinge on our constitutional rights when you have that compelling state interest its time to do it. Theyve got a new variant right now called mu that theyre monitoring right now, which is is spawned from the delta variant. They think yeah, which was spawned from the original covid19. This thing may never go away so long as we act like this all right.

Thank you, scott im, sorry, i said compelling state interest and that was going to be my only question. Scott. Do you have a plan in mind for how the the federal and also i can see how the state government could get a mandate going? But how can the federal government do it because we know that these states, like my home state of texas, like louisiana the florida all the all all the devil governors theyre not going to do it, so what could be done for them? So the federal government the same compelling state interest on the u.s constitution. They can still impose that federal mandate on the states and penalize them or withhold funds if they dont accept it until the case can go to the supreme court thats very doable, but we do it for polio. We do it for smallpox. We do it for driving drivers licenses, we do it for all of these things to impinge on our constitutional rights, and the federal government just seems to be hesitant to do that, because the city, because the the country is politically split right now – and i get that Part, but eventually how many people are going to have to die how many long termers are going to tax our health care system. Before we wake up and say we must infringe on your first amendment rights and you must be vaccinated because science works and all your political does it, your political kills and its a bottom line proposition, and it never stops being that well, its kind of i think I think also we have to look at what the steps are going to be intercessive to that, because many of these mega people, you know theyre theyre, waiting for a reason to start a civil war.

So i think joe biden is very cognizant of the fact that the minute that you put a a national mandate in place, we saw what happened on january system. Is that the medicine that happened in every state capital? I think what will happen first. Is you have to start icing these people completely out of uh out of society? I know nobody like that likes the idea of a vaccine passport, but look its my birthday. I want to go to a concert into a venue. Everybody whos in there should have to show their vaccination in order to do so. If you want to board a plane, you have to show a proof of vaccination, because you using your first amendment rights should not impinge on my individual freedom to be able to go. See frankie beverly and mays i dont i i dont need to think that i should be punished because of your bad decisions. Yeah wait, wait, wait, wait! Wait. What are you saying? Did you say ice, the manga people? Is it your best? One make sure i heard that you can ice them yeah, yes, monique, it is Applause. The point is you got to ice these folks out of society, so we can all reopen and get back to doing normal stuff Music. We mean that you have to stay home. You get to stay home, the rest of us go outside exactly exactly man, its unbelievable. It really is its just unbelievable um.

Are you singing youre, letting her sing on your show rolling? You would never let go im here for it. This is what me and monique road it doesnt matter. What youre saying we can just keep on going happy birthday to you at least you singing the right person, youre singing the right person yeah, i sang the whole other version. While you talk, you didnt hear any of it happy birthday, robert baby boy, we love you youngster, keep keeping no question about it. How old are you keep hope alive? I stopped counting, i think, 37 or 38 somewhere around there youre a damn liar youre going ill. Let you add that one, but hows it going anyway, hey roland lets, pivot whats, the next topic. I knew you loved that one. How do you love that one? You dont want us next time on your show. I hate you scott. I hate you every time you tell him what to do. Our hopes of our own time is further and further away. He is amused. Hes, not amazing. We could just let the camera keep rolling till nine and just do a spin off. I am Music, hey all is black owned company founded by mary spio, a virtual reality company. You got where we got the content, where you can really see some tremendous virtual reality, video. Of course, you could do so with this vr headset right here, where you just simply pop your phone in and then of course you uh pop it on and then of course you can experience that 360 degree video in virtual reality.

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