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This is g and im back with another video. I wasnt planning to do a video today, but here we are, i happened to see this tweet and well. I couldnt resist. I could not resist uh, so we have here from evil hat productions, black hat. Why you got ta, make black and red always the colors of evil, its not evil. I look good in it, but anyway we they uh refer themselves as the publishers of fate monster of the week blades in the dark in other games. Our latest release thirsty sword. Lesbians yep, you read that right and indeed thats what apparently this is called. I swear, i think theres, a japanese anime or two out there that more or less featured lesbians in sword. Fighting i swear, i want to say one of them was vision of escoflone, but i hardly remember it, but i do remember that in just in general, like the late 80s, like the mid 90s theres, this whole, like you, know, fantasy thing going on, but heres the Thing this message is all the wrong things and like many other topics that ive covered when it comes to promotion or marketing or professionalism, this is this is a master class in how to not promote something. Now, first of all to me, i dont think that promoting the work or marketing it on lesbian is a smart thing right. We should be past the age of gimmicks. Now, right i understood back in the 70s when you had, you know blaxploitation films or even in the 1990s, because thats the time period.

I grew up in where you sort of you know leaned in or you marketed things on say. You know the fact that, oh, you know a womans the lead right or things like that. I understood it then i understood it then, but we are in the year of our lord 2021. We should be beyond having to market things based on demographics alone, and sadly, we are not because to me, this title is just incredibly uh just whats the word im looking for just unimaginative, but i will say that its probably a good three word summary of the Netflix shira series that it would perfectly uh describe but uh as its own title as its own work. Well, youre youre, giving all the interesting stuff away right. Shouldnt this be stuff that you read about and learn about from the characters. It shouldnt be something that youre told literally right up front right, but lets get into the tweet and the image itself right, because, while the title i find is cringy its its the actual message that is sent here, that is just flat out off putting says here. Theres no such thing as an apolitical game. My my i had no idea that that the soul calibur games were political in nature, but i this page from thirsty, sword. Lesbian sums up our stance quite nicely reminder. If you dont, like our politics, dont buy our games. We literally dont want or need your money, but get well go broke mantra.

Its pure beets, thats, which i say kelly, sue kellys suit. Iconic, is that you did you type this honey? Did you get into video games and now start typing this, because this this didnt help the sales of captain marvel then or now didnt help it in 2012. It doesnt help now in 2021 right but heres. The thing this is just immediately off putting right telling people that, if you dont like our politics, you know dont buy the game, as many people have said, when other works have gone with this message, that they simply go okay and they keep their money in their Pocket or they spend it somewhere somewhere else and while evil have productions may boast about not wanting or needing the money. You would not promote this uh game, which i presume you have to spend money on, because you say you dont want to need the money. So there is a a monetary figure you are asking for, so you certainly made this as a for profit product. You want people to buy it right so telling people who might be interested in in the work, if only for its very flimsy premise, as described then in the title: youre not telling them. Well, if you dont agree with us right, then dont buy our games. Well, guess what theyll just go to another world that features thirsty, sword, lesbians, like anime right and then you know, calling the the get go broke mantra pure bs, well, heres the thing you can call it bs all you like, but it is indeed a truism right.

Its the truth, because the majority of things that get vote poke do indeed go broke. Sometimes you have something like it like. The captain marvel film, which made over a billion dollars yeah, but the majority of those works flop like ghostbusters, 2016 and oceans, eight and charlies angels, and the birds of brave film in the dark, phoenix film and terminator dark fate, and many many many other films that Have come out in the past several years that have had this faux girl power messaging, that hasnt actually helped with sales, because it has turned both men and women off uh. I even saw ive seen floating on the net recently, a tweet from the amazon prime video twitter account literally asking people what what uh, what series right? What series do you want to see an all female reboot of and the majority of the comments have been? None. No none dont do it anymore. People dont like this stuff and people dont like this type of messaging, its offensive its off putting it pushes people away and guess what youre not pushing away the actual baddies. That you know, may not be interested in this because they dislike lesbians or whatnot youre, pushing away the people who might give it a chance, but now who arent because well youve been mean to them and youve pissed them off right. So thats. The tweet itself now lets look at the image here right. It says no fascists or bigots allowed.

I always find this incredibly funny, because if the person who wrote this knew anything about history, they would realize that a work like this would not even be allowed to exist in an actual fascist government people having different opinions than you, or in this case texas. Voting to cut off abortion at the six week mark is not fascism. You can disagree with it all you like, thats, fine, but its, not fascism. These people, who claim fascism, have no idea what it actually is to live in a fascist country. But if things keep going on the way they are they they about to find out and theyre, not gon na like it, and they wont even have to leave the united states to realize how bad actual fascism is, but anyway, to play. Thirsty, sword. Lesbians, you must, you, must support racial liberation, intersectional feminism and queer liberation. Well, i am a non white brown biracial woman. I dont think i can get more racially liberal than that intersectional feminism well see here. We have the problem because i am not a feminist and i have strong disagreements with the tenets of feminism, so yeah. So i guess i cant play this game because you know i i disagree with with with uh feminism and then queer liberation. I have no issue with queer liberation. The question is, though, uh uh, sorry, evil hat and the other individuals behind this are you for queer liberation, because you know there are queer people in this large land mass called the middle east that has a lot of countries in it right countries like iran and Iraq and afghanistan, where queer individuals are not treated well and were not talking things like.

Oh, maybe theyre, insulted or anything like that. No were talking about places where, if it is discovered that you are queer that you will be attacked and potentially killed or youre forced to get a sex change, because your only other option is to be thrown off a rooftop. So the question is: are you going to campaign and work for queer liberation in those lands thats? What im wondering, because, most of the time when you see stuff like this, when they talk about queer liberation, they talk about queer liberation in the first world and by and large, not to say that there are still issues, because there are there always will be. But by and large queer people in the first world are free, theyre, free and theyre out and theyre proud and they get parades and they get a whole month to celebrate thats, not something that queer individuals say in the middle east or in or in certain parts Of asia right get to experience so uh. I think your queer liberation is by and large a first world problem and you dont actually want to fight for the rights of queer individuals in places that are outside the very uh permissive western world. Anyway. Second, point: respect transgender people non binary, people, intersex people and women yeah sure i respect anybody so long as they respect me, but the moment you disrespect me, i will give it right back to you and the question is: when you say respect: do you mean, as In showing respect, or do you mean things like you know all out wholesale acceptance like when people say you know, transgendered women are women, because you know there are people who are going to be like well lets just lets.

Just put it like this transgender women and cisgendered women have a very different starting point and to certain peoples a starting point makes a huge difference. Lets put it that way, right, respect, racialized, what the hell does that even mean respect? Racialized people respect black indigenous mixed race, people and other people of color. Well, let me ask you this: do you respect white people? Because white is indeed a color whites caucasians, they do exist and they deserve respect as well, so yeah as a mixed race individual. Yes, i respect mixed race people. I also respect people in general, regardless of their ethnicity, because i dont care literally nine times out of ten. It does not matter right, but its funny, how it says here: black indigenous and mixed race. Well, do you not respect asian people? Why didnt you list asian dont, you know that were supposed to be very pro asian right now, anti asian hate, and all that i think you need to work on your racial uh inclusion. Your diversity and inclusion needs work, and it says here respect sex workers. Well, heres the thing not everybodys going to agree that that sex work is an appropriate uh profession, so youre. So you really cant demand uh respect for that right. There are going to be people for, for whatever their reasons are gon na feel that its a disrespectful form of work. You have to understand that you have to respect the fact that theyre gon na be people who dont respect uh sex work as a profession, respect, disabled people, of course, respect immigrants.

Of course, respect lesbians, well, obviously, right and other people with queer sexualities sure. But are you going to respect heterosexual people or asexual people right? Are you going to respect them? Respect is a two way street respect people experiencing poverty or homelessness. Sure, but lets be honest here if someones experiencing poverty or homelessness, theyre – probably not going to buy this game because theyre not going to have the resources right to spend on this. Because if you have to choose between a sandwich or a game right or part of your rent in a game, youre, probably if youre, if youre a reasonably intelligent person, youre going to choose the need over the want. So i highly doubt that many individuals who are on the poverty line or who are homeless are going to be purchasing this game. You are relying on people who are not on the poverty line and who are not homeless to purchase this with their discretionary funds. Respect neurodivergent people such as those on the autistic autism, spectrum, okay, thats, fine respect, fat, people and people of all body types does people of all body types also include people who are very muscular or who are very fit or who are not uh overweight, because, yes, I agree that we should respect uh people, but we also, as people need to respect ourselves and if we are in some sort of state of unhealth of bad health and its something that we can correct on our own.

We should probably be endeavoring to correct that. On our own – and i speak as a fat woman actively trying to correct that on her own, not demand that anyone educate you about their marginalizations. Oh, no, you dont have to demand that anybody educate you about their because see people who would buy a game like this are like those those annoying types of vegans, not all vegans but annoying types of vegans, who just love to tell you that theyre vegan, like You dont even have to ask a question: you dont even have to ask what they want. Theyll just tell you how to my name is joan and im a vegan right, so you wont have to worry about having to ask theyll theyll. Let you know right. If you dont agree fix your heart fix your heart: oh okay, here now were getting with the with the quasi religious messaging thats. Even turning me off, if you dont agree, fix your heart before sharing a table with other people. But what if you dont agree with me, what if you are turned off by me because say im, a straight person or i come to this table with a white male right? Are you going to fix your heart? Are you going to fix your heart and learn how to get along with me again two way street if you do agree, but youre struggling with self loathing over over any aspect of your identity, thats understandable? Indeed, and if you are struggling with your self acceptance, please you know get help reach out to people that you trust, but i dont think this.

This particular video game is going to help your your internal struggles with your self identity were taught to hate ourselves. In so many ways, i think it depends on the situation but thats not necessarily a wrong statement. Youre not wrong, im, not sure if youre right but youre not wrong, come on in and lets celebrate the existence and joy of people like us. Ah, but again you are pushing people who are like you and people who are not like you away and thats the problem and keep having these barriers up. No fascists, no bigots. If you dont, like our politics, dont buy our games, so you only want like minded individuals amongst you, thats all you want you. What you are creating is an echo chamber. All you want is to hear your own beliefs, your own opinions, repeated back to you. So youre not actually creating an inclusive environment, youre, not creating an inclusive game, whether its political or apolitical or not, is irrelevant. If youre going to create an echo chamber, you are, by extension, not being inclusive youre going to be tribalistic like this. You are, by definition, not inclusive if you are pushing people away instead of drawing them in. You are not inclusive. You are by definition exclusive, which is, which is not always a bad thing, but in this case its a terrible, absolutely terrible marketing strategy. So uh you might want to rethink this, but then again you may not want to hear this message from a dirty half breed like me, who doesnt agree with your a political game, but anyhow thats the video.

Please let me know what you think, and i will see you all or hear you all on the next one have a good day or night and enjoy the.

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