Labor Day, Discounts and allowances, Virtual private network πŸš€ OCTAPLEX Network Dropping ZEROS! πŸ™ CMC Token Listing Soon and MORE! πŸš€ Earn BTC BNB ETH Rewards

That is one of my favorites and i have made several youtube videos on this cryptocurrency and it officially launched just a few days ago on pancake swap and now it is officially taking off because they were listed on coin, get go recently and their d app is Officially out so lets go check them out once again, and this is the optiplex network and it will predict the future by creating it. And if you guys have been following my channel, you would have known that. I have made several videos on the optiplex network and it has one of the best reward systems that i know of, and i have been working with. The optiplex network team for several months on this project and the optiplex network introduces a brand new tokenames that prevents a lot of the pumps and dumps and now were seeing this in action today and just check this out guys they officially launched just a few days Ago and as you guys can see, they have a nice size, liquidity and a very nice market cap and their charts. Look amazing and the optiplex network only has about 850 holders, so you guys will still be considered an early investor and, as i mentioned on my previous videos on the optiplex network, we knew this cryptocurrency is going to be very popular because of the unique tokenomics and Everything that the team plans to do and you could buy the optiplex token on pancake swap and today their official d app has been officially launched and they do have a partnership with peachfolio.

So lets go and take a look at the app, and here is their d app. All you guys have to do is connect your wallet and then you guys can control how much bnb or plex tokens that you get as a reward and when you guys are owners of the optiplex token. You will get about 25 in the optiplex token and then the other 75 is in the binance bin b. But lets say you dont want bnb lets say you want ethereum or bitcoin or cardanos ada. You will be able to pick which reward that you guys get and the percentage all you guys have to do is drag this, as you guys can see, you can drag it from whatever percentage and then the pie chart is reflected right over here. What, if you guys want 50 in ada and 50 and ethereum so for eta, im gon na set this to 50, so im set is about 50 and then i pick ethereum right here and im gon na set this to about fifty percent too, and as you Guys can see the blue is for ada and thats 50 and then the green is for ethereum. So your total reward is half ada and half ethereum and then simply hit update preferences and thatll be your new reward and they will add so many more features on the app later on and keep in mind guys. This is just the first release right so make sure you guys join their telegram channel right over here and let the atmos know of the current situation and, if youre, using trust, wallet metamask and what web browser that you guys are using and another major catalyst.

That is keeping the price of the optiplex network going towards the moon is that it was listed on coin gecko. Shortly after it was launched, and the current price of the apple packs network is 10.58 cents and keep in mind. The total supply is only 1 million and ill go over that later on in the video – and here is a 24 hour chart for the optiplex network. It looks pretty amazing to me for 24 hours and if we change this to seven days, this is the complete chart of the optiplex network for the last seven days ever since launch and its been going up and up and a lot of other cryptocurrencies after the Pre sale experience what we call the pump and dump, but not so much for the optiplex network, and here is your tokenomics and a total supply is one million and a total tax is ten percent and four percent is paid out in different rewards and you guys Can pick your rewards and this is unique because a lot of other cryptocurrencies they will pay you out in just one. You only have exactly one choice. You will get ethereum bnb or their own token, but not so much for the optiplex network. You can choose the percentage of each of these rewards and these are going to be binance pack tokens, so they offer the most flexibility. So, even though you might get 100 and ethereum thats binance peg, if you guys dont want ethereum, you can swap it out to the bitcoin pack version thats on the binance marching, and that is another reason i like the optiplex network and four percent is for the Auto buyback feature which kind of keeps the price of the token up, but take a look at this.

This is the sales tax and during the first 24 hours after its launch, the slippage or the tax is 40 or more and then even after three days. The slippage or tax is 35, so this high sales tax after the pre sale encourages people to simply hold on to their tokens and have diamond hands and eliminates all of the paper hands. And then, after seven days, the slippage is 30 and then even after 28 days, the tax is 20 and then, finally, after 29 days, the tax comes down to a meaningful level, and i really believe now that the whole world knows how successful that the operax networks Tokenomics is, i believe, a lot of people are gon na copy. The optiplex networks tokenomics, so lets go and check out some of the latest news on twitter. The first version of the d app is officially released and they have a partnership with pitfolio, and everyone is definitely talking about how amazing the optiplex network is doing, and yesterday the price of the token was seven dollars and 38 cents. But today the price is 10.58. So its going up and up, but with only 850 holders and a relatively small market cap, you guys are definitely still considered an early investor in the optiplex network, because the team behind ultraplex network has so much plan on the horizon and 7.38 cents was the all Time high for yesterday and now todays over ten dollars and a lot of influencers are talking about the optiplex network, and here is the coin gecko listing on august the 29th, and that was a huge catalyst.

Also and after months of hard work. We are proud to say that we have officially launched on pancake swap on august 26th and if you guys have been following my channel, you will have known that. I have been with the optiplex network for a long time and i have made several videos to keep you guys up to date on the launch of the optiplex network. So if you guys purchase at the pre launch – or even now, you guys are definitely in good hands and even crypto zeus is talking about the optiplex network and crypto zeus is one of the most well respected youtube. Influencers and the ultrabox network has been audited by brew, labs and brew. Lab is a service of the healing potion and brew. Labs offers a very high quality auditing service, and here is a quick look of their roadmap. They have officially just launched the first version of the d app and they are working on getting listed on coin market cap and they are already listed on coin gecko, as i showed you guys earlier and then later on this year, they plan to expand their technical Team, negotiate on different exchanges and start the development of the optiplex stablecoin, and this is gon na be huge guys and then they will work on the ultraplex swap network. The optiplex wallet and the optiplex bridge and the optiplex bridge is gon na, be huge because its gon na make optiplex network a truly cross platform.

Token, and as i showed you guys on a d app, you can control what percentage of the different rewards that you guys can get. The optibx network is definitely one of the most unique tokens that have shown on my channel in a very long time. So make sure you guys join your telegram channel and feel free to say that jim crypto sent you, and i truly believe that the optiplex network is going to be listed on coin market cap very soon. So you guys definitely want to get in before. That happens and also make sure to follow the optiplex network on coin gecko and then to buy this token. All you have to do is set your slippage to 11, and then you guys can swap some bnb into the optiplex network token and its as simple as that. So if you guys enjoyed this video on the optiplex network, make sure you smash the like button and comment optiplex network to the moon and with all my videos youre just for entertainment purposes, im not a financial advisor, and this is not financial advice. So make sure you guys do your own research, and this was a sponsored video about opinions from my own.

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